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  1. Congratulations on escaping a toxic marriage!
  2. "When you get the message, hang up the phone." -- Alan Watts on enlightenment.
  3. I'm an atheist, but not a "blanket anti-theist". Theism has its good points (compassion, mercy, concern for the poor). Certain varieties of theism also have their bad points. Life is complicated.
  4. A symbolic re-enactment of a sacred story/myth or belief is my working definition.
  5. What exactly counts as feminazi? Isn't that just a blanket pejorative?
  6. Taken as a philosophy, much of what Jesus says about caring for those less fortunate, not judging others, etc. provides a good set of ideas on how to live your life. As you are noticing, the religion that has been built up around Jesus no longer reflects those values. This is one of the things that led to my deconversion. I think you'll find that you don't need these sermons that you're listening to in order to live a good life; in fact they are counterproductive and just cause stress and anguish. You might feel better giving the whole thing up and just living your life.
  7. I have heard transgender activists say that forcing everyone to display their pronouns is actually a bad thing as it forces transgender people to deal with coming out when they may not be ready to be public about their gender identity.
  8. In the US, church affiliation is declining, but that doesn't necessarily mean belief in a God is declining. A growing number of people in the US describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious".
  9. That's a bit personal, but in general terms one involved a deep understanding of the need to accept people as they are. Another related to deep insight as to the nature of love. Insights are relative to an individual and their circumstances and life history. What is an insight to me may not be an insight to you, but that doesn't make it any less important to me.
  10. The reason for altered brain states doesn't matter. What matters is what you take away from the experience, and the meaning that it has for you. I've had profoundly meaningful psychedelic experiences with insights that stayed with me for decades. They are no less meaningful for being drug-induced.
  11. Bart Ehrman thinks he was a person who got mythologized; Richard Carrier thinks he was a myth entirely. It doesn't really matter because either way it ends up myth. You can find some youtube videos that explain it, but I don't think it's worth worrying about any more than stressing about whether Zeus is mad you didn't sacrifice to him this week.
  12. We have a tree, give presents, and cook good food. To me, it's a folk holiday based on winter solstice, and it's really easy to leave the religious stuff out of it.
  13. I can, for argument's sake, adopt a position I do not hold in order to try to see someone else's point of view. That doesn't make me a temporary believer imo. Woo? What is that, even?
  14. Hey Bird- I'm glad you came back. Hang in there, and let us know what you need...
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