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  2. White House Press Briefings

    True. I thought Nixon had coherent and achievable foreign policy goals as well, particularly with China. Domestically, well, not so much. 45? Nothing, on either front.
  3. White House Press Briefings

    Yeah, I go back to the days of Tricky Dick too. Nixon's legacy, I think, will be a period when compared to 45's large, messy, ink blot.
  4. Is this what we're down to now? "Artist renderings" of the white house press conference? Like a criminal trial? Off camera reporter voice over: "While our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, Vanessa, the situation grew tense as the prosecutor questioned the witness with increasing animosity. The witness seemed to crumble under the weight of the intense and unrelenting onslaught of pointed and, I would add, Vanessa, relevant interrogation. Even the judge cringed, visibly, at the ferocity with which the prosecution attacked the veracity of the witness, and I saw several of the jurors shaking their heads when the witness was unable to answer the questions hurled, in any coherent or, in fact, Vanessa, remotely truthful way." Which is exactly how I view Spicer and Huckabee at press conferences. Witnesses with no answers. The press faces a conundrum here. Do they boycott the white house press briefings, as Jim Acosta has suggested? If so, what access is lost? How do you not cover the white house? Is that the end game of this administration? Frustrate them till they just...leave? Alternatively, is this perhaps a way for administration spokespersons to be able to say, "you never actually SAW me say that." The audio was doctored...sooooo, "fake news!" In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to manipulate images, video, audio recordings to appeal to any audience. Happens all the time with memes and supposed quotes. If a person is intellectually lazy, not willing to do some actual research, it's pretty predictable that they'll bite on the bait that tastes best to them. Hell, I'm guilty of that; who isn't? Confirmation bias is what most of us here practiced while in the grips of Christianity or (insert religion here). Sometimes, what we "see" and "hear" is exactly what we want to. Sorry for rambling here a bit, but here's my point. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such confusion sown, with tangible effect, as now. Who to believe? 45 has played the press like a Stradivarius in the hands of a virtuoso since his golden escalator ride. Whether it's the work of a genius or an idiot-savant is the question. As we would say where I come from, are we being played by a playa?
  5. No, Bhim, I didn't grow up in a mostly white town, have a pretty common name and came from a christian home. I did, however, serve on a submarine, the only black kid on the boat, and there were those that really had a problem with that. I should have been a steward, not a radioman. Bets were taken that I would not be able to qualify ships and earn my dolphins, which I did on my 1st patrol. I have spoken with potential employers on the phone, who were then a bit taken aback upon meeting me in person, marveling that I "didn't sound black" on the phone. So, yeah, I get it. Beneficiary of a political philosophy which favors order and discourages corruption. Corruption is expected in politics here, even praised and rewarded, a career in politics would never get off the ground without it. And that isn't hyperbole, that's a fact, and a shame. This is why I say that all old white men should be removed from office. A truly representative government is needed in these days. Teachers, fire fighters, police officers, postal employees, nurses, nurses aides, black, white, Asian, Indian, native Americans. Inclusive of all that live, work and pay taxes here. The white men that founded the U.S., I'm convinced, had no idea that their revolutionary statement that all men are created equal would eventually apply to slaves, or non-land owning white people, or women. But this is now the case, and we need to run with it and bring it to true fruition.
  6. Yet?

    Yeah, well, as my grandsons would say, I was "in a mood" last night.
  7. Yet?

    Not a gatekeeper. Just able to see insanity clearly. I wasn't aware that there are any bounds here. Narcissistic and entitled? No. Concerned, yes. The alternative would have been vastly "better." There wouldn't be an easily offended nut job in the white house. He is paranoid. Conceited. A rich little boy that has always lived in a bubble and can't fathom the word no. A guy who wakes up tweeting about how badly he is being treated, with nary a word about the 7 sailors that lost their lives aboard the USS Fitzgerald. Not even ONE WORD of condolence to their families. He has no moral compass, no compassion, no goddamed common sense, which seems to be contagious, based upon the vitriol I'm getting on here. The Mango Madman has insulted every one of our allies, praises our enemies. Come on. Really? He the world's laughingstock, and by extension, made my country the same. Back in '08, I was not going to vote for Obama. McCain was my choice, until he picked $arah Payme as his running mate. Orange Orangutan has a GOP controlled congress, and got a right leaning supreme court justice in as well, and he STILL can't do anything. When did I blame the Russians? I've said nothing about the Russians. But since you bring it up, there were those that said that Hillary was going to get us into a war with them. Now, we have Russia considering our war planes as targets, in a very real sense. Not a cold war sense. A very dangerous sense. Now, I will admit that the Dems aren't being very smart. As far as I can tell, they stand for nothing except against Trumplethinskin. That's a mistake. I also think that Hillary should sit down and shut up. As should Maxine Waters. They're both swamp creatures. There are some younger voices, Kamala Harris comes to mind, that need to step up their game. There are no 3rd party candidates with anything insightful to say, express no vision for the future. See, those that stand for nothing will fall for anything. I stand for sane governance. If you want to demonize me for that, so be it.
  8. Yet?

    Well, Gary Johnson not knowing what Aleppo is doesn't exactly instill confidence.
  9. Yet?

    Some of you all really baffle me. Most of my OP was based on things Twittler campaigned on, except the Jesus part, though he did pander to the evangelical vote. Debate is fine, but straining at gnats, when crazy is right in your face makes no sense to me. I'd LOVE a viable 3rd party candidate, but I have to live in reality, not wishing for what I'd like, but dealing with what I've got. Aside from making yourself feel better, the 3rd party vote was useless, the result being the unstable, incompetent, and downright stupid man-child, who doesn't even know current events, let alone history, is seated in the highest executive office in the country. I have no forgiveness in my heart for those that shirked their duty and their right and chose to hide their cowardice behind a thin veneer of intellectualism and faulty reasoning.
  10. Yet?

    Listen sonny. Pull your head out of your rear end. When you learn something of life, on life's on terms, come back and maybe I'll find you worthy of debate. Until then, stay in your dream world.
  11. Yet?

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! Go to school. Get an education. Grow up.
  12. Yet?

    Please, spare me the conspiracy, "we're all dupes of the same system" BS. Go back to sleep.
  13. Yet?

    Read. The. Last. Line.
  14. Yet?

    Are we great again yet? Do we have amazing health care yet? Is ISIS dead yet? Do we have a wall yet? Are brown people banned yet? Do black people no longer have anything to lose yet? Are we tired of winning, heads spinning yet? How's that transparency thing working for you? The swamp, is it drained yet? Are you 3rd party protest voters happy now? Those that chose not to vote, smugly vindicated now? Those waiting for Jesus to come back, tired of waiting yet? Coal miners, back to work yet? Wake up folks. None of the above is going to happen with the Orange Crush in the Oval Office. And the Jesus thing isn't going to happen no matter who is in office. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.