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  1. Soooo, basically, you’ve posted hundreds of words just to ultimately say that you can’t support the veracity of any of the thoughts or ideas you posted? What a Colossal Waste of Your Time! Enjoy the only life we know man. I know I am. Today is Fathers Day and it’s grill time baby!
  2. The key here is whoever believes. When it doesn’t work out, the fallback is well, you didn’t believe enough so there’s something wrong with the believer.
  3. Karen, I listen to you and Bonnie "religiously." You two tackle some difficult subjects, and your approach is very palatable. That person, entrusted with power, is plain and simple sick. I understand he's lost his livelihood, but now he harbors deep resentment, and will bear watching. Ain't no terrorist like a homegrown terrorist.
  4. I’m a recovering addict. When I attend 12 step meetings, I become frustrated with the ease with which god gets thrown around. Of course, they’ll tell you that it’s “not a religious program, it’s a spiritual program.” Which is plainly fiction, because god is capitalized, as is him, because everyone knows that god is male. When I disclose my atheism, I get several reactions. Some will try really hard to change my mind. Some will look at me with pity, and some will become downright hostile. Some will have the “live and let live” type of attitude, and those are the folks I chose to fellowship with. I live for the day when religion isn’t so ubiquitous, but I’m sure I’ll never see that day. Still, I will not be afraid of letting my thoughts known.
  5. I just ask 'em if they believe in Zeus, and if not, why not.
  6. We can only judge our actions by the impact they have on ourselves and others. That’s all we have.
  7. Thanks all for the explanations. The steam analogy makes sense, I guess. . Space is weird. We exist in a universe that appears clam from our viewpoint, but really is extremely violent. Blows my mind.
  8. Here’s something that confuses me. I’ve watched some videos and read some articles that state that the Andromeda galaxy is rushing towards our galaxy. How is this possible if the universe is expanding?
  9. Oh, so now you have chosen to fall back on ad homs? Really sir? Let me refresh this topic. I said that I’m against people being unjustly accused of criminal sexual behavior with no supporting evidence. That is my argument.
  10. Wow. That is a well thought out, downright erudite, reasoned and logical response. And, I’m duly impressed.
  11. Poor baby. Nobody understands you. Awww....
  12. In other words, you have no argument, and are retreating into the fallback of ... I’m taking my ball and going home. Poor thing you. Come back when you’ve grown up.
  13. My friend, you are floundering, scratching, clawing for relevance. If you’re unable to make and sustain an argument, or debate, with your own thoughts and words, then perhaps you need to fall back and regroup until you’re able to do so.
  14. What, exactly, is circumstantial about the above photo? Which was taken by law enforcement as EVIDENCE. Now, my whole point in starting this thread was to question the legality of a mere accusation, resulting in a dismissal of employment, absent evidence. Let me repeat that, (in caps no less), ABSENT EVIDENCE. Obviously, in this case, ample evidence exists. Maybe, just maybe THWM, you should go back and read through this entire thread, instead of “flying blind,” and offering legal advice that is totally irrelevant to the subject at hand. C’mon man.
  15. A tweet from DJT. Can you say irony?
  16. Dude, I’m not the person accused of a crime. I asked for feedback in a case that only concerns me as far as this man is a friend of mine. I don’t need good luck. We make our own luck, so we have common ground there.
  17. Still...the adjudication in this case is irrelevant to the topic at hand. That being accusations of sexual molestation, a crime which, unless I’m very, very wrong, would never be submitted to an administrative court, overseen by an ALJ. I’ve had to fight my entire life. In no way am I a defeatist. However, the flip side of that is, if I’m guilty of something, I will admit my guilt, and take whatever reasonable punishment may come with that. I hold all others to my standards, especially the people that hold political, judicial, or law enforcement power. No one is above the law.
  18. This was a ruling in a Security and Exchange Commission hearing/case. Not a traffic ticket.
  19. Unless you have no money. Because in that case, usually, a plea deal is made, which essentially keeps you locked up. If one pleads out to felony, then one can’t work, find housing, or vote.
  20. Also, your argument is anecdotal. I don’t accept that as proof of Christianity, or any other religious belief, and I don’t accept an anecdotal argument as proof of anything else.
  21. Which DJT has done, and lost, because he couldn’t keep his story straight. Thus, settlement,
  22. A traffic ticket and serial sexual abuse are two entirely different things. As is serial theft.
  23. That is mostly myth. When arrested, and arraigned, the judge may release one on their own recognizance, depending on the severity of the alleged crime, the background of the alleged perpetrator, and other considerations. Should the alleged crime be of a serious nature, and the accused be considered a threat to him/herself or the community, one will be remanded. If one can’t afford bail, one gets jailed until trial, which can be months and even years, because, obviously, if one can’t afford bail, one can’t afford a lawyer. And most Public Defenders are eating Ramen noodles. Regardless of that, however, this applies only to a court of law, where the proof of guilt rests upon the prosecution. But, if one has lots of money, one can settle before trial, and have that settlement be sealed, neither party being free to speak of the terms. This is what DJT has done, literally THOUSANDS of times. To me, settling is the same as accepting a pardon. Tantamount to admitting guilt.
  24. Who else, recently, has been able to settle cases with money? Weinstien? Cosby? Stacey? Russell Simmons? Allegations brought all of them down. The difference? DJT is in the white house BECAUSE some white folks decided that this was better than the Kenyan Muslim or his alleged hand maiden HRC, ignoring the fact that they were bitter rivals in 2008. At lease BHO had the grace and acumen to see her worth on the world stage. C'mon man. He's not innocent. I don't know when you first heard of him...but I've known him all my life. Not as in, yeah, I hung out with him. Even if I could have, I would not have. But, I'm a New Yorker, and have watched him and his antics for the past 40 years or so. I know him to be a racist, horses ass. An oafish skirt chaser. Many, many failed ventures. Look up the New Jersey Generals. He's a fake and a fraud. Always has been, always will be. To put a fine point on it...HRC has been investigated for DECADES. She's never been convicted of any crime. So, by your standard why not give her a pass as well? As far as I know, she hasn't agreed to settlements to close a case and make it go away. DJT? Hundreds. Many of them involving NDA's. He's a danger to MY country. If I, personally, could end his life? I would. Maybe I should have done it years ago. But, alas, I never thought this idiot would ever attain to the highest executive office in the land. But, here we are. And it's because a lot of white folks were really, deeply and sorely offended that a man who didn't look like any previous president, and with a totally foreign name, who's mom was a white lady that (gasp), laid with a black man, and had a baby fathered by a nigra (double gasp). OMG!!! Was elected, TWICE! DJT understands anger. Knows how to tap into it. If he has any brilliance, that's it. Why he's angry? I don't know. He has been the benefactor of white, rich privilege all his life.
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