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  1. I've never thought of it as magic, or thought of the black or white magic part. I have literally always felt it, and just done it. So maybe I need to read up on that stuff so as to be more aware. To Florduh's points, I need to read your links. I am very hesitant to make a claim about what will happen. I have run into some debunkers of energy who actually express similar characteristics to the creationists, meaning they argue their own version of what they think you think, rather than actually argue anything that you said. Midniterider's point solves a lot of this, because both the alleged gurus, and the debunkers, are kind of competing for the same thing. I think the back and forth, "I'm special because I'm enlightened!" "No, I'm special because I went to school, I'm snarkier than you, and my cookie cut response to this stuff has the stamp of rationality on it!" really ruins any effect. How many gurus actually take the time to help someone? And how many debunkers actually take the time to do something constructive, or are they just out to neg like a pickup artist? Information on both sides can definitely be gleaned. And I'm all for not trying to trick people into something.
  2. Hey I really like that! I was just kind of torn because I generally don't tell people I'm doing it too, sounds kind of arrogant like "I'll pray you change to what I like," or some other religious thing. My friend brought it up, asked if I did, I explained how I always kind of have, but would never tell due to not wanting to be seen as "better than you" like the dogmatic types, or of course people that will think you're a nut or a heretic, when I still was Christian. That's when he asked what I thought about consent. What you suggest is a really neat idea, I love that! I'm going to pass it on to him. I did try to read about the stuff he does, but it seemed a lot more mumbo jumbo-ish, like church, than the natural reflexive energy. But then again he's been taught / has studied, and I am I guess the energy version of the untrained musician who has no knowledge of proper technique or theory but still plays and sounds pretty good. I just saw him ask another guy in our meetup group of atheists etc. if he could do some remote pranic healing. Anyway, love what you said, I think it's cool.
  3. Hey all. Sorry I haven't come back on this. I see what you all are saying. I will look at the debunking article though I've read the snarky stuff from RationalWiki, I really do think the RW people do mean well and have a lot of good things to say. I guess I just stopped doing the sun gazing thing, though planting my bare feet on the earth does seem to do something for me, stand outside and do deep breathing while standing on the Earth. I appreciate the advice about meditation, and I think I've finally figured something out. I read something explaining it's not "Stop thinking", but just observe your thoughts and let them go. I meditated, or think I was meditating, standing up. And it felt like riding a boogy board on the river when we were kids. A lot of images, a lot of different things. And I hadn't smoked for awhile, so it was just me. I will agree a lot of the things on Youtube are pretty reminiscent of religion, with gurus and people selling books / telling you you have to do it their way. Lol to the conspiracy stuff, I used to think some of that stuff. In my case I had some mental issues and got on antidepressants. The conspiracy theories and the half gallon of hard liquor every six weeks just didn't seem attractive anymore. The irony is that the people in the farthest reaches of the conspiracy stuff, the ones that say everything's fake and we're all controlled, well, I was told that stuff plays into your depression if you have it. At the time I would have told you those were all my own ideas. But after being on meds for a while, those ideas just seemed not appealing anymore. Anyway hijacked my own thread, but I hear what you all are saying about the sungazing stuff. So thanks for the responses.
  4. Hey all, Someone I know who also senses energies / sends out vibes mentioned something the other day -- consent. He does stuff they call pranic healing and other things I don't know anything about, but anyway, he brought up the idea of getting informed consent before we go sending people positive vibes, or in his case he does the remote reiki and prana healings, something I don't really know too much about. But anyway, this makes sense to me; what if someone doesn't want that energy? Maybe they're a skeptic, and if they end up feeling some vibe it might freak them out. Or someone just needs to stay in a darker place for the time, so sending a ball of warmth or light, if you can see, isn't something they want? I got to thinking about it and it resonates with me. I don't like it if someone comes up to me and physically grabs me / tries to drag me across the street, as a move to "help" the blind guy, maybe I was standing there waiting for someone. Or at minimum would have appreciated being asked. So what do you all think? Do you think more attention should be paid to consent when it comes to even just sending energies? Do you guys already do this? I actually feel kinda bad now, because I've always just reflexively sent out positive energy when someone seemed like they needed it, before I even knew the words for it, or was hanging with the skeptics and trying to be one. People are in charge of their universe, I just don't think I have the right to assume what energy they would want or not want.
  5. Hey all, I recently heard of sungazing, the pineal gland, what it can do for you. Now I am personally blind from birth. No optic nerves, just eyes. So, the way I look at it, I'm the perfect one to be able to do this. They say you'll go blind from it, I'm already blind. I don't know about all the claims, probably some of them are true and some not. The guy who was giving the Youtube video lecture on it wasn't selling books, there were no ads, it was not a game to get you to buy their gear. If you can see, they say you're supposed to do it for just a few seconds at either sunrise or sunset. I can't see any light at all, so I need it to be shining heat in order for me to find it. I just tip my head up towards the warm, since I can't focus my eyes properly. anyway, I was very high when watching that video, yes, but when I came down, it still seems like a very good idea. It's free, I can't damage anything -- I'm already damaged goods according to the rational materialists -- and I can maybe benefit. They say you're supposed to stand on the Earth, though sometimes I just stand on concrete so I'm sure not to step in dogsh*t ... stand perfectly straight, take a big old hit from the atmosphere, and look up direct into the sun. I have no idea what it will do, but it's worth the trip maybe. If you do it, chime in. Or if you've heard of it. I don't know what will or won't happen. We already know the "right thinking" people will say it's either a placebo, or demons, both same coin two sides. But come back on this if you want, I'm really curious. Some of you have done this higher consciousness stuff for a very long time, and I'm just taking the first few puffs at it in the past year or so. Leo
  6. What attracts me to animism or Earth consciousness is that there still is no god in the traditional sense of what a god is. We are all just part of the whole, and Earth, which even Neal DeGras Tyson admits is egg-shaped, has given us life. He says "oblate spheroid" and then describes an egg sitting upright. I can see things a bit more clearly now because I've gotten some mental health stuff under control, I'm on antidepressants which I should have been on decades ago ... and so much is clearer. I know a lot of people in the energy community would argue with that, but it's worked wonders for me. I'm not drinking a half gal of whiskey every six weeks anymore, the constant nightmares are gone, and far worse things which got me into trouble to begin with have been alleviated. I also read the Inner Life of Trees and saw the documentary on plant consciousness. I really now do think everything has some kind of life consciousness in it. Rocks, trees, wind, animals, humans, stars, the planet, other creatures we haven't found out about yet. And what's funny to me is both the conservative Christians and the CFI people have essentially the same response to that idea. By "same song", I mean they're singing the same song but different lyrics. You know, if you've played bars as a musician, you can have two drunks singing to that cover you're doing. Each one is singing their heart out, but each is singing totally different words. But they're singing to exactly the same tune. Hell dude, I even started tuning all my music projects to 432HZ after learning about that stuff. Sounds different, sounds kind of warmer -- not just flat. I think there's something to a lot of this stuff which we didn't really get into before, that both sides are trying to keep covered up. Even the whole sonic geometry and the numbers things they've found out. I'm not down with playing to any dogma, but I'm just keeping a lookout on all this. It's very interesting, and certainly those hwho have the knee-jerk oppositional reaction to it perhaps give us more reason to look.
  7. Hey all, I't's been a minute since I've been on here. My former self was quite the hard atheist and rather confused in a lot of ways. I have to admit I'm quite animist these days. Not so much "spirits" in everything, more like everything is alive and conscious. Admittedly I was in a very bac place when I was on here before. I finally got some help that I needed, and as an aside really discovered the whole "universal consciousness" thing. Orbit -- who probably hasn't been on here in years -- referred to this quite a bit when I was on in 2014 / 2015. I admit I wasn't ready then. Whether I am ready now, who knows. I do know I've been able to reawaken the musical part of myself ... my true self, and use writing music as its own form of meditation. I think those of us coming away from a monotheistic god can pretty easily go to atheist, maybe not easy of course, but the incel god we worshipped acts like that 16-year-old boy whose girlfriend broke up with him. "If I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!" I see a lot of people, myself included, who leave the fold and then join the other fold ... to be properly atheist, and most of all, to listen to ol' Pizza-face there, and let nobody else have us. That's a metaphor which came to me when I was outside smoking a dooby, to be honest, but I do think it fits. That religion would have you be afraid, even as an atheist, to see Gaia as a goddess. All I can say to anyone looking on who is where I was, just stay curious. And you don't have to listen to that particular incel telling you if he can't have you, nobody can ... Just some rambling thoughts I guess, Leo
  8. Orbit, That was clearly brave. Thanks for sharing this. It's never easy to out with things from the childhood like this. I'm sorry, because I imagine as you wrote it you felt some of it all over again. I can appreciate your way of dealing with the faith issue: strange how we return to the very Bible the very god, that was represented by the abuser. More common than not, I think. I think it's wonderful you've found a way to express your very real human spirituality, as you call it. I don't know what I call it for me yet, though I do like Human's "spiritual humanism." You're right, lots of the 'hard' atheist types tend to be just as dogmatic as the fundamentalist Christians. There's an author, Dan Barker, who touches on this also. His background was more evangelical, but he writes about this some. Anyhow, it took guts to write this. It was very poignant. Clearly not an easy task. Leo
  9. I like what you said about having been reconverted but the time you were reconverted, you hadn't made up your mind about religion. Here's the thing, it's different now. You have a lot more resources at your disposal, and you're now convinced the Christian religion is a farce. I was there. Mid 90s, I was frustrated with how things were going, and sort of put Christianity on the shelf. Came back, really made a go of it, but things were never the same. That first time was not deconversion, however. I'm now fully convinced, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when she saw the wizard for what he wasn't. Once you've seen behind the curtain, there really isn't any going back. Christians will not understand this, and it's not your job or mine to convince them. I agree with what others have posted. And you should take care of you and yours.
  10. Just want to change my Display Name to Leo.

    1. Deidre


      I like it LEO! :-)

  11. Blau, I'm sorry for the loss you suffered with your wife, and the awful things said at her funeral. Welcome to ExC, and as Margee said, you're not alone. That's the most relieving thing to find out. Whatever your deconversion experience, it's all important. It's really sad the things people will come out with sometimes. Trying to justify the Matrix, at the expense of other people. In this case, you, and your wife's honor. I'm glad you're with someone who is more accepting of your beliefs or lack thereof, now.
  12. Neverlandrut, I am so sorry. My wife has expressed things on my deconversion that can only lead me to believe She is going through some variant of the 5 stages of grief. But, She had ministry dreams in the past, still may I don't know. Hers did not include me in ministry, only supporting, which I still would even though I don't believe, because I support Her. All I'm saying is, this is a troublesome unequally yoked situation, yes. But add to it the ministry dreams, and now She has to have Her dream of you both as a ministry couple, die. Try not to feel guilty about this. After all, it could have been that you two would have gone on to ministry together and it not worked out. The churches are full of would-be ministry people, good people, who didn't have the money or connections or other resources to get in somehow, and so their dreams have died on the vine. Not minimizing what your wife is going through, just saying, this is a dream of hers that has now died, or perhaps morphed, if she is willing to be in ministry herself and you are willing to support her efforts. I hope you can get some help from both a Christian and a secular source. I say that, because many Christian people feel that a spiritual 'authority' has credibility based on their status as a believer and as an authority figure. The trouble with a Christian source is that they'll probably want to reconvert you. We apostates are an enigma to most Christians, I believe. The secular source could at least provide the practical tools necessary to aid in communication, if that is a problem. One Christian on the Internet told me that it really helps if we use 'I' statements, meaning that we speak from ourselves instead of saying 'you' this or 'you' that, or deferring to counterapologetics, while dealing with relationship stuff. There is a lot they say about the Christian marriage, in particular Christian man who is alleged to be priest, in many churches. Even if your wife is not talking about those things, others will be talking about them to her. I am fortunate in that my own Wife does not have these superideals of a Christian man, and She is not infantilized. But many Christian women are very infantilized, and imagine that without a responsible male to take responsibility for everything, their own lives will fall apart. I don't know if it's the y chromosome, the penis, or what. I never bought that whole line even when I was a Christian. Infantilized humans tend to act like teenagers and throw fits, and claim they just can't do anything without someone else in charge. I sincerely hope your wife is not one of these, but is more egalitarian in nature. You have my utmost sympathies. Thanks to this site, you can see you're not alone in this.
  13. First of all, I admire your courage in speaking out. I'm glad there are resources for you. And thanks for educating the rest of us on that circumstance. I have never been to an Independent Baptist Church, so would not have known. Although, if Westboro is any indication, I might have guessed.
  14. very nice. Very well done! Many of us talk about the rational objections, or the moral arguments, but you hit on the heart of things. I really appreciate your posts.
  15. Welcome to Ex-C. And, as I have found out also, being an ex-Christian doesn't necessarily mean atheism, so don't allow the evangelical antitheists go to work on you either. They're just as insecure as the evangelical Christians. I myself am an atheist, but I understand not all would be. Most importantly, you have foujnd what makes the most sense to you. I don't know anything about the BahaI, except what I saw on TV from the Sandy Hook Memorial Service.
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