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    30 years old. Someone who tries to find the facts, not truths. Spent 24 years in the chains of religion, am now in the process of healing from those years. Martial artist, philosopher, comedian, and part time shoulder to cry on.

    I am a twitch streamer. If you enjoy video games, consider stopping by sometime:

    Reminding myself everyday that my life is much better without religion in it.

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  1. Exciting stuff on the way for me. I received my affiliation on Twitch, got my first subscriber, and am doing mt first giveaway to followers on Saturday. 


    Next up for it: A charity stream to help a friend's daughter battle against cancer. All of this, plus a new mindset to set my path forward. 


    I feel great ya'll. 

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    2. knightcore


      Nice nice!!!!! Congrats!

    3. Travi


      And of course, as soon as I posted this - my steaming capabilities took a hit. My upload speed went into the tank, and I was unable to stream at all this weekend. Tech is coming out Monday to look at it, but it is extremely weird as to why I am having issues all of a sudden.

      My streaming days may be over soon if this cannot be resolved. My ISP is being a complete asshole. 

    4. crazyguy123


      Hopefully this problem can be fixed. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.