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  1. Thanks for friending me, HZ.

  2. We did talk about that, D. Keep brainstorming. Keep at it -- whatever works (even the littlest things that work).

  3. Thanks for your kind words to me and for all of your kindnesses on this board, Phanta.

  4. I'm flattered to be your friend, Mr. D.

    For always!

  5. Couldn't agree more... Jesus, Paul, and the boys being among those "Others." I hope you've read the guidelines for this forum, Plastic, since there's an undertone in your post which teases the edge of what's not permitted in "Testimonies."
  6. Ruby, the confluence of emotions you so eloquently present here reminds me of something which is related, though it isn't religious at all. Maybe outlining it here will shed a different sort of light on what you're feeling. Nineteen years ago, when my husband and I adopted a sister and brother, aged 7 and 6, from the foster system, they'd been in foster care for four years and had been in a minimum of eight placements. They'd been through terrible ordeals, but the one, main thing that haunted them and colored their perception of everything was that their birth parents had repeatedly prom
  7. Welcome to the forums, vb. Lots of members here are struggling with "unequally yoked" issues, and I'm sure you'll run into discussions on this topic. As for the sense of freedom you feel, it's a popular word folks use to describe their deconversion experience. Feeling free can garner a lot of resentment from those who've chosen bondage.
  8. This has been my experience with SSRI. Last night sitting at the computer I was getting quite chilled (we keep the house at 63), but I couldn't muster enough caring to get up and put my sweatshirt on. But without the meds I feel like the angriest beast on the planet. I've been grocery shopping after having forgotten to take my pill. When this happens, I feel like killing the little old lady taking too long to decide which can of beans is the better buy. When I'm on the med I don't care if she examines each bean in the can to be sure it's good. Ah, Chef, your brown pill, right?
  9. Welcome, Gardener, and sorry about that obnoxious post from a loving xian. I wonder if there was a trigger for the initial recurrence of that sense of doom. You say it seems to come when you're enjoying yourself. What is it about your personal joy that does this, I wonder. The xians will proclaim their joy in jesus loudly and in song... the xian doth protest too much, methinks... yet you somehow feel endangered just taking in a good moment of your own life. That's very sad. I wish I were trained in these matters, and better able to help, but I hope you'll keep investigating the spe
  10. Welcome to the forums, deb. You've certainly dealt with more than your share of vicissitudes. I hope you'll find this site an antidote to confusion. You'll surely find many here whose lives have also been deeply negatively affected by xianity and who are gaining back their authentic selves. I wish the same for you.
  11. I second Unknowing 1's advice. Do whatever you need to do to get right with your parents, since it sounds like your relationship with them can be either the bridge or the stumbling block to your personal contentment and to your scholastic future.
  12. It's a wonderful read, Crispy, and heartening that one your age could be so painstaking and self-possessed in questioning. A belated welcome to you!
  13. Vendie, I'm so glad you're getting such words of support on this thread. Reading your post, it seems to me that a big issue with you is the difference in how you and your sister are treated. Have you discussed this with your parents, and if so, how do they explain this?
  14. Piracy, I think it's evident to all who've read your posts that you're struggling to do right by others and be right with yourself against great odds. This struggle is immense, but every smallest victory you have is an affirmation of your life and of your right to claim it. Take whatever time you need, and return to us sooner or later -- whichever is best for you.
  15. I'm not saying you're wrong in your observations or conclusions, WWIT. I'm just saying that in my experience going on the offensive, one on one, hasn't produced good results. This doesn't preclude your writing letters to the editor or joining free-thinkers in online communities or elsewhere, or, in general, being an activist for rational laws, education, etc. Yes, with the delusion you describe, you well might have a lot of people helping you to intervene. In the case of intervening with a christian in a predominantly christian society, however, it's the christian who has a lot of
  16. Through many decades of being non-christian and an atheist, I've discovered that the most profound influence I have is simply being who I am. Those christians who appreciate who I am and how I live my life must deal with the cognitive dissonance of what they observe in me and what they've been told a person of my convictions must be like.
  17. As a side note, Apathy Syndrome is also associated with those taking SSRI meds. Just a reminder to those who may be concerned about a level of apathy and may have forgotten or may not know that this could be a side effect of their Prozac, et al.
  18. pitchu

    I'm So Glad

    It's good to recognize that feeling of gladness and release, colinh. May it continue and become fuller and richer.
  19. Welcome to the forums, Reason. As you check out other threads, and over time, you'll find many answers to the questions you ask, as these themes come up often. I, too, am a geezer and suffer no consequences from self-identifying as an atheist. I don't make it the first thing I say about myself to the lady bagging my groceries, but I find that most people have already come to enjoy my company by the time they learn I'm a wicked infidel. What they then do about that info is an issue for them, not me. My husband is a Jew, so we have no reason to do Christmas. Even when our kids, no
  20. Welcome to the forums, Imaginary. See, you've already got support and tons of advice here... hope you bargained for overload! Everyone here just wants to see you safe and happy and able to reach adulthood with an intact authentic mind, so take whatever advice pertains to your situation and your best interests and don't worry about the rest. We're all rooting for you.
  21. nightflight, I read the article and a lot of the comments. Seems most people think teaching the hell doctrine to children is child abuse. I think so, too. And I don't know what we as a society are supposed to do for those who carry the legacy of that abuse with them always...
  22. Welcome to the forums, 169. You have a lot of issues to deal with, don't you? Fortunately, there are a lot of people here who've also dealt or are dealing with multiple issues. I'm sure this site will help you.
  23. Sounds to me like you're simmering in a stew of many issues, noob. My recommendation, even though these things are obviously all linked together to some degree, is to separate them out from one another and figure out how to deal with each item individually. Issues: 1) Continuing to attend church. 2) Telling or not telling this or that person about your current outlook. 3) Accepting or rejecting that it's your responsibility to be in charge of your father's "salvation." 4) Dealing with Mom's manipulations. 5) Deciding what it means to be The Good Girl, then deciding whether or not th
  24. Welcome to the forums, noob, and congratulations on dropping your "filter" -- even though it can be disconcerting at first. And don't be the least concerned about being wordy. Sometimes I think we should have a "Wordier Than Thou" contest among the members here!
  25. Or... she never dreamed of a day those people might be next to her at church and she would have to face that they're perfectly acceptable as human beings enjoying enlightenment and community, just as she is. Applaud her open-mindedness but gently suggest it may have limitations which she, herself, would see as hypocritical in another person claiming to be open-minded.
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