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    arts, crafting, photography, psychology, punching people in the face
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    I was born and raised in an Evangelical non-denominational church. After a few years of questioning and revising my faith, in the last 6 months I gave up on Christianity all together. Now I'm on a journey to finding what life looks like without someone looking over your shoulder and judging your every move.

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  1. Wow, FTNZ, I think you win the award for the week. That trumps anything I've seen for awhile.
  2. Oh man, there's so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start.
  3. Being alone sucks, even when it's necessary.

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    2. moanareina


      Being alone can be pretty lonely. It can also become a well of strength. Hang in there.

    3. SilentLoner


      Not for the natural loners.

    4. Darklady


      Sometimes its much better than the alternative

  4. Jeff, I know things seem shitty right now. I know the aching frustration of having to struggle EVERY.SINGLE.DAY just to make it through the day. Sometimes it seems like a never ending cycle. But you do have a lot to live for. You need to get in contact with your doctor and/or the hospital asap. Please let us know that you're okay.
  5. The thing that's fascinating to me is that you can actually use one perspective to argue against the entire validity of the other. It's like they're doing the work for you!
  6. When you were a Christian did you ascribe to a Calvinist or an Arminian perspective? Did you/do you even know what those words mean? I grew up in what I'd describe as an Arminian church, but it's only been in the last 6 months that I even knew what that is. The whole idea of Calvinism is totally contrary to what I grew up believing about God/Jesus/salvation.
  7. Want a good laugh/facepalm moment? Go back and read your facebook statuses from when you were still a Christian. I'm laughing at the the trite BS that came out of my mouth.....

  8. Why is it that people suddenly get a fire under their ass when they are about to lose something, but until then they couldn't be bothered to give a shit? Too bad it never lasts.

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    2. Thurisaz


      Caring for things you don't absofuckinglutely have to care for is *gasp* socialism my dear...



      Yeah I hear you too.

    3. Darklady
    4. OsborndaleIvanhoe


      Exactly what Darklady said.

  9. Don't you hate it when you learn more about a specific subject and then realize how incredibly ignorant you really were about the topic (and still are)? Then you realize how stupid you must have sounded to people who DO know something about the topic in question?

    1. moanareina


      Yep...it is the time I remind myself that we all are stupid at times...just those who are smart realize how stupid they where while the stupid ones remain stupid...

    2. FreeThinkerNZ


      Those who don't know, don't know that they don't know.

    3. bfuddled


      LoL that's true, Human! :)

  10. I think you're spot on, RNP. I think there's a cycle there, especially in our current society with the access to information. People can't just stay isolated in their little communities.. eventually you are exposed to different information. Some people run the other way and hunker down in their camps (more faith), some start to listen and explore (doubts). It's a spectrum that you have to maintain some position on if you are to be a believer. I think what has been most refreshing to me in this process is realizing that, as an atheist, I don't have to put myself on the pendulum anywhere. I don't have to defend something unless I TRULY believe it. With Christianity, I was always finding myself with puzzling questions and cognitive dissonance that didn't make sense. Now I can take my beliefs/ideas one by one and decide what I believe, instead of getting stuck with a whole package of beliefs that may or may not fit for me.
  11. “Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” ― Ann Landers

  12. Over the last weekend I have heard every excuse in the book for why I'm no longer a Christian.. everything except the truth that I just think it's a bunch of CRAP!

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    2. bfuddled


      Oh no, it's just Satan deceiving you.... It always happens with higher education... You were led astray by secular parenting teachings.... on and on

    3. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Yep, standard bullshit. It's always the Talking Snake's fault or his evil spooks, or you don't have enough faith, or you weren't really a Christian to begin with (no true Scotsman logical fallacy).


      I am beseeching the Magic Sky Man in your behalf, Sister. (((HUGS))) and Glory!

    4. moanareina


      :(. Sending a hug. And ah...all those talking snakes all the times leading all of us astray...and everyone else who is not believing in them...
  13. "Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora" -bonus points for not having to look it up on google!

    1. TheRedneckProfessor


      It means a lot of something. The question is, "What do you have a plethora of?"

    2. Deidre
  14. I think this is why so many Christians close ranks and isolate themselves. If you never associate closely with anyone who does not believe the same as you, you will not ever be subjected to conflicting information and be confronted with the need to reconcile your belief/faith with the reality of how the world works. I think the church learned pretty quickly that they need to protect themselves and their members from this type of information, which is why they not only avoid it, they actively discourage it and view it as dangerous.
  15. Most days I do pretty good... but sometimes, especially at night, I am suddenly seized with an intense feeling of loneliness that I never had prior to deconversion. I'm hoping it fades in time?

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    2. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      I hope that was helpful, Sister. Glory!

    3. FreeThinkerNZ


      I hear ya. It will get better. In the meantime, you've always got your buddies at ex-c. (hug)

    4. TrueFreedom


      It's lonely when you no longer carry a loving sky-daddy with you for comfort and you no longer relate to loved ones about something that you once found important, especially when they still do. ((bfuddled))

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