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  1. RW that was a lot of cool advice I never given thought about!
  2. Full payment upfront if you are to paint directly on the vehicle. Charge enough money that they will not complain about the job (remember: those who pay the least complain the most). And I agree with everything older said. I have a friend who is an artist and every time I ask him to do something for me, I have to force money into his hands because he doesn't feel right charging friends for work. He always gets the shaft from others because of this.
  3. They wanted it for free because I went to school with one of their employees. One thing I have learned in freelancing on the side, if your friends don't pay you for your services, you think that your enemies will?
  4. You are sooooo right! And because everybody and their neighbor kid and their nephew and their secretary have Photoshop and such on their computers, they think it's just an easy thing and should be cheap. Or it's my talent and it's easy for me, so I should just whip it up for next to nothing. Well, there's a little more to it than that, and I'm not going to mess around with those people. I know one freelancer who makes clients sign a contract saying that for a logo design, she will give them 3-5 really good options, and if they choose one of them with no changes, it's $400. The moment they
  5. Wow, that's awesome! You can't make this stuff up, or can you?
  6. Never had that problem. I would have responded, "At least I'm not (insert ethnic slur)!" Not that I am a racist, but something inappropriate like that.
  7. Just charge enough money that they will go elsewhere. I see that most people don't understand why some of the graphic design work costs so much money. They are mostly cheap people and they also tend to complain a lot. I do some web design / Internet work on the side and see this often. The guy that pays the least will also be the one who complains the most. So charge enough that they don't want your business.
  8. About the AD part, when I mentioned that I prefer BCE/CE, the poster blew up on me saying how anti-Christian it was. He then mention something to the effect of renaming french fries to freedom fries and then qutoing some song about killing workers but the work goes on. I don't get it but that's what he told me. If Rick Warren really said that, then he's a huge idiot. Even most Christians know that January 1, 1 AD has nothing to do with the alleged resurrection of Jesus. It's supposed to approximate his birth, but even Christian "scholars" acknowledge that his birth would not have been e
  9. How can rainbows be gay when they were made by God? It was his promise to Noah!!! So God made homosexuals, of whom he hates? Did Noah turn gay???
  10. "Fact: your birthday is dated by day, month, and year in relation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ." -Rick Warren Mind: blown.
  11. I ran into a local sports commentator at my grocery once. I just said, "Hi" as I passed him and he stopped me and went on about sports non-stop. I was almost offended that he did that. I can't just say Hi to someone without them acknowledging their status? He was then surrounded by a bunch of old folks wanting to chat sports with him. I just laughed and kept walking. I could tell he was irritated and wanted to get his shopping done, but I think deep down inside, he likes the attention.
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