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  1. I saw one today that implied that the Presidential election process was indeed hacked, but by Jesus, not the Russians.
  2. I've heard, on a couple occasions, the rabbi who occasionally gives some kind of morning teaching on the JM in the AM show on WFMU.org. I only hear this show because my car radio is sometimes tuned into 91.1 FM from the day before, and I forget that the JM show is on during the morning commute. Anyway, the litany of laws I've heard read like such legal fine print, it's ridiculous. I've never heard anything about menstruation, but this actually does not surprise me at all.
  3. Chomsky may be onto something, but I'm hopeful that Trump is not so motivated toward overt evil as ethnic/minority cleansers in world history have been. I think he's just an insensitive,kind of guy who's found himself in the White House only half-willingly because the timing was right for an outsider like him. Trouble is, some citizens are feeling bold about harassing their neighbors in light of Trump at the top, and I hope he puts an end to that (unlike his rallies). I also think anti-Trump people probably ought to stop protesting until he actually starts governing...then there will be plenty of legitimate reasons to call him out for real things.
  4. To speak for myself, I too had lots of experiences that I ascribed to Jesus personally calling or leading or being with me. Looking back, my take is that's because I wanted to believe it. Nothing ever happened to me that could not be explained by my own mind intentionally deciding that Jesus (or the Holy Spirit, or Satan) was involved in my own thoughts and circumstances. Now, I need something more miraculous to convince me; and I'm not holding my breath.
  5. I'm more able to cope with the idea of complete, eternal death now that I accept it as probable fact, rather than believing in something else - and constantly fighting the doubts. Like Woody Allen, I still don't like the idea of everything ending - and us having no way to exist or reflect on anything again from the moment we die - but if that's what it is, then I guess I have no choice but to feel "at peace" with the order of things. I'm sure I'll raise my voice to God on my death bed - just because I imagine that I'll be scared of passing through that doorway alone. But one thing is for sure;; I still can't base my life on faith like I used to. It just made me artificial and still kept the nagging fear of death at merely an arm's length away.
  6. What a simple, accurate formula. We should thank that big thinker.
  7. It's good to be out in the open. Too bad it had to be released in a moment of emotional stress, but ultimately, it has to happen. I had it relatively easy; I gradually faded away from the faith having absolutely nobody in a position to even think they could tell me what the *** I should be doing with my life.
  8. Oh that's just dandy on a few levels.
  9. Thanks, I'll need to look into those sites in Damascus more. Had no idea there was a site that claims to actually have the head of John the Baptist, or that there are confirmed locations where Paul once was (or may have been). Well, maybe his head is in Damascus...if the Muslims are right about it. From Wikipedia: Over the centuries, there have been many discrepancies in the various legends and claimed relics throughout the Christian world. Several different locations claim to possess the severed head of John the Baptist. Among the various claimants are:[8] Roman Catholic tradition holds that the head on display in San Silvestro in Capite in Rome is that of John the Baptist, discovered for the second time, as also maintained by Pope Benedict XVI in August 2012.[9] Islamic tradition maintains that the head of Saint John the Baptist was interred in the once-called Basilica of Saint John the Baptist in Damascus. Pope John Paul II visited the tomb of John the Baptist at the Umayyad Mosque during his visit to Syria in April, 2001. Consequently, Muslims also believe that Jesus Christ will return to this location in the Second Coming. ...
  10. I guess is depends on what you mean by "thoughts". Can you be more specific? I'm liberal, and, like many with that label, I try to be polite with my speech, but I don't like it when people are quickly accused of racism or misogyny without any questions being asked and answered.
  11. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if JT was committing every sin he depicted in his tracts.
  12. I have not been to Jerusalem, but I was in Damascus several years ago (just before the war started), which has some noteworthy sites where Paul was converted and started preaching. Also, the head of John the Baptists is there, but it's now in a mosque. Anyway, being at those sites had no effect on my disappearing faith, and I'm pretty sure that Jerusalem would have the same non-effect.
  13. Insects were my only victims. Mammals and amphibians were safe under my watch.
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