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  1. Art is a conversation among elites. If you're not an elite, it's nonsensical.
  2. Agnostic.com is a dating site for agnostics, atheists, and humanists. It's more like a forum than a match.com thing. Good luck!
  3. Intersexed and biologically sex-ambiguous people exist, and it's not a "choice". To end up as cisgender, 4 things have to match: your chromosomes, your hormones, your anatomy, and your brain structure. Human biology being what it is, these things don't line up in about 2% of the population. What if you have XXY chromosomes? Or XYY? What if your hormones develop in a different direction than your anatomy? The notion of choice in these cases is wrongheaded. We can't handle the ambiguity that nature provides, and we label the result "mental illness".
  4. I give to PBS (public television) and to our local United Way, where the money stays local. I sit on the grant board so I know where the money goes (Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, local food bank etc). I also help friends in need, but that is far less efficient.
  5. Try https://www.seculartherapy.org/
  6. Our Easter tradition is to drink red wine and sing along to the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar" which doesn't make sense unless you realize how subversive that film really is. Favorite points include the Judas POV, especially at the very end. Plus the music is killer. Your mileage may vary.
  7. There was no change in my morals, which are essentially "don't be an asshole".
  8. Colin Koepernik, who was fired from the NFL for kneeling during the national anthem, protesting police violence against Blacks.
  9. I had a nightmare where a scary demon appeared. That was it, nothing else happened in the dream, but it scared me enough to wake me up. It's never happened before. Has anyone else had this happen?
  10. He did remind me of a schizophrenic that I once knew, though. Something about the belligerence and egotism. I also wondered if that painting company was just some poor guy he found on the internet, and he was impersonating him.
  11. You really are thoroughly immersed in a fantasy world, aren't you? Projecting your bullshit onto other people....
  12. "That should do it?" Do what? Prove that you hold some inexcusable stereotypes and prejudices towards atheists? Prove that I should listen to you because you have degrees? If we want to make this a degree arms-race I have more degrees than you do. But that is incredibly beside the point. As far as I can tell, you're full of yourself, trying to entertain yourself by "fucking with the atheists". Get a life.
  13. Theories are explanations that are based on facts. We test theories by applying new facts, based on observations as they become available. We do not "prove" theories; we test them, and that is the basis of science. If a theory is no longer supported by new observations/facts we refine the theory. Theory, like science, is ever-evolving to take into account the latest observations. A theory stands until it falls. "Proving" it is not the point nor the process.
  14. Don't worry, misogyny is really popular around here.
  15. It's often not that they are more inherently religious, it's that religion has been used to resist oppression historically, and churches are organizations through which that happens, like in the American civil rights movement. That makes it more culturally relevant.
  16. I think it's like tarot cards or anything else like that. There's no objective truth to it, but it can encourage you to reflect on the themes it brings up.
  17. Congratulations on escaping a toxic marriage!
  18. "When you get the message, hang up the phone." -- Alan Watts on enlightenment.
  19. I'm an atheist, but not a "blanket anti-theist". Theism has its good points (compassion, mercy, concern for the poor). Certain varieties of theism also have their bad points. Life is complicated.
  20. A symbolic re-enactment of a sacred story/myth or belief is my working definition.
  21. Taken as a philosophy, much of what Jesus says about caring for those less fortunate, not judging others, etc. provides a good set of ideas on how to live your life. As you are noticing, the religion that has been built up around Jesus no longer reflects those values. This is one of the things that led to my deconversion. I think you'll find that you don't need these sermons that you're listening to in order to live a good life; in fact they are counterproductive and just cause stress and anguish. You might feel better giving the whole thing up and just living your life.
  22. In the US, church affiliation is declining, but that doesn't necessarily mean belief in a God is declining. A growing number of people in the US describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious".
  23. We can prove that the earth was not created in 6 days like the Bible says. There's lots of stuff we can prove, but the way that you ask your questions shows you haven't thought much about it in depth. I think people are just reacting to that.
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