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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. What I hate about cultists: First off they are often very very creepy. Not content with ruining their own lives, they have a burning need to ruin the lives of others. They do this by promoting their beliefs in an number of ways: 1-Bait and Switch (God loves you, but you are going to Hell) 2-Copy and pasting from other pro cult websites 3-Making outlandish claims, and then ignoring any push backs or questions that cannot be answered. Wash/Rinse and Repeat. We are told that we just need to read the Bible, we just need to pr
  2. Maybe he eats the bike and the next day a new bike is Risen, for all things are possible with God!!
  3. Give up the bike, give up the tent and don't dumpster dive or take anything from anyone or any source, I'll give it a week before you die of thirst. Sit under a tree and wait for god to come to you No one is stopping you. You die and you get to live with Jesus, What a WIN!!!! What on Earth are you waiting for...... So they burnt money that could have been used for the sick and elderly to prove that they love god. Why didn't they let snakes bite them to prove that they would not be harmed. Is it because they would die. My days, you really are a special
  4. Well........ Many of us have been harmed by Christianity by its sheer madness and we want to reduce the harm it does to others. If I can help one other person from becoming mentally ill over Christianity, then it is worth it. Christians who claim that atheists push back because they secretly believe see no problem with Christians pushing back against Islam. Do Christians secretly believe in Allah.....
  5. EVERYONE is an atheist concerning other gods.
  6. I want to be called an astronaut!!!
  7. Hope you have the 100 percent correct theology old chap. 99.9999999999999 percent will not cut it. Yahweh the merciless DEMANDS perfection. A bit like that kid in the "Twilight Zone", who forced EVERYONE to think happy thoughts all the time...OR ELSE. 3000 Gods throughout human history. You disbelieve in 2999 of them and we just add an extra one. You are almost there, old chap, almost.
  8. I believe that you believe this, but I don't believe it is true. What is the very very basics of Christianity theology. Well I think it is that you should both fear AND love the Lord will ALL your strength and mind and heart. I think that is impossible. i really do. Love AND fear is just ridiculous, one or the other, surely. Then Jesus tells you to hate your family and yourself and give away ALL that you have. Some Christians do, I will grant, give up all that they have, but they are a tiny minority. I love my wife and my family, trying to force myself to hate
  9. 1- The Christian God, I assume, rather than the Islamic one 2-If you were born in Iran, you would fear Allah 3-Is the Christian God real, prayers do not work, all early characters in the Bible are not mentioned outside of the Bible. despite the very best efforts of Jewish experts ( and they have certainly been searching) there is no evidence of the Mose great walk in the desert. 4-Evidence for Noah's flood is zero 5-God is not the author of confusion,yet He does send delusions, yet another Biblical contradiction. Does God want ALL to be saved, yes says the Bible, no says th
  10. Serial killer, rapes and murders at will, mocks and insults Christianity, last 10 seconds of his life, he devotes it to Jesus, goes to Heaven. Nun, spends her entire life, working and living in poverty, giving all that she has to her faith. Finally decides she no longer believes it, has a heart attack 10 seconds later , goes to Hell. This is INSANE
  11. JesusChristian are (as I understand it) linked to the "A voice in the desert" videos on You Tube Another brainwashing cult that wants you to give it all up for rewards after you die. *Sigh* How to tell if you are in a cult: Does it ask you to turn your back on your loved ones, give up all that you have and trust in the beloved leader who has the ear of God. If yes...... YOU ARE IN A CULT
  12. Most of us assume human life has existed for millions if not billions of years, and that it will probably continue to exist for many millions, if not billions, more. In the face of that, our tiny lives become so overwhelmingly insignificant that we succumb to a life of unthinking conformity along with all of the other billions of meaningless ants that populate this planet. But when we do this, we are confusing time with eternity. Evolutionary teaching has created this unreal picture of human life. All the unsubstantiated talk about billions of years gives the impression that not only the
  13. In the old days, they could and did imprison, torture and murder us. Utterly destroy us and have us written from history. Now, they are reduced to arguing via the internet and special pleading for their awful doctrines to be believed.
  14. Going to Hell is easy, just be born and God, in his love, wisdom and mercy, will give you a front row forever ticket. You don't even have to earn it, it is, (to borrow a phrase) an automatic enrollment. Heaven on the other hand.... Well..... Narrow is the gate and few shall find it, Jesus talks in parables so that many will hear and not understand. Add to that different Bibles, different denominations, etc and you are well and truly screwed. And let us not us forget that the Bible says you have to be PERFECT in god's eyes. If the Bible i
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