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  1. The father-in-law was a 6000 year old earth believer, petrified wood is at least 230 million years old, making his claim of 4,000 years off by a factor of 57,000.
  2. I was at my 'super thumper' pentecostal father-in-law's house a few weeks ago and he showed me a petrified log that he bought at a yard sale. Of course I had to pleasure myself by asking how old he thought it was and I was obviously rewarded by his reply; "it is really, really old, probably three or four thousand years old".
  3. I worked in a manufacturing plant for several years and was an expert in looking busy while doing nothing. I was salaried and made exactly the same if I accomplished a lot or did nothing. I knew if I worked hard I may or may not eventually be promoted, so I figured it was not worth it to bust my butt until retirement just to make some nameless, faceless higher up that doesn't even know me a few more bucks. I left the plant and went into business for myself and soon realized you got paid ONLY for what you actually accomplished and looking like you were working was futile. It was exactly what I needed and I did very well on my own. I'm sure there are many more like myself that just don't fit into a large factory where they are just a tiny, almost insignificant part of the whole picture.
  4. When I watch Trump actually gaining in the polls, I feel a surreal feeling that something horrible is slowly happening right before our eyes. I watch a lot of WW11 docs. on the history channel and after watching Hitler's rise to power I can't help but feel a bit of deja vu when watching the so-called republican debates. Hopefully there will be enough sane people to over ride the lunacy, but one still has to worry. I can't help but wonder what Howard Dean must feel like now, after he simply made a sound an octave too high and instantly plummeted in the polls, then to watch Trump do basically ANYTHING and continue to rise.
  5. If you don't have time to watch several minutes of these vids, go to part five and watch the last thirty seconds, it is classically great!
  6. Well I just watched all five parts of this series and when I said I watched two of them and wondered what more could be said, I was wrong, it does keep getting better! This guy is genuinely pissed!
  7. Check this guy out for blunt! I have watched pt #1 and #2 and still have three to go and wonder what more could possibly be said. (colorful language!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvCnJGvgwzc
  8. Does anyone here have an in with a caricature artist? I can't find a humorous old simple drawing that was in a newspaper editorial several years back. It went like this; the picture showed a forest of trees and the caption read, 'relax, your militia (Michigan?) is watching over you' and protruding from behind every tree was an oversize belly on one side of the tree and an oversize ass on the other. It was great!
  9. I wasn't able to find the comment between a believer and an atheist to paste it but it went like this; believer; go back to your bible, Dawson's law of evolution. (Dawkins? Darwin?) atheist; I wouldn't have thought it was possible to cram so much ignorance into just four words.
  10. I was driving a small car just minutes after dark in hilly farm country at about 65 mph when I crested a hill to see a large herd of cows crossing the road. There were at least three cows deep in the crossing herd. I didn't have time to stop and there were no openings to drive through. It was hopeless to avoid them so I closed my eyes and put my head down and braced for the inevitable collision. After three or four seconds I slowly looked up to see open road with the herd in my rearview mirror. The scenario I saw just before putting my head down was totally impossible to have driven through. To this day I still wonder what actually transpired that night.
  11. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Dusty Smith's videos, but this one is a classic. Rough language!
  12. I had a best friend from around 14 years old that had a great unique out going personality and thought deeply about everything, at 23 he got himself 'saved' and it has been downhill ever since. He is shallow and boring with just the usual generic points ever talked about. If I start to tell him about anything of depth, he always tells me that he thought I was going to say (enter statement from a ten year old child here). It really is sad that these people throw away their real lives for this delusional crap.
  13. Good post, my feelings exactly. I have a little game I play to myself at religious funerals, as I listen to the feel good spiel, I try to count the times that I either think 'oh, puuulease' or 'yeah right'.
  14. Go to youtube and do a search for 'atheist experience' with Matt Dilahunty and watch the brief (under 12 minutes) videos where Matt talks to mostly believer callers. There are hundreds of them and I've never seen Matt, the host, in a tight spot yet with his common sense approach and he takes on ANY caller.
  15. The more I think about someone saying they will pray for you the clearer I see what is really going on, the person somehow feels that they are better buddies with the most powerful being in the universe than you are. It's like saying 'I'll put a word in to the boss for you' because we are on a first name basis. Bull crap!
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