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  1. Orbit

    Peer review at work

    Zimbardo responds: http://www.prisonexp.org/response
  2. Orbit

    90% of animals appeared at same time?

    I read somewhere that it was likely there was a regional flood, and since the region was their "world", that's how it entered legend. Can't remember the source.
  3. Orbit


    My advice is to treat it like a detox -- taper down slowly. 5 cigarettes a day one week to 4 cigarettes a day the next week, until you're done (substitute whatever numbers and habits are applicable to you). Don't try to do it too fast, go gradually. Same for drinking. You say you don't want counseling but the up side of counseling is that they can prescribe a nonaddictive anti-anxiety pill like Buspar to help you over the rough patches. If you prefer the non-chemical route, try meditation for stress relief. Good luck!
  4. Orbit

    For Ex-Christian Women

    Most liberating: getting rid of the frustration of never having God answer back. There was always a feeling of banging my head against a wall, and that was gone. Most difficult: getting rid of the childhood indoctrination and giving up the idea of an afterlife. Welcome to the site!
  5. Orbit

    Peer review at work

    Psychology always seemed to be a strange hybrid to me, because of the focus on counseling and trying to explain what goes on in people's subconsciousness. But then again, I may not know enough about what research psychologists do beyond running rats through mazes and using undergrads as research guinea pigs.
  6. Orbit

    Peer review at work

    Actual quote from a Criminal Justice professor to me, in a Freudian slip "I've got a student here who needs to talk to a socialist....I mean a sociologist"
  7. Orbit

    Peer review at work

    Just ran across this in the Chronicle: https://www.chronicle.com/article/The-3-Types-of-Peer-Reviewers/243698 And Bhim, it's called social science for a reason.
  8. Orbit

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    Welcome to the site--glad you found us -- and you're fine just the way you are!
  9. A good discussion of "hell" in the NT http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/what-jesus-talked-about-when-he-talked-about-hell/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=FBCP-TCL&utm_content=formerlyfundie
  10. Orbit

    Peer review at work

    In sociology, we use that study as an example of how NOT to do research, so no harm done from my perspective. And yes, science is self-correcting.
  11. I'm going to give advice from the reverse perspective and say it depends on what kind of a Christian he is. For 8 years I was a liberal xtian in a relationship with an atheist. I wasn't a regular churchgoer, though and never considered it to be a problem. I had a kind of "it's his thing, whatever" attitude about it. What worries me about your guy is that he IS a churchgoer, which implies a larger level to commitment to the religion. I would echo some advice given here and say introduce him to this site and see what his reaction is. I'm glad kids aren't in the future. So on the plus side, it is possible to have a "unequally yoked" relationship, but I think it's rare. It's only a matter of time until those church guys start pressuring him to bring his girlfriend to church, and that's how it starts (ends). Good look whatever you decide.
  12. Orbit

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    As time goes on, you'll be less triggered by that stuff. For now, you're doing the best you can by unfollowing your xtian friends. Maybe limit your exposure to FB for a while...
  13. I have a degree in cultural anthropology, and my take on it has always been that Jesus is a heavily mythologized person or amalgam of messiah figures from the time. Similar to the way Santa Claus is associated with St Nicholas--the North Pole, elves, and reindeer are mythologized, but the mythology was inspired by an actual person. So to return to Jesus, the miracles, the theology, are all mythic elements of a story told by a sect of Jews using one or many human models as their inspiration. The stories are didactic, like fables. It also pays to remember that those who wrote the Bible never intended that it be objective history -- these were the mythic legends of the tribes, based sometimes on real events, and based sometimes on the need to provide a narrative that taught people about the origins and values of their tribes.
  14. I think it is actually more about bronze age tribal culture, and the Bible was simply used as a veneer for what the society had decided. Because inheritance through the male line was practiced, you had to be absolutely sure whose child was whose, therefore unauthorized rumpy-pumpy was actually a property/money issue. You couldn't have liasons that muddied the inheritance lines, hence the general emphasis on not being adulterous.
  15. For your Greek needs, well named has studied ancient Greek -- let me or him know and we'll see if he can help.