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  1. I signed a security sign-in form as "Richard Nixon"
  2. Religious abuse

    Interesting article here: https://www.alternet.org/belief/religious-trauma-syndrome-how-some-organized-religion-leads-mental-health-problems
  3. Quantum Leap

    Then why are you here pontificating about what Christianity "really is"?
  4. Quantum Leap

    I don't define God. I recognize mythology when I see it, and I say your God as presented in the Bible doesn't exist. That's not a definition, it's a refutation.
  5. Quantum Leap

    What qualifies you to define God?
  6. Quantum Leap

    God isn't real. God is a myth. But that myth is real and you don't get to rationalize and sanitize that myth.
  7. Quantum Leap

    We have definitions for all these things, that people don't just make up: marriage; same sex marriage; polygyny; polyandry; polygamy; polyandry.
  8. Quantum Leap

    You don't get to make your own definition of words.
  9. Quantum Leap

    I think you will find that all classes are aware of social class
  10. Quantum Leap

    Do you know nothing about religion? All churches have some kind of organization. There are deacons, pastors, doctrine, statements of faith
  11. Quantum Leap

    just......irrelevant to my statement.
  12. Quantum Leap

    And all of them are organized.
  13. Quantum Leap

    No, Christianity is an organized religion. You are making up your own palatable definition of it so that you don't have to face its contradictions.
  14. Quantum Leap

    So you have internalized classism? That's pretty sad.
  15. Quantum Leap

    This is utter nonsense.