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  1. I'm really sick of the right wing jerks here

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    2. SilentLoner


      No surprises there, Orbit. This site has really gone downhill over the years.

    3. SilentLoner


      "if they displayed at least a little bit of reason and a bit less entitlement."


      Maybe try practicing what you preach, thurisaz.

    4. Thurisaz


      *yawns, chuckles, doesn't bite*

  2. It's really nice to be married to someone who shares the same attitude towards xtianity as me. My heart goes out to those in "mixed" relationships. This is the first time it has been like this for me, and I'm really enjoying it. PS the honeymoon in Paris was great, but right after we left it flooded and descended into huge protests and strikes--good timing ;)

  3. I got engaged to a wonderful man tonight.....

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    2. Deidre


      omgomg!! congrats and big hugs...we could have a double wedding together lol jk so happy for you both!!

    3. FreeThinkerNZ


      Congrats!! So happy for you both.

  4. This is Religion week in Intro Sociology. What strikes me isn't that my students are obnoxiously Xtian, what strikes me is how LITTLE they know about religion in general

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    2. Orbit


      Maybe that is what I find so strange. My bf told me yesterday that his fundie brother didn't know what a Protestant was, and didn't think he was one.

    3. FreeThinkerNZ
  5. I'm drinking wine. Give me something to think about.

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    2. wellnamed


      i'm thinking about orbs now

    3. FreeThinkerNZ


      LOL. Whenever I read about orbs in Mystique's threads I think of you.

    4. Orbit
  6. berniesanders.com

  7. Debate tonite cnn.com for free -- #feelthebern

    1. Orbit
    2. Thurisaz


      The "male privilege" part of the article may be a bit overblown (from my German perspective); aside from that though, good article. I've suspected for quite some time that the major driving force behind this shit (and some other kinds too) is a sick concept of "be a Real Man™", including the willingness to win at ANY cost, even with lethal force. Not exactly the thing the article proposes but close I think.


      Thanks for sharing.

  8. Is the ExC or 4Chan? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

  9. This is the chat i'm hanging out in lately if you'd like to join. Don't enter a password. http://chat.varjohovi.net/

    1. crazyguy123


      Don't enter a password? Is there even a way to get in without doing so?

    2. Orbit


      yup. just hit enter

  10. THAT was awkward....when you catch a guy whacking off while he Skypes with you....

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    2. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      LOL... reminds me of Police Academy and the blow job scene:


    3. FreeThinkerNZ
  11. There is a radio show tonight at 6:30 Eastern on Altered States of Consciousness here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/radiorf

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