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  1. Karen, I listen to you and Bonnie "religiously." You two tackle some difficult subjects, and your approach is very palatable. That person, entrusted with power, is plain and simple sick. I understand he's lost his livelihood, but now he harbors deep resentment, and will bear watching. Ain't no terrorist like a homegrown terrorist.
  2. I’m a recovering addict. When I attend 12 step meetings, I become frustrated with the ease with which god gets thrown around. Of course, they’ll tell you that it’s “not a religious program, it’s a spiritual program.” Which is plainly fiction, because god is capitalized, as is him, because everyone knows that god is male. When I disclose my atheism, I get several reactions. Some will try really hard to change my mind. Some will look at me with pity, and some will become downright hostile. Some will have the “live and let live” type of attitude, and those are the folks I chose to fellowship with. I live for the day when religion isn’t so ubiquitous, but I’m sure I’ll never see that day. Still, I will not be afraid of letting my thoughts known.
  3. I just ask 'em if they believe in Zeus, and if not, why not.
  4. We can only judge our actions by the impact they have on ourselves and others. That’s all we have.
  5. Thanks all for the explanations. The steam analogy makes sense, I guess. . Space is weird. We exist in a universe that appears clam from our viewpoint, but really is extremely violent. Blows my mind.
  6. Here’s something that confuses me. I’ve watched some videos and read some articles that state that the Andromeda galaxy is rushing towards our galaxy. How is this possible if the universe is expanding?
  7. This is perhaps the most disturbing video I've ever seen. Human beings, reduced to cattle, by one of their own.
  8. There’s no difference between a church and a denomination, because all denominations have churches, each with either glaring or subtle differences, and each declaring that theirs are THE ONE. If there were a clear, indisputable path to salvation, seems to me that the deity could have, and would have made it clear to everyone in exactly the same way. Any cursory examination of religious beliefs worldwide will show that this is plainly not true. You IH, seem to be convinced that it’s your way or the highway. Amen. So be it. What I object to is you making obviously false and ill thought out assertions, using excerpts from a book that most of us were brought up to believe as true beyond question, to deliberately confound critical thought of those, on this forum, who are sincerely seeking their own answers. Muddying the waters, as it were. So here’s my challenge to you IH. Read the books that were arbitrarily excluded from what we know as the Bible: https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Other_Bible.html?id=J9aKaGTOQDAC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button You said in another post that reading was important. So...read. And please, please, for once be intellectually honest, because, from what I’ve seen, you sloppily assert that which is demonstrably unprovable using only things which you have heard, or have been taught, all the while claiming that you have studied extensively, while it’s fairly obvious to me, at least, that you have most definitely not done. Read, man. Read.
  9. I’m quite convinced of a couple of things. 1) That the nature of humans has always been as it is now, and 2) that the reason it all seems worse now is that we have instant communication. Something horrible happens and we get the “breaking story” alert on our mobile devices. The media is relentless and can be exhausting. While it is important to stay informed, becoming obsessed is dangerous. This was a lesson I learned while serving on a nuclear submarine which carried 16 ICBMs, each with up to 5 nuclear, independently targeted warheads. Sure, we knew our boat alone (there we 41 of them at the time), should we receive an authenticated order to launch, could have destroyed the world. But we couldn’t spend every second worrying about that, lest we become paralyzed and unable to function at all. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. These days, as in all times and conditions, it’s a very real possibility that they could be our last. May I also suggest that you read this post about the person we knew as BAA, which is a wonderful, beautiful vision of our collective destiny. It’s pinned at the top in The Lions Den, but I’ll quote in its entirety here: ”Dear friends, Thank you for coming together today to celebrate my life and to remember me. As my friends and loved ones, you’ll have known that the stars, the planets and astronomy were a lifelong passion of mine. I deeply appreciated and loved our fascinating and wonderful universe. As my parting gift to you all, I’d like to share a thought about the cosmos. I find this thought to be exquisitely beautiful and I hope you will too. This thought doesn’t concern my consciousness. That brief spark of self-awareness has gone out, never to return. Instead, this thought concerns the ultimate fate of my body. Or more specifically, the atoms that my body is composed of. In this universe all patterns of matter and energy must change over time and my pattern is no different, no exception to that rule. But the changes my unliving body will undergo and the new patterns it may be recycled into are a source of wonder and fascination to me. My atoms will go into the soil of this land. But even when the human race is long dead or departed from this planet, the story will not be over. In the far distant future our Sun will grow and change into a red giant star. Most likely, the Earth will be swallowed up in the Sun’s bloated, outer atmosphere, dissolving and vaporizing in the heat. The atoms that made up my body will become part of this boiling, superheated mix of gases. In a kind of last gasp, the Sun will shed its atmosphere, leaving behind just it’s tiny, blazingly hot core - changing from a red giant into a white dwarf star. It’s possible that my atoms will be absorbed into the Sun and remain there. But if that doesn’t happen, then they will be blown off into interstellar space, along with the rest of the Sun’s gaseous atmosphere. These gases will drift for billions of years through the Milky Way galaxy until they gather into new clouds of star-forming material. Just as our Sun is a second or third generation star, formed from one of these clouds long ago, so new generations of stars will be formed from our dying Sun’s expelled gases. Just as the Earth formed in orbit around the Sun, so new planets will form around these new suns and my atoms may well be incorporated into these new worlds. If the conditions are right, life may arise there and perhaps evolve to become self-aware, just as it did here. I consider this an amazing and exhilarating thought. That the materials of my body have the long-term potential to become part of a new pattern of life and consciousness. So, I do not fear my death in any way. Instead, I welcome it and accept it as part of the natural order of things. Therefore, please do not weep for me. I no longer exist. If you do cry, I hope it’s because you miss me. J.R.R. Tolkien described this sadness of loss and parting very well at the end of his Lord of the Rings trilogy. The hobbits Pippin, Merry and Sam wept because their good friend and companion Gandalf was leaving them forever. However, their tears were not for him, but for themselves. They cried tears of loss because they were losing him, not because he was lost. Here are his last words to them. “Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.” And now my friends, my last word to you is a fond… farewell.”
  10. Bedouin


    Ah man. A huge loss for this forum. I loved his ability to make his argument with amazing clarity. He will be missed, but he left us all much to ponder.
  11. You can't use logic and reason with anyone that clings to religion. Not possible at all. Don't argue. Don't try to persuade. All you can do is live, and love, by your own principles.
  12. No, Bhim, I didn't grow up in a mostly white town, have a pretty common name and came from a christian home. I did, however, serve on a submarine, the only black kid on the boat, and there were those that really had a problem with that. I should have been a steward, not a radioman. Bets were taken that I would not be able to qualify ships and earn my dolphins, which I did on my 1st patrol. I have spoken with potential employers on the phone, who were then a bit taken aback upon meeting me in person, marveling that I "didn't sound black" on the phone. So, yeah, I get it. Beneficiary of a political philosophy which favors order and discourages corruption. Ummmm.....no. Corruption is expected in politics here, even praised and rewarded, a career in politics would never get off the ground without it. And that isn't hyperbole, that's a fact, and a shame. This is why I say that all old white men should be removed from office. A truly representative government is needed in these days. Teachers, fire fighters, police officers, postal employees, nurses, nurses aides, black, white, Asian, Indian, native Americans. Inclusive of all that live, work and pay taxes here. The white men that founded the U.S., I'm convinced, had no idea that their revolutionary statement that all men are created equal would eventually apply to slaves, or non-land owning white people, or women. But this is now the case, and we need to run with it and bring it to true fruition.
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