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  1. offtheromanroad

    Given your options

    Hi William, Welcome. What leads you to the assumption rejecting god is my only option? Best OTRR
  2. offtheromanroad

    Mistakes you made thinking it was “non-Christian”

    This sounds very sad and painful, mich. Does writing help you to process things?
  3. offtheromanroad


    Thanks for your reply. Happy to hear that things seem okay right now. But please watch out for yourself. Do I understand correctly that he also deconverted?
  4. Hi there, again, I just listened to episode one. Great stuff. Humor is such a good form of therapy, thanks for making me laugh! My favorite bits and pieces so far: the sex booth, of course, and "No hand clapping in my church!" I also totally relate to missing community. That's a biggie. But I guess it's also part of breaking free. Ironically, I also miss singing, although I don't miss those porn-like, ever repetitive worshit songs (see other thread) and the social control coming with church. Keep it up, Karen! OTRR
  5. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    Too tired to be bored.
  6. And the seas will roar! 👿
  7. Welcome, Karen! I love podcasts and will give yours a try. You made me laugh (old favorites). You'll be able to quote after a certain number of posts. OTRR
  8. offtheromanroad

    Have at it, Y'all...

    Braise Jeeeeebus!
  9. A few thoughts/questions, Axelle... you don't have to answer them in case I'm taking it too far. 1. Would moving back in with them be a temporary or a permanent thing? Would it mean you'd move away later or not at all? 2. How far is abroad? Any chance of going "home" once a month for a (possibly long) weekend to help out and be with your mom (and/or somehow help out with finances)? 3. What's your SO's take on the matter? And your brothers'? Would they be allies or are they hardcore believers? To be honest, I would abso-f******-lutely not have my SO move in with me AND my parents at the same time if I were you. Dealing with a) moving back in with the fam while b) a family member possibly needs intense care while c) getting used to living with the SO and d) possibly having to find a secret spot for all things physical and, last but not least, e) possibly having to protect the SO from being converted would just be too much for me. And it might be too much for you, too. Maybe try to look at the whole thing separately for a minute: -- Is there a way to reconcile moving away AND the fact that you want to help/be with your mom? -- Telling your parents that your beliefs have changed and that you don't believe in virginity-'til-rapture is not per se linked to the whole situation, although it seems like. Why not tell them about the BF in a totally separate conversation first and see how they react? What I'm trying to say is I wouldn't "mix" topics at first. Telling them you possibily want to move away and/or discussing whether you'll move back in with them can wait a little bit. One thing at a time. This way, you could see how they react to your new beliefs and then decide how you want to proceed. Sorry, this is long... OTRR
  10. offtheromanroad

    Have at it, Y'all...

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. [...]” WTF?
  11. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    And how bored are you on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being an exciting event of your choice and 10 being a two hour long Easter service with the sermon being about Jesus' family tree?
  12. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    Done eating. Just had another coffee.
  13. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    I think this thread gets to exciting. Let's be boring again. Am eating a tangerine.
  14. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    I'd opt for double citizenship in if I was him -- Dutch-Canadian!
  15. offtheromanroad

    Netflix: Babylon Berlin

    Hi there, Fuego, Glad you liked it. Haven't watche it yet, as I liked the books so much. Planning to read the next one which just came out, I think. What was unrealistic in your opinion? Btw, is there a lot of Berlin footage? Happy New Year! OTRR