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    Making people comfortable. Making people uncomfortable. Politics. Growing my own tobacco.

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There's enormous freedom to be found in finally arriving at an age where nobody short of a random sadistic serial killer can hurt you. I'm there.


It doesn't mean I believe I now have the right to gratuitously say or do things which are damaging to others, but I have nothing to fear in coming to the defense of others who are damaged or in danger of being damaged. I have no fear of defending principles. Nobody's gonna fire me, destroy my reputation, toss me into the street, or tell my parents. I suppose I could still be thrown in jail, but there's a part of me that says my life won't be entirely fulfilled unless I'm put in the pokey for civil disobedience.


As a theater writer, I find myself taking chances, revealing more than seemed safe when I was new to the craft and mainly concerned about not making waves. Now it's Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead through the final years of thinking, acting, being a living human.


I send love to all the young ones here, in your struggles to grow into your authentic selves.



My October 19, 2003 anti-Testimony: http://exchristian.net/testimonies/2003/10...anti-christ.php

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