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  1. Justus

    The Dead Rise!

    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17
  2. Justus

    The Dead Rise!

    Wow, and you claim to have read the scriptures? So did God tell you all meat was clean while you were eating road kill? Well bon appetit? Why would that even be a question? Since even a blind man can read in the scriptures that Mary Magdalene, Salome and Mary arrived at the tomb of Jesus before the sun came up the morning following the crucifixion and the tomb was empty then how did the disciples steal his body? Of course for someone to say that the disciples stole Jesus body to make up the resurrection story then what is obvious is that if the gospel be hid it be hid to them that are lost.
  3. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Whose chickening out, but I have no obligation to prove anything to someone who espouses a prejudiced bias against the data presented based upon their subjective perspective. Just like your buddy who made a claim regarding what the first commandment was yet objects if anyone uses the source which he bases his claim form. That is absured since he obvious didn't get the knowledge of the first commandment from a God that he claims doesn't exist.
  4. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Without the rotation of the earth then yes there are 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night since half of the earth would in darkness and and the other half would be illuminated by light, provided there were 24 hours in a day. For all intent and purposes the length of day and night are equal along the equator. The daylight only appears longer due to light refraction depending upon whether the earth is position above the sun's equator or below the sun's equator. However they are approximately equal of 12 hours all year long. You are right, you didn't ask that question. I forgot to interject the appropriate quote I was replying to. If you are going to make a claim based upon your knowledge of the Bible scriptures, i.e.," then why the first Commandment that there should be no other gods put ahead of him?" then your argument that the Bible can't be used to disprove your error is absurd. That is your logic. The eternal can not create eternal. That is not the imperfection of the eternal, it is it's perfection. The principle of eternal clearly establishes it has no beginning of existence, neither does it change in nature or form (since it does not cease to exist.). Thus, the universe and everything within it has a beginning, then it would not be eternal according to the principle of eternal. Just a the principle of the mortal defines that anything that has a beginning of life will have an end of life, since the mortal has a beginning of life then it will have an end of life since only the eternal has no end of life. But the fact nothing in this universe is eternal, does not indicate that all physical matter is bound to the mortal nature.
  5. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Hell man, imaging you were God is how you found him right? "for he that comes God must believe he is. Why would God explain anything to mortals seeing that they are going to be dead in the blink of an eye anyways 😉 But of course you wouldn't want to hear about the 'in kind' principle since if God created the world ex nihilo then that would mean that there was nothing to your God. But even assuming an eternal God created the world, then nothing in the world could be eternal since the eternal can neither be created nor destroyed. And if not eternal then of course those who were created by nothing would believe that the universe would pass away into nothing because if not eternal then it would end since only the eternal has not end of existence. And seeing that the 'in kind' principle clearly demonstrates that 'nothing could only come from nothing', now that is something for mortals to think about.
  6. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Your claim that the scripture tells you that the earth is flat is only evdence of your calling. You mean is it isn't sitting on it axis? So why does the earth move with the electromagnetic waves pulsating from the convergence of the two bands of the electrmagnetic circuit? But I guess if a person does believe that God is light they can't see the truth. Like Job said, Oh that my words were now visible, Oh that the were printed in light' But as far as you question "what is day and what is night", would you believe that they are the two great lights that were set in the cloud that the LORD covered the earth with like a garment? How did he do that you ask? Simple by the rotation of the earth upon it's axis. Since there are 12 hours in a day and 12 hours in a nigh then you would have 100%/ 0% or 24 hours of light on one side and 0 hours on the other. That is if you believe the rotation of the sun is produced by the two bands of the electromagnetic wave. One band is pulling the earth towards the sun while the other is pushing it away. You don't think the earth is whirling around in space like a bobber on a whirlpool of water do you? So if a day is 24 hours, until the earth was rotating at with 12 hours of light along the equator then you wouldn't have 12 hours of night. Do you know what the effects would be on you if the earth didn't rotate?
  7. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Then don't tell me there is a devil if you don't believe there is one was the point of my post. The truth be known I give a rat's ass if you believe in truth or not, but I do know that unless some opens the door to the possiblity something maybe true then that door will stay shut, and I have no obligiation to prove a dam thing to you. But don't you think that is a little hypocritical to say don't tell us that there alternatives to our interpretation of the truth. So if you don't believe that everything is light then the fact I believe that Genesis 1:1 represents that the lights created darkness doesn't prove that everything isn't light or that you even know what you are talking about much that you are a truth seeker.
  8. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    1. Since the LORD is a God of truth, then if you choose to put lies over the truth don't be surprised if you claim think your lies are the truth. 2. Whoever told you that the first commandment is thou shalt have no other gods before him is lying to you. 3. Don't blame in the LORD that you got deceived. 4. Don't blame in on them that told you cause you if you had did what they told you then you wouldn't have got deceived. You might consider putting the blame on Fanny.....
  9. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Yes, being a fan of reason your discernment is a spark of brillance except you lackest one thing. A devil, unless you count INXS
  10. Justus

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    I am sure that if the serpent could learn to speak without hearing the spoken word in order to speak then surely he could write a book without being taught to read., huh? So as a Christian, how did they explain Luke 11:13 to you or did they ever even mention it?
  11. Fair enough, as far as my own sub-conscious solving problems internally- like I said I had reached the point I had no clue what to do. Problem solving requires knowledge of the possible causes in order to define the probable solutions. If given the problem of 3 + y = x could you tell me what the value of x was? But y has a value but you just don't know it yet without it you couldn't solve the problem no more that I could, or anyone else could. But if you knew the possibilities of y were 1, 5, or 7 then yes you could try 1, 5, or 7 +3 and find the solution to the problem. Are you familiar with the teachings of Thomas Paine on the two distinct classes of thought? Anyways, thoughts are not audible. As far as some other being, if there wasn't anyone around me when it occurred and the dead don't speak then I feel I can safely rule that possibility out. As far as being a force, to be honest I didn't know that any force that could possibly speak except maybe the Force in Star Wars and I don't think that it ever actually spoke to anyone, but if you know of one that does then I would consider looking into as the possible reason I heard what I heard. To be honest it makes me no difference whether you believe it to true or just another one of those dime a dozen stories that you were told, you asked me a question and I answered, and you questioned my answer and I answered those questions so unless you expect me to prove something that you don't even consider possible then that would be off topic so let's please try to maintain the integrity of the thread.
  12. Oh, passive aggressive, kewl, so if I am not a Christian then I must be a liar. Well played. I never have claimed to be a Christian to anyone at anytime so I am not quite sure how you assume I labeled myself as an authentic Christian believer, but if your are referring to the yellow cross pinned under my avatar on the left, that was pinned on me by the administrators of this site. Is that what you believe? Seems more like there hasn't been any change in your beliefs. Again with more assumptions...
  13. Dude, are you so mentally corrupt that you actually believe that I think that Jesus is the Christ, or that there is even a Christ. Hopefully your mind hasn't been corrupted to point that you can't even acknowledge the undeniable truth that every word in the Bible is written, but just the fact you thought I believe Jesus is the Christ is sufficient for a summary judgement that I couldn't even prove to you that you even exist. Just for sake of discussion, could you even state with specificity the requirements necessary to establish a prima facie case for an affirmative decision that a specifically named person actually lived in the flesh?
  14. Not sure if I understand what you are saying, but I'll take it you meant the audible voice since you obviously are in the dark about the audible word. So if you hear me, my answer your question would be was several years ago. If you don't believe it could be possible then there isn't any reason for you to open the spoiler which contains my testimony. I So you admit that as an ex-Christian that you believed you had faith because it is written that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God? So do I take that as an admission that you did hear the written word?
  15. 1) is Han a fictional character? And Jesus, which is called Justus, who are of the circumcision. These only are my fellowworkers unto the kingdom of God, which have been a comfort unto me. Col 4:11 2) I was born on this wise, while my mother Mary was married to Adam, before I had opened the womb I was a viable child of the Spirit of truth. Z3 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Matt 1:18