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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. Castiel233

    Anyone else hate going to sleep?

    Blimey, what a lunatic......her poor family.
  2. Sometimes you see this tactic by the faithful in formal debate. Why should you be good, or kind or generous if there is no God. Yet the question is backwards, backwards..... Why not be evil if God will forgive you. In fact, God commands the killing of humans by other humans for all sort of "crimes" (such as being a non virgin on your wedding night). Yet the faithful rarely carry of such commands faithfully....... Why, cause such behaviour is considered evil by Western secular law.....and they fear secular justice. Given they are commanded to be evil for God, why are they not evil if there is a God. Thoughts........
  3. Keep it civil (please)........
  4. Castiel233

    How can I answer this Christian?

    That Jesus, John the Baptist "were real people", doesn't make Jesus a supernatural entity. As to the apostles being scared.........of what exactly, they were supposed to be the hand picked best buddies of the king of the Universe. Why would you be scared if God was your best friend. Christianity makes claims that fail over and over and over again in the real world. Show me a minister that can move a mountain with his magic thoughts and I will reconsider my position.
  5. Castiel233

    I have been bullied at work

    I'll spare you the details, but it has been extremely nasty and has included the threat of spreading malicious rumours coupled with threats of violence. I am outnumbered by 2 to 1. I have told the pair of them to stop, repeatedly, to no avail. So now it has been reported to my management team who have formally passed it up to HR on my behalf and have assured me of their full support. I am not a "snowflake" who needs to "man up". No one should face threats of violence at work, nor face the loss of dignity having their professional reputation trashed or sullied. To anyone I will say, do not suffer work place bullying in silence, or "put up with it". You are worth much much more. I'll let you know the outcome, but I hope at the very very least they are both given written warnings and moved.
  6. I was watching an old video of Craig Vs Hitchens. Hitchens asks if Craig believes that there are false religions and Craig confirms that he does and names Islam as a false religion. Hitchens asks is there any false Christian denominations, and Craig replies that "he is not a Calvinist" (implying that Calvinism is false) Craig states that people have false beliefs........including him......... It is one of the best points I have actually heard him say about himself.
  7. Castiel233

    Why Ted, why

    Some of you might recall the American sit-com, “Married.....with children”. I loved that show in my 20’s and still have a soft spot for it now........ I read today that one of the stars, Ted Mcginely is starring in, “Gods not dead 3........” Nooooooooooooooo
  8. Castiel233

    God or spiders

    Imagine (if you will), that you are a person that hates spiders, hates and fears them......yet the Bible says that you must love them, keep them as pets and allow them to crawl over your face.......this you must do for the Lord, for He commands it...... You might (with training and an iron will) be able to allow them to crawl on you....but love them, and really mean it ....not very likely......... Now, imagine (if you will) that the Bible tells you that there is genocidal, invisible serial killer that lives in the sky and see's you as a slave and wants you to love and fear it and give it's representatives on Earth your time and money and if you don't comply then you will be tortured forever after you die........ You might (with indoctrination) be able to comply through fear to give your time and money, but love it, and really mean it......not very likely
  9. Castiel233

    Do you remember Brother Jeff

    Fundamentally, "they" got Jeff. His posts are very very Evangelical...... Post after post of how great Jesus......often in FULL CAPS MODE....... JESUS DIED FOR US AND HIS HOLY BLOOD WAS SHRED ON THE CROSS FOR US, ALL OF US, EVEN THOU WE ARE UNWORTHY........etc I hope "they" don't get me
  10. Castiel233

    You Tube Christians

    The videos themselves are often pretty grim with clickbait titles, such as: "STEPHEN HAWKINGS KEPT ALIVE BY SATAN" "PROOF OF DEMONIC CULTISTS IN THE WHITE HOUSE" "ATHEIST DIES AND GOES TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS GAVE HIM A SECOND CHANCE"...... and so on........ as crappy as many of these video's are, the repetition of the sheep in the comment section is depressing: AMEN JESUS IS COMING I LOVE THE LORD READ YOUR BIBLE PRAISE HIM, etc, etc , etc The goodness of God is assumed by many believers, yet for all the lavish praise do they nothing stop to think: They have never met God, or Jesus They are usually ignorant of what the Bible says. You cannot have a two way relationship with something you have never met. Why are they so blind to the horror of religion.
  11. Castiel233

    Do you remember Brother Jeff

    I have read some of his very recent Christian posts.....they are extremely full on with some blame being attached on America;s ills due to militant atheism. When I say full on, i mean really full on........... Regarding his mental health problems, he say's that he is cured and is now very devoted to Jesus. I am not mocking the guy at all, felt he had a kind heart. If it is working for him, then good luck to him. As I said before, just surprised given his previous stance....*shrugs*
  12. Castiel233

    Do you remember Brother Jeff

    He was on here a lot when I first joined but I understand he is now fully committed to Christianity, which of course is his decision. I always thought he had a good heart (and presumably still has), but was surprised to learn he seems to be a full on Christian now. Not mocking his choice, just surprised. He was so against it.
  13. Castiel233

    This Site Exhausts Me

    Totally, totally agree. I used to love this site and coming on here and having a chat or a laugh, but my goodness, it seemed (at least to me) to have turned into a right wing echo chamber.. The same old faces would circle the wagons and pat each other on the back for being anti feminist, or pro gun, or whatever and dissenting voices would soon get discouraged. I still sometimes check in, but rarely post now. There are a few posters whose posts I respect, but the trolls soon ruin it for me, at least.
  14. Clearly I haven't got any magic powers, but given how some people can actually earn money pretending to see the future, I thought I would offer my "predictions" to see how many come true: Trump will face calls for impeacement At least one UK minister will be forced to resign A terror attack in either France, Germany, or England will be carried out A senior member of the UK royal family will face a serious health issue and may die A famous film or sports star, probably an American will be arrested The pound and the dollar will suffer setbacks mid to late year. I will still be overweight......... Vague and probable predictions..........which some people are actually consulted and paid for........ What are yours predictions?
  15. Here is some of the expected anti atheist rhetoric: