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    I will not say no to almost any food (except lasagna and ham). I will open my lips wide open for any culinary delight. I worship food, I can touch it, see it, taste it, smell it, and sometimes hear it. That is why I believe in food, not any supreme mythical being.

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  1. Why does my dog fart after a shit instead of before? And why are they so loud?

    1. rjn


      My dog only farts quietly and sneakily, then looks all innocent about it. "What, me? No, I have no clue why it smells like dead horse in here".

    2. OsborndaleIvanhoe


      Haha dog farts are great. My other dog scares the hell out of herself every time she does one. :)

  2. I'd agree that nursing/medical field is a better option. I would suggest that you head over to allnurses.com. It's a nurses message board that will give you some great perspective on the realities of nursing (i.e. typical big wig expectations, typical patient staff ratios, what to expect in nursing school, etc). You are still young and it's hard to pick your life from a book and say "hey that's what I want to do forever!!!". But you could also go get your CNA (it's required here before admission to the nursing program) and then get your hands dirty seeing everything up close and personal as t
  3. A dead person cannot and does not make pretty sunrises just for you or your family!!! THEY ARE FUCKING DEAD! The sunrises were always there, and said dead person isn't "trying" to make a pretty sunrise happen as a snowstorm moves out of here. Grrrr That's all this one woman is posting every fucking day on FB.

    1. mymistake


      So sorry. Humans are not very good at handling death.

    2. OsborndaleIvanhoe


      Mymistake, yeah I know. I handle it like shit. And I get that this person is grieving. On another note, I know a woman whose son died a few years ago (5 years old, surgical complications...) She will miss him and ask for signs and says that the treadmill will be turned on with no one else in the house. Now that is a bit more personal and symbolic than the sun rising every morning. :)

    3. Deidre


      rum will help this lol

  4. Ok this quoting issue seems to be Internet Explorer related, sorry folks! Well said Human!
  5. EDITED: Ok wtf I'm trying to quote Human and it won't let me...
  6. Then, IMHO, the name of this site shouldn't be ex-Christian. The site name should reference atheism or ex-religion. Because when I come here, somewhere I have seen "Ex-Christians Unite!" or something to that effect (don't ask me where because it's too early here for that but I know I didn't pull it out of my ass lol). As a visitor to this site, that is the purpose. If it's to challenge those with unfounded beliefs, then the site should state that upfront (religious challenging and debate). The words "Ex-Christians unite" to me means that anyone who has left Christianity is welcome and we will
  7. Florduh - I think the general consensus is that it's not Christians who are getting slammed, it's those who aren't atheist. It's people who aren't Christian but who also aren't expecting to convert others to their beliefs. IMO, we should leave people alone and learn about their beliefs and ONLY if they start trying to obviously convert (discussing beliefs alone isn't converting) then challenge them. Not everyone is comfortable with debate, I know I'm not and technically I could probably hold my own if I gave it a shot. I know I didn't come here to be debated, but for people who won't attack me
  8. I have seen this happen on here as well Sweetcheeks. I fully agree with you that there needs to be respect for ALL variations of beliefs, even if you (the collective you of those on this site) don't agree with said beliefs. If we sit there and persecute others and ridicule them for what they believe than how are we any better or different than the fundamentalist Christians we bitch about persecuting us for our non-belief/Christianity? Well stated sweet.
  9. Filling out a job application...nothing could be more boring.
  10. and more baby giggles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HttF5HVYtlQ
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