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  1. Wow! Haven't been on here in a long time. =) I hope everyone's taking things easy/life's going well. I've been pretty busy and figuring out life. Figured out I'm transgendered so that's been my newest obstacle so yaaay.

    1. FreeThinkerNZ


      Congrats! Good luck with that

    2. Cousin Ricky
  2. Started watching a new anime called Free! Which is basically about swimming. Pretty much nothing else, just boys in a swim club. anyway, I drew fanart of my two favourite characters who both spescialise in swimming the butterfly stroke: Also drew this of my two all time favourite anime characters William T Spears and Grell Sutcliffe from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji:
  3. Yes, but I don't swear much at all around family outta respect, only with people who are comfortable swearing as well. But when I'm by myself or in my head, fuck yeah. Fuck's become my new favourite word thanks to how versatile it is I also love forms of 'goddammit'
  4. Today I hit a milestone in my graphic novel-- I've thumbnailed 95 pages! Okay, a real milestone would be 100 pages. But it's close! I also drew art for chapter 1
  5. Oh my goodness I just got back from taking the dog on a walk and my mom decorated the dining room with Congrats Grad decorations and presents and a pie I wasn't expecting a highschool graduation thing!!! ='D I'm so happy

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. offtheromanroad


      Congrats, Dragon! Time to celebrate!

    3. DragonTheDruid


      It's great because I've been so gloomy the last few days/week about seeing graduation things everyone and knowing that I didn't finish highschool in an actual school, so I wouldn't have/wasn't expecting any sort of ceremony past the time in March my mom was like 'oh you're done with school btw'. But this little family celebration was better than celebrating with people who don't really care about you! xD

    4. moanareina


      Oh, great mom :-). And congrats from me as well!

  6. Not a drawing, but I love Ring Tailed Lemurs, they're my all time favourite animal and I'd love to have one as a pet if it wasn't illegal. So I made this!
  7. I accidentally scared my dog and made her nervous to come back to my room with me *sigh* Now I feel even shittier than I already did ='C

    1. EyesOpened


      Thats ok, she will get over it. Just be nice to her and she will forget in a couple days.

    2. FreeThinkerNZ


      Try giving her treats, if that usually motivates her?


  8. Ahhh my xian friend finally replied to why she believes homosexuality was a choice, but it was a bad explanation imo. Seemed like she didnt' really have any good reasoning except 'some people at birth are born with both sex parts and then they get it changed and parents and the kids never know so that might influence it'?!?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. mymistake


      When people say it is a choice I like to ask them "Please tell me when did you chose to be heterosexual and what was the biggest reason that finally changed your mind?"

    3. AndrewTomlinson


      Have you considered trying homosexuality for a while? It may be a better fit for you, but you don't know 'til you try!

    4. DragonTheDruid


      Thanks for the replies guys haha. In my response I did mention that there's not one point you 'choose' to become homosexual. Like honestly, how many people WOULD choose it with all the discrimination? On the other hand, I like boobs too much, so nevermind, I'd choose it if I had a choice.... xD

      But I doubt she'll reply, because apparently she doesn't care if she's right or wrong haha

  9. Yes, most of these are done digitally with a Wacom/ Intuos Artist Tablet and pen =)
  10. Work in progress inks of page 5 of Spider's Circus. Pictured here is my protagonist Wilson B. Thomas III and his black mamba named Akuma
  11. Best thing about creating a graphic novel? I GET TO BE GOD! (I'm a mean god to my poor book characters...)

    1. GoldenWolf


      ahaha. I love the power of controlling my own fictional worlds, it's great.

    2. DragonTheDruid


      Though I do feel like they control me more often than I control them....

  12. Had a 3 against 1 debate on FB today. Me, and two xians(my friend and her mom) against a delusion fundy who was more or less defending Josh Duggar. All was swell until homosexuality got brought up and after I commented how I was gay, my friend told me how that was my personal choice.... *palmface* I have asked her over message why she believes this, and she has yet to respond...

    1. FreeThinkerNZ


      Aw, I hope that goes well for you, but prepare for the worst I guess. While being born gay cannot in any way be compared to the crimes he and his parents committed, xians will still try and make an issue our of it. But I am glad they opposed the Duggar apologists. And good on you for being confident. I'm impressed.

    2. Aiyana


      Yeah, I remember when I was about 12, and we had our "Choose to Be Straight or Gay" day. I was like, "Meh, straight seems cool," so I went with that. Oh wait that never happened.

    3. DragonTheDruid


      My friend's been posting on facebook all day and last night and hasn't messaged me back on why being gay's a choice! xD I bet she's trying to find evidence that it is indeed a choice when I know first hand it is not xD (And I wouldn't change a thing! Girls are sexy!)

  13. Alright, so these last several days/week I have returned to work on my graphic novel, Spider's Circus, which I seriously started working on in October '14, though the idea and the characters I've had for several years now. Along with that, since I started work in October, I have the first ~120 page graphic novel outlined, 54 pages of it thumbnailed(tiny sketches showing the page layout), 34 of them penciled, and 3 of them inked. Today I FINALLY designed and completed a logo I think I'm satisfied with, and a few days ago I drew one of the major characters, Grayson Reed, and put the logo on his pic and it looks so official now <3
  14. Haven't really been on too often, but I've started work on my graphic novel again, so that's kept me busy. It's too bad that we only get one life. It's hard to set your priorities and figure out what you really want to do. Right now I want to make a graphic novel, so that's what I'm doing...

    1. DragonTheDruid


      Also self promoting is really hard work T,T

    2. Travi


      Yes it is. I finished my first book last year and trying to market it is more difficult than the writing part. Best of luck to you!

  15. I was homeschooled solely until 9th grade, and while there were Christian related things in our home studies, my mum didn't act like a typical strict fundamentalist or anything, and I think I turned out alright except for being a bit socially awkward, but I'm also an introvert and have anxiety, though I am able to make friends and talk to people when I need to do so. Though honestly, I only lasted in the college prep school I went to for 2 and a half years before I dropped out and decided to finish highschool through homeschooling because of my attention/focus problems, depression, and anxiety my school had caused me. I'd say I was successfully homeschooled, to be honest. My mother never forced me to be anything I wasn't and let us read and watch Harry Potter(as long as we didn't go around trying to curse people haha), but I TOTALLY agree with #3 on your post. I have some authourity problems unless I specifically am asking for instruction or guidance or something.... But really, I'm not sure what advice you might be looking for, but I'm sad to hear that homeschooling, or rather the enviornment/way you were homeschooled in effed you up as much as it did =/
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