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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. All the best and good luck in your career.
  2. Covid 19 is def real, I have had it, probably caught it at work ( I work in a hospital). I will be having the vaccine.
  3. No one knows, what (if anything) lays beyond this life, please do not drive yourself mad by mentally chasing phantoms, been there, done that. It is a itch than you can never scratch away.
  4. Great OP, Most of what I have read and watched suggests that free will is an illusion,I am included to believe that we do not have free will at all.....but then I would say that wouldn't I......
  5. 1-Preachers constantly begging for money,Why don't they turn to prayer 2-The bloody history of the church who murdered without shame and remorse for centuries 3-The inability of the faithful to be in agreement on points of Biblical doctrine 4-The Bible in general 5-The church has had to retreat on so many points of Biblical law under the onslaught of free-thinkers and nonconformist's suggest that as a body even they don't believe in it. 6-Millionaire Christians are an abomination 7- Despite centuries of power and God on their side, Christians are no closer to pro
  6. When you are feeling rough, never forgot the Bible has a talking donkey, and treat it with the contempt it deserves.
  7. The idea of being alive for ever is horrific, even in paradise. Picture being alive for a billion years, 20 billion, a trillion, a hundred, hundred, hundred trillion trillion.....no thanks
  8. Hell is a very sick idea , dreamed up by sadists. It is not likely to be real. Millions and millions and millions of people have never even heard of it throughout history. Are they to be sent there having never even been made aware of it. Countless humans lived prior to Jesus( assuming he was real), countless lived prior to the Bible....are they to be doomed, doubtful. What fear is there of the hell of Allah, or any other god....none. The chances of hell being real are very very low. But even if it is real, the Bible makes it clear that most people go there anyw
  9. Given that the Confederacy wanted to break away, was it right that Lincoln used the army to force then to stay in the union .
  10. Absolutely, spot on. Too add: Lots of lots of people claim to leave their bodies during operations, etc in hospital. Some hospital have put card high up (from which an astral projector patient should see).None do, yet they are convinced they have left their bodies. As to Hell, we are told it in inescapable and forever, although these, not quite really dead people mange to leave.
  11. People come and go but agree that some aggressive posters def drove some people away
  12. 1-The Bible is rife with contradictions 2-Evidence for Jesus outside of the Bible is very thin 3-Prayers are not answered 4-Christians cannot even agree with each other on Salvation 5-Even breaking one rule is akin to breaking them all, stole a bottle of wine when you were 20, you are the same as Hitler. 6- God knows all from beginning to end, we can do nothing to earn Salvation yet somehow we are still responsible for it. 7-Looking at someone lustfully is the same as sleeping with them and must be punished after death with forever fire. 8-Rape victims a
  13. I am still waiting for the free Unicorns promised us after Brexit
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