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  1. Well damn. Guess I'm not with a real man then. Sigh. Those are so hard to find nowadays
  2. Bisexual here! Been enjoying myself since leaving religion.
  3. Since I've started listening to myself and "following my heart" I have never been happier. I am dating a wonderful man, have a good job, am thriving in life. It's so much better than life was when a christian. I will keep doing what I'm doing Thankyouverymuch.
  4. So sorry for your loss. I lost my dog a few years back and I still miss her. My dad actually had the nerve to berate his own mother for not "believing in God's promises enough and knowing she would see him again" when his brother/her son died from cancer just a few months after diagnosis. She ended up in therapy and on some medication to help her cope and he literally told her to "get over it already" I was appalled. But not surprised. That is normal fundie thinking.
  5. Not surprised at all by the responses. All christians I know are completely intolerant and the nastiest people I have met.
  6. Following because I'm now raising a child as an ex christian and I feel woefully unprepared.
  7. I deconverted. Ran a successful business- made a profit! Moved back to the city I belong in. Made some new amazing friends. Realized my worth as a human being and am working toward fixing some things that were taking that worth away.
  8. My psychiatrist (psychologist? I always get them confused.) Said he has no doubt in his mind that my strict, fundamental christian upbringing is what caused my mental illness to surface sooner then it might have otherwise. He said if my parents had chosen a different path I wouldn't have struggled so long undiagnosed because "prayer was supposed to fix me"
  9. Maybe they were homeschooled. Or thought the bible is such a reliable source citations were not needed. I guess the walls of the xian bubble can be so thick for some people that they don't comprehend that the bible is just a book. Just a book? Blasphemy!!! It's THE ONLY BOOK THAT MATTERS! Or at least that's what I was told by my fundy pastor dad growing up. Lol
  10. Are you sure you aren't my sibling? this is my family to a "T". I so understand how you feel. I recently had an acquaintance move to a new area. Prior to arriving they came to the new area several times and looked for a house to buy. they finally found one they loved and put in an offer. When their offer was accepted all her posts on fb were "praise God for finding us a house!" Yeah because your week of looking for a house, putting in the proper paperwork, and applying for the loan had NOTHING to do with it. *headdesk*
  11. Not me. I worked too hard to finally be free and be true to myself. There is no way I'm giving that up.
  12. As a nurse I have experienced a lot of death and I can say with certainty that every death I have witnessed has been peaceful,quiet, and with no mental anguish on the dying persons part. Physical anguish was present on occasion but was able to be helped with the wonderful narcotics we have nowadays. I see death as a peaceful event that is more traumatizing for the people still alive who loved the person then the person themselves.
  13. I heard this preached on often. They taught that jephthah made a vow in haste without thinking it through. He had to have known his only daughter would run out to greet him but in his excitement he just said it without thinking. They used it as a lesson to never vow something to god that you didn't mean since once you did it couldn't be taken back. Which looking back now was a horrible thing to tell people.
  14. My dad was (retired now but still fills in on occasion at his church) an IFB pastor. He's still batshit crazy about religion. It was horrible growing up with a bigoted, misogynist, racist, homophobe who skillfully managed to make people part with their hard earned money in fear of going to hell if they didnt. He also along with my mom has pretty much cut me off for living in an "unchristian" manner and them not agreeing with my life. And they have no remorse about it because they are following the bible to a "T" and feel 100% justified. It's been interesting getting out of that upbringing and becoming an ex christian.
  15. Ooh going to check it out with earth baby this week. Thanks!
  16. Let's not forget on top of that, twe must also love and choose God before our own families. Can't even count the amount of times I've heard in the sanctuary, from the pastor, that God must come first; then family second. Like uhhhh, no. My dad followed that principle so well (god first, family second) that we rarely saw him as he was busy ministering to everyone else but us as the pastor of a church because he was the god commanded leader and needed to be an example. To this day his relationship suffers with us kids because he was never there for us or anything we did. My parents still put god above their kids and then wonder why some of us (me) want nothing to do with them. Hmmm
  17. Wow, what an idiot Pastor. Personally, I don't see how any of these supposed Christians could even be so against science but when they are in need of medical attention from broken limbs, sickness, etc; a vast majority are quick to go to the hospital. Or they use the phone, computers, appliances, etc. like noooo you can be picking and choosing your science lol A TRUE Christian would be giving all his possessions away and practically living like the Amish. All these modernized Christians should be Deists; if you ask me, they technically are and are using Christianity as a veil. At least in this brand of Christianity (one that my family is still in) psychology is bad and mental illness is not real. Psychology is seen as a sinful, amoral worldview or philosophy that competes with The Truth of the Bible. Yep. Growing up I was taught (by my ifb pastor father) that mental illness was not real and that all mental illness could be "cured" by getting saved and accepting christ. All mental illness was just the demons tormenting reprobate minds who had denied god
  18. I learned that I was strong all on my own without any supernatural help. That I was kind and caring because that's who *I* was. That I wasn't a horrible person who needed saving. And that I was moral outside of a god. I also learned how judgmental I was and I've been fixing that. I have gained more compassion and more empathy for others and it's been great.
  19. I can say prior to being an ex christian I too saw god in things that were just coincidence. Now I see it for what is was and then I feel anger for believing in crap for so long.
  20. Fake or not, this is really what most would do if they were truly honest with themselves about their "faith"
  21. One I've seen a lot of recently... On a thread about halloween and churches pushing their beliefs on your kids if you take them to the trunk and treats at the churches. All the respondents were either non religious or pagan agreeing that was wrong. Then this uber - christian jumps in and says "I'm so sorry so many of you had so many problems with church, but I'm here to tell you that it's not about religion, it's about a personal relationship with christ" Yeah gotta love that line. I grew up being told we didn't have a religion we had a personal relationship and that made it the "true" way. Gag
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