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  1. From memory I recall the police being called but don’t recall if he was arrested. They dropped the matter when they found out how much he’d been pushed. The council gave the music makers a stern warning that any more noise then they’d be evicted .
  2. I sympathise. I have had crappy neighbours in the past..... While I DO NOT suggest you do this, I wanted to share...... I used to work with a guy whose brother had a bad neighbour. Next door would play loud music at all hours, basically they didn't give a hoot by the sound of things. The guy complained to the police, to the council, etc, to no avail...... Eventually he went round with a baseball bat, smashed his way in (while they were at home) and smashed their stereo in, in front of them..... They behaved themselves afterwards.........
  3. If you are going to quote the Bible, should the Bible be taken literally, as a Christian should you obey the laws written in it......... If Jesus never claims to be the Lord, why is He worshipped as God?
  4. "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone. Matt 10:18..... Highly suggestive they are not one : )
  5. What does god "look" like.... We can infer He has a nose to smell burnt animal offerings....... And ears so He can hear the prayers of millionaire sports stars to help them get that win
  6. Namely, Prayer.... Over and over the Bible DOES promise that God WILL answer prayer. WHATEVER is asked for in The Name of Jesus will be given....... Yet the evidence for this is close to zero...... So , what gives...........
  7. That I could use telepathy to send magic thoughts to an invisible being who would then help me
  8. The above is so true, and in fact, Nabeel, pretty much used a similar thought process with his suffering. Christian's usually shoot a hole THEN paint a target around it, it's rarely the other way around. As most of you know, Hitchens died of cancer.....what could be a Christian response: God's ways are mysterious. It is the sin of atheism to question Him. God needed Hitchens as a warning to others. God must have thought Hitchens false work on earth was finished. God used Hitchens suffering as a warning of the lack faith in the face of tragedy. All things work together for as punishment for those who deny God It was a time for Hitchens to be given chance to repent . We should be rejoicing! God has a plan for Hitchens, and it aint pretty Hitchens suffering strengthened God's righteous anger. We have no right to question God. He made the earth and the heavens. Who are we to question Him!? Christian have all the answers, after an event. Could it be that cancer is a natural illness sent by rouge DNA and prayer is not answered as there is no one at the other end to pick up the phone. I think it is a bit rich for believers to claim that God does answer prayer despite the over whelming evidence to the contrary.
  9. I spoke about this before, but why did Nabeel Qureshi die of cancer. He was a popular Christian speaker and author. He died at the age of 34. He vlogged about his illness, saying over and over that God was going to heal him, the miracle was coming. His followers wrote thousand of prayer messages on his face-book page, demanding that "The cancer be gone, in the name of Jesus", and so on. Yet still he died, steadfast in his conviction that Jesus would heal him. Why didn't god heal him.... What happened to ask in prayer and it will be given to you. Nabeel had a wife and young daughter, He didn't want to die and frequently asked God for the miracle of healing. A healing that never came. After his death, his wife spent the days leading up to his burial, in prayer asking God to bring him back to life (with God ALL things are possible), She only stopped praying for this, after he went into the grave. Here was a sincere, Bible believing Christian, asking for healing and it not happening. He actually discounted a healing in Heaven, as this was a cop out. He wanted and expected a healing on Earth.. Very sad for his family. He believed and loved God, yet still his prayers went unanswered.
  10. Why don't these preachers just pray these new buildings into place......... Zero costs and glory to the power of the Lord. God, great at finding keys (that you are looking for) Not so great a real miracles.
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