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    family, photography, reading, video games, camping, movies
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    Simple things in life make me happy, and I generally choose solitary activities. Most of my friends are christians, as I (and my family) have only just recently escaped the clutches of christianity. At this point, we have no one to talk to who would even remotely understand.

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  1. the very worst people I have personally known have been the 'deeply or moderately religious'. evil, cruel, just awful. I would like to see a world without it.
  2. I find eveything you share about your dad to be absolutely horrifying, since I knew him and remember very well his reputation at church. He faked us out too. He's just another in the long list of people we knew there who were 'kind, gentle, people of god' at church, but monsters 'in real life'. I look forward to the day of your moving out (we'll come help, by the way), when you can get away from him forever.
  3. Interesting, the part about people's evil behavior caught my eye because of folks from our old church. I think some people are simply evil because they like it. It gives them the high they're looking for. I don't doubt there are some who do wrong things because they truly have a lack of understanding, but the ones I had experience with were just plain evil for the love of being evil.
  4. holy shit words fail. had no idea. this makes me so sad and angry. I want to scream. and do bodily harm to those needing it
  5. So very glad you're here, Mr. Zombie Penguin <3
  6. so sorry for the loss of your pets. it's always so hard to lose them
  7. I hope you find a nice group of local folks
  8. I don't know what to say but I want you to know I'm thinking of you and hoping you'll get the help you need for the pain to stop
  9. I don't know anyone here very well yet, but every time I see one of your posts, I take note. I enjoy your writing immensely
  10. "Bringing them to reason" - the one true correct way to think. :-) Or should someone be allowed to think however they want? Make sure they know you are available for private talk in case they have a crisis in faith, or doubts. Other than that, if it aint broke I wouldn't fix it. No need to feel guilty for not controlling the way your friends think. Guilt is one of the pillars of Christianity, not ex-Christianity. Reject that guilt. Let them be happy in their own way. Hopefully they allow you to be happy in your non-belief. yup ^ They know you're not a believer, so if they want to ask you questions, they will. reject the guilt that might be my next tattoo.
  11. What is it that makes you feel guilty for not saying more?
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