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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. I'm pro choice and am totally on board with assisted dying. A person with ALS (for example) who doesn't want to suffer any more yet does not have the means to end his suffering should not be compelled to keep living if he doesn't want to. Currently the UK does not support assisted dying, although with its enthusiasm to sell arms to other states, it certainly supports assisted killing on a more impersonal level. Thoughts
  2. I'm not going to get bogged down on details as such, but I suspect a 400 AD Christian would not recognise a modern Christian as a "Christian". To me Christian is one who would obey and follow the will of the Father....and I submit that nearly all of them do no. Wealth is a Biblical no no, yet has no bearing on a rich Christian.Numerous public Christians get divorced and marry someone else, also a huge Biblical no no. These people surely do not really believe in the Bible or at the very least do not take it seriously. I don't follow the Bible myself as I think most of it is awful s
  3. Great OP, Most of what I have read and watched suggests that free will is an illusion,I am included to believe that we do not have free will at all.....but then I would say that wouldn't I......
  4. 1-Preachers constantly begging for money,Why don't they turn to prayer 2-The bloody history of the church who murdered without shame and remorse for centuries 3-The inability of the faithful to be in agreement on points of Biblical doctrine 4-The Bible in general 5-The church has had to retreat on so many points of Biblical law under the onslaught of free-thinkers and nonconformist's suggest that as a body even they don't believe in it. 6-Millionaire Christians are an abomination 7- Despite centuries of power and God on their side, Christians are no closer to pro
  5. I find him vulgar and crooked. Trump University and his past comments about his own daughter suggest a very creepy man and a scam artist. The UK is also filled with charlatans, right and left to be fair, but Trump is to me is like Jesus is to ex-Christians, a harmful fraud.
  6. Today I am 46, where has the time gone

  7. I remember long ago another starry night like this

    1. sdelsolray


      I have a visual astronomy hobby. To frequently, there are long time spans between observing sessions at dark sky sites. Still, the sky appears as majestic and clear each time.

    2. Ellinas
  8. I'm sure this place used to be more active, where did everyone go

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rjn


      They were raptured.

    3. florduh
    4. Castiel233


      Seems to be the same gang of less than 10 or so people.


  9. Here in the UK, I would guess that 95 percent of the time, if you send a CV in , you don't hear back, unless it's a temp job during the Christmas season, then they are all over you for a few brief weeks
  10. God: I call it a "kangaroo." It's like a video game deer-dog whose starting gift is a built-in pocket LOL *angels exchange worried glances*

    1. Castiel233


      Seen on Twitter



  11. I have just treated myself to an electric bike, £160 well spent

    1. nivek


      What brand and type purchased Castie?

      Sounds interesting.

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