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    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    Dear all, I just realized my ExC posts are found when searching for my username on Google. Is there any way to prevent this? I can't find anything in the Account Settings. Have a great day, OTRR
  2. Hm, maybe next time, try exchanging those Communion Hosts with Happiness Cookies.
  3. offtheromanroad

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    Thank you to all of you. I'll just try not to worry too much.
  4. offtheromanroad

    Broken by God

    Spot on. It is wrong and it is damaging. I tend to think more and more that Christianity of the Fundy or Fundy-like kind is a danger to mental health and well-being.
  5. offtheromanroad

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    Let me guess...and just because you could, it wasn't a Bible verse? 😄
  6. offtheromanroad

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

  7. Latest news… sexual abuse of nuns. I guess this is also "not specific to the church", but "happening in society as a whole"?! Sidenote: I'll also never understand why the Catholic Church has its own judiciary. By the way -- are there any former Catholics on ExC?
  8. offtheromanroad

    My Last Beating

    Well I guess you'd hope they'd only speak in tongues to you when it comes to Je-sus so you wouldn't understand what they are saying... 😉 On a more serious note: It must be so difficult to communicate with them, ignoring or dealing with all the Bible/"spiritual" talk they throw your way.
  9. offtheromanroad

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    Hello dave, Thank you! Am I guessing correctly that this is only possible for personal blog posts, but not for forum posts? OTRR
  10. offtheromanroad

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    If you think sleeping in on Sundays is so much better than sleeping through yet another sermon, YOU MIGHT BE....
  11. offtheromanroad

    My Last Beating

    Thanks for answering. Seems like you are thriving and working on things that have remained difficult, which is a great approach. If I may ask, what branch of the "fold" do your parents adhere to?
  12. offtheromanroad

    My Last Beating

    This! This makes me so happy -- for you, and for any girl or woman who'll read this and need to hear this to be able to make it out of their very own versions of male dominated cults. We can all do this. We're not less, we're not to be dominated by anyone, and above all, there' s absolutely no need to "submit"! Thank you so much for telling part of your story, mrspearl. Also, your writing is beautiful and powerful. How did your journey out continue? How did you rebuild your life? I have a friend who got a divorce and left the church, too, and nearly nobody ever asked or talked about her anymore. We're still close 17 years later and she's strong like a rock. We're now laughing about the craziness and the ridiculousness of it all. And I sometimes feel sorry for all those who never left and stil think they know it all.
  13. I now almost nothing about CoC. Do you have any advice on where to learn more about it? Other than Wikipedia?
  14. offtheromanroad

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

    This made my day, ag_NO_stic!
  15. offtheromanroad

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

    Welcome, mrspearl, and glad you found us. Wishing you all the best as you discover these forums. I can relate insofar as I always felt like women were second class citizens in church. No more submission! More power to us! ♀️ I am looking forward to hearing more from you. OTRR
  16. offtheromanroad

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    When they let someone put their essay on "waiting until marriage" in a secular newspaper (in a secular country) and your (atheist) partner starts to read it out loud to you... and you just think "been there, but fortunately not done it", and you don't give a shit, YOU MIGHT BE...
  17. I always wonder why the Catholic church is given so much attention. I can't even believe he said this. Oh wait, I can. It has happened a zillion times before.
  18. offtheromanroad

    Finding Hope

    Don't bee so funny! Welcome to the outside world, glad to have you here, Bug! OTRR
  19. offtheromanroad

    Given your options

    Hi William, Welcome. What leads you to the assumption rejecting god is my only option? Best OTRR
  20. offtheromanroad

    Mistakes you made thinking it was “non-Christian”

    This sounds very sad and painful, mich. Does writing help you to process things?
  21. offtheromanroad


    Thanks for your reply. Happy to hear that things seem okay right now. But please watch out for yourself. Do I understand correctly that he also deconverted?
  22. Hi there, again, I just listened to episode one. Great stuff. Humor is such a good form of therapy, thanks for making me laugh! My favorite bits and pieces so far: the sex booth, of course, and "No hand clapping in my church!" I also totally relate to missing community. That's a biggie. But I guess it's also part of breaking free. Ironically, I also miss singing, although I don't miss those porn-like, ever repetitive worshit songs (see other thread) and the social control coming with church. Keep it up, Karen! OTRR
  23. offtheromanroad

    Boring Post Thread

    Too tired to be bored.
  24. And the seas will roar! 👿