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  1. Born and raised Catholic, and when I lost Jesus, wow. No religious person can understand how it feels to give it up after years and years, and feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders. Nobody watching you 24/7, nobody going to send you to hell even though you're basically a good person. Let other people believe what they will, it does not affect you and therefore does not sap out your energy worrying about it. You have nothing to prove. Live life normally and be a good person, without being beaten over the head with threats. It's a beautiful thing. How did I lose Jesus? Well, I went out into the real world and opened my own eyes eventually. I came to realize that if God is indeed in control of everything, then he is certainly not worshiping. Fearing, maybe, but not worshiping as if you love him. At all times think of everything you say or do, because God is watching. Guard your thoughts (which you can't, of course, at all times) because God is watching, and will punish you for thoughts which come naturally even if they are just passing. I mean, if God was a human being, would you even like him? He is only worshiped by people who are afraid of making him feel he isn't loved! What a terrible way to live which I know all to well! I tell you in all honesty the good things I do for others now are done out of a pure desire to do good, and a logical compulsion to help humanity, and not for my own future reward, or out of fear of punishment. And the good things I do today are more meaningful than the good things I did as a Christian. I know of few Christians who will do anything that they can't brag about in church, and even exaggerate what they did, only to further their own glory. It's one of many thing that attracts people to Christianity, and makes it so addictive: to feel special, to feel superior, to feel like the creator of all worlds has a special eye set right on you (even though he would send you to hell in a heartbeat). I'm sure this is the same for people of other religious faiths as well, in whatever form. Atheism: don't knock it 'till you've tried it. It's the easiest way to lose weight.
  2. Funny your story made me think of a picture I drew as a young child that really upset my parents. My cousin had died, and they told me that the angels had come and taken him to heaven. So I took up my little crayon and drew a picture of the angels killing him and taking him to heaven. Now I can see why a picture like that would upset a mother or father. But why should it be surprising when you taught them the story of angels killing all the first born on Passover, of all the male babies being killed when Jesus was born (which gave me nightmares) and though God knew about it he didn't help them, when God commanded a man to kill his own son...that's just off the top of my head. It truly is nuts some of the things they want children to believe about God and yet at the same time not be scared shitless. Compassion isn't something you get through prayers or wishes. You either have it or you don't. If anything, religions like Christianity make it almost impossible to be truly compassionate. Because you get punished if you feel it for the wrong people.
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