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    I don't know if god is real or not, but the evidence that he listens to prayers and cares for the earth appears to be very very weak

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  1. Clearly I haven't got any magic powers, but given how some people can actually earn money pretending to see the future, I thought I would offer my "predictions" to see how many come true: Trump will face calls for impeacement At least one UK minister will be forced to resign A terror attack in either France, Germany, or England will be carried out A senior member of the UK royal family will face a serious health issue and may die A famous film or sports star, probably an American will be arrested The pound and the dollar will suffer setbacks mid to late year. I will still be overweight......... Vague and probable predictions..........which some people are actually consulted and paid for........ What are yours predictions?
  2. Here is some of the expected anti atheist rhetoric:
  3. My stress levels are so high

    Obviously I can only speak from the experience from a UK perspective, but it was awful...... An aggressive juror, a nasty nasty case as well....... Please dear god, never again. I have had to do it twice now, next time I shall try much harder to be excused
  4. My stress levels are so high

    It's over, thank goodness, I hope I am never called again.
  5. Ive being doing jury duty, and it hasn't finished yet. The stress is unreal. The training consists of watching a quick DVD and that's about it. And one of the jurors is one of those loud, know it all types that makes me sick........ I truly, truly cannot wait for it to be over.
  6. The local council approved a loan of around 10.5 million pounds to a local business man. Tax payers money of course Money goes walkies (surprise surprise) The man who approved the loan (then head of the council), called out on bribery charges...... Money still not recovered Council left with a huge black hole in finances Council planning on closing 28 local services to save money There, ladies and gentlemen is your 1% attitude right there. Steal the money, punish the tax payer further
  7. Does life continue after death, I truly do not know..... But what I do believe, with complete conviction, any God who would create us, make us faulty in His eyes and then punish us forever for being how He made us is a very sick being indeed.
  8. How to be saved

    Salvation in The Bible is a pick and mix, totally. Probably most decent, loving people say their prayers and expect to go to Heaven......yet a FUNDY would assume they are going to Hell because "just being nice and going to church" isn't good enough..... So how are you's all in God's hands apparently and he is a good God, wise and loving, yet stern and inflexible, who had His own Son killed to remove a curse He, Himself pressed upon us...... He walks with you ever day, yet you can't see Him.........He answers your prayers, but not in any obvious way, so don't be greedy and trust Him, and ONLY Him, even thou you have never meet him. He loves you so much He has given you a book on how to love Him back, but some of it is written in parables because He doesn't want you to understand and therefore He will not have to save you, even thou He wants all to be saved, yet most will not be as wide is the gate to destruction..... How do you know that the feeling of salvation you feel is not from Satan tricking you, or from your own sense of pride.......only the truly saved know they are truly saved as they have the truth. Who are you saved from.......God. Who is saving you from God, why it is God, you are saved from God, via God as long as God wants to save you, all your works are in vain if He does not want to save you. Etc,etc,etc
  9. Judaism: Magic book, uses telepathy to talk to an invisible Sky Fairy, book has a talking donkey and serpent and supernatural fruit. Christianity: Magic book, uses telepathy to talk to an invisible Sky Fairy, who is his own Dad. Islam: Magic book, uses telepathy to talk to an invisible Sky Fairy. Has a flying horse. Mormonism: Magic book, uses telepathy to talk to an invisible Sky Fairy. Has magic underwear.
  10. How to be saved

    Believe that Jesus is Lord and has risen from the dead says St Paul Love God and obey all the commandments (631 of them) says Jesus So here we have to different ideas of salvation right from the off. So which is............ Then of course we have the add ons...... All we have to do is love and obey God and glorify Him, and hate ourselves and each other and the world, Accept that we are fallen and have collective guilt over the "crime" committed by Adam and Eve...... Go to church, give away all that you own, live in self hatred and isolation......would this mean salvation..... Nope, as you can no nothing to earn salvation. It is given "freely" by God upon those He chooses. If He does not choose you then tough. A life devoted to God on trembling knees and lived in abject poverty might still mean a ticket "downstairs"..... Is this fair..... Yes says Fundies , as we all "deserve" to be tortured forever for the crime of being born in the first place....... How warped is this theology. We are to be hurt forever by the being who created us because He is not happy with His own handiwork.............
  11. How useless is prayer

    Lunatic shoots up a public place........prayers. Yet a few weeks or months later it happens again. Every Easter religious leaders pray for peace in the Middle East.........every year those prayers go unanswered. Christians get cancer or other fatal problems, prayer for healing and die anyway........ Yet we are informed by religious leaders and in fact the bible that prayer works, that god hears and acts upon them.......what a load of tosh..... if your car breaks down, you pop the bonnet and see if you can spot the problem, no joy and you phone for assistance. You don't drop to your knees and ask Yahweh through the blood of Christ to heal the engine. Billions and billions of prayers are offered up daily to various deities and to zero effect beyond statistical random chance Look at pictures of Trump and Pence, or other US leaders surrounded by faith leaders laying on their hands and pretending to talk to an invisible being they have never meet....... Its almost a tragic joke.
  12. Muslim convert to Christianity dies

    He prayed to be cured of cancer He wasn't cured He prayed for God to stop the flooding in Houston and save the housing and the people. God didn't He prayed (on his death bed) that believers would pray for his family..... The first two prayers were totally ignored, totally. Why would the third be any different Einstein once remarked that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result