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  1. Just curious. Is the Mark of the Beast supposed to come about from a man or a government--here are two scenarios: The one-world government (or the whole world comes together at least) is considered the beast and they issue out a mark that all citizens must have to buy and sell. (No single dictator or antichrist in sight) But, the citizens have to obey or worship the government. or The governments all come together under a world dictator who requires everyone to have his mark in order to buy and sell. I have always interpreted Revelation to show that the beast is a dictator who requires worship and then requires a mark to show loyalty-- like the Emperors of the olden days. Some claim that the government is the beast however. So is it a man or a government? I already know some of you will say--who cares and why are you still worrying about this. I am just curious what people were taught and what interpretation is the most likely one. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I know I write about really annoying stuff, but I sure am hoping that someone would be willing to help me out. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me that when the Jews rebuild their temple and start offering sacrifices, that god will turn back to them and usher in the end times-- this would be the end of the "times of the gentiles" and the end of the church age. I tried to look this up, as I kind of remember reading something like this on a website somewhere, but just about everything I found said that the time of the gentiles ended when the rapture occurred or when Jesus came back to fight the gentile armies and the antichrist at Armageddon--nothing specifically about Jewish sacrifices. I did even find a few sites that said that the temple could get build and that their could be years of sacrifices before the antichrist came on to the scene because the bible only talks about him "stopping" the sacrifices. That the temple doesn't necessarily tell us how close to the end we might be. They also said that these sacrifices would not be pleasing to god because it shows that the Jews don't recognize Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice. So, I was wondering-- had any of you heard this theory that god would turn back to the Jews when they resume sacrificing? Or had you heard different things? What if the Jews do build the temple and start sacrificing-- has this been done in the past? It seems that there were synagogues on the Temple Mount where Jews prayed to god-- and perhaps there may have been some sacrificing-- I would really like to know if this is the case, but haven't found much yet. Does anybody know anything about that? Please help-- I know I am annoying, but I still worry about things. I sure wish I didn't....... Kushne(Kris)
  3. Hello, In my constant attempt to debunk Christians regarding endtime prophecy, I run across new questions. Recently, I was told that the Beast is a governmental system that we will all worship, etc. But, in my reading of Revelation, it seems as if the Beast is designated as a man who will be worshipped. What is correct? I know some of you will say, who cares, or it doesn't matter because none of this is true--and I get all of that. But, I have friends and family who still bug me about all of this-- and have their opinions. I would like to have a "theological" perspective for my counter-arguments. Any good information or what your church taught when you attended on this is greatly appreciated.
  4. Two Witnesses

    Very true. Thanks for giving me some food for thought. It is much appreciated
  5. Two Witnesses

    Yeah--- that is exactly what I am working to do. I promise that I will get there.
  6. Two Witnesses

    I agree the Revelation is a crazy book-- I wish it wasn't even a part of the Bible. It has cause me so much pain and worry in my life.
  7. Two Witnesses

    I was wondering who they might have been based on the thought that Revelation likely provides a view of what occurred during Neros time, with some thinking he was the beast. If so, Enoch, Elijah and Moses failed to show during that time. So, it was someone or something (as mwc describes) else.
  8. Who are the two witnesses talked about in Revelation? Does anybody know? Did they exist in the first century-- if so, who were they?
  9. It looks like you edited your post. Thanks for at least acknowledging that my argument is decent!!! I know that Christians might try to assert that something could be a mark before there is a beast-- but nothing in the cited scripture shows this. I imagine that if my future microchip scenario ever came true, when life continues to go on-- we can then have even more arguments to debunk Revelation and that will be nice. Until then, I have to remind myself that the Bible is crap and so is Revelation.
  10. Sdelsolray-- why do you want to argue with me? What benefit does it provide to you or me? Revelation 13 begins with a beast rising from the sea-- he was given great authority from the dragon. Then he is wounded very badly yet lives-- so people begin to worship him. He talks bad about god, asserts himself as a leader and overcomes all kinds of people. Then a second beast rises up, also with great power but causes everyone to continue to worship the first beast. He even insists that an image of the first beast be created that could speak-- and insists that the people worship the image as well. And he causes or makes everyone get a mark of the first beast. Now according to christians-- the Bible is infallible. So according to the timeline from their own scripture-- the first beast is alive or around before the second beast. Then the second beast arises and causes people to get the mark. Therefore, the beast comes before the mark. Part of my fear is that Christian's try to tell me that the MOTB system is here with the microchips and that if we get one at all, we are doomed. So your question C2, plays exactly in to what they say. Are you trying to scare me? Why would you ask me something like this if you were trying to be encouraging? It seems to me that anything that happens prior to a beast appearing would have nothing to do with said beast. In Chapter 14 and later in Revelation, the mark is always tied to worship of the beast. This also seems to indicate that you would have to have a beast to worship and then want to take his mark. See the scenario that I provided earlier on for an explanation as to why this is important to me.
  11. I think we crossed posts LF. Thank you for what you said. You even validated my interpretation. I appreciate that. I know it is fear-- and I guess I am just in a bad fear cycle that started with Dr. Oz taking about implanted RFID chips. Fear rushed back. Even though I know I shouldn't be afraid, I was. And still am a bit. Even though I don't believe. Crazy I know.
  12. The whole thing is that I don't believe that Revelation will come true. I just want some tools in my toolbox to tell myself when I need them. The Beast having to come before the Mark was one of them. It helped me not fear technology. if the simplest reading of Revelation reads that, why am I wrong?
  13. And the default back to my craziness. Uggh
  14. I am. I am on a number of meds. I tried counseling but didn't really understand religious fears.