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  1. Sure, pick an error out the book of knowledge of good and evil and I'll bite.
  2. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.???? For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap????
  3. Oh ok. I don't think that time can be reversed since time is merely a perception given to man using the repetitive process of the physical world to measure the days of his physical existence. But that is merely my opinion, yet in reality a person doesn't need to go back in time to make all their decisions again since the repetitive process of nature is going bring up the necessity to make decisions on a daily as well as seasonal basis. I don't think that our decision is determined by factors outside our control, but rather our choices can affected by factors outside our control which could result in our decision being one not originally contemplated.
  4. Not really since the question isn't specific. How much does 'that' plus 1 equal? Without knowing the value of 'that' then the answer would depend upon what value you have for 'that'. Is he is talking about the religious doctrine of free will or is he referring to the political doctrine of self-determination. If he is referring to his own free will then he is the only who can answer his question. In such, that answer will depend upon the power he perceives he has to act at his own discretion. If the question is whether a person has absolute free will, then imo the answer is no.
  5. I would say that depends upon one ‘s perception of the power they have to act at their own discretion.
  6. Well, if you have your Bible with you with you find yourself up that creek, you will at least have a paddle but I digress, the Holy Ghost lies like a calculator. If you enter 5 x 8 and the calculator solution is 13, then by faith you would enter 13 / 8 and if the calculator represents the answer is 5 then you would multiply 5 x 8 again paying close attention to the function input you will find that it is written that by two immutable things it is impossible for God to lie. It is kinda like if A = B then B should equal A, if it doesn't then you might be needing that paddle.... The lesson to be learned is that free will that allows us to do all things doesn't mean we should do all things.
  7. Only until one learns the principle which reveals something is impossible. If something wasn't impossible for God then all things wouldn't be possible with God.
  8. Only if they don't hate their neighbors with a perfect hatred. [see Ps 139:22]
  9. Then you wouldn't have to worry about him knocking....
  10. I agree. And it is a short trip from having a job, car and home to being homeless and unemployed, and it takes a lot longer to get back to that place from one fell from too, especially the older the person is. Where I live the authorities are giving legal residency to anyone who you allowed to be in your home for for 12 hours, meaning that the homeowner has to evict these visitors which can take weeks and around $600 in court costs, not to mention the value of the property of the homeowner which disappears during the interim. I don't worry too much about it, which I probably should but it isn't the dead naked corpses of homeowners being found on the outskirts of town. I don't know, why would you?
  11. If Benjamin Franklin knocked on your door today and asked for a place to lay his head, would you give him a place to stay for a couple of days or would you send him away? Of course this is a gotcha question since it reveals those who deny believing that all things are possible are actually the believers, so they dismiss the question the same way those who claim to be believers won't answer any question that reveal they really don't believe so they label the person asking the question as stupid so they don't have to answer the question. But it isn't the question that gotcha, it is your answer. With that said do you blame anyone who wouldn't let a friend or relative that is down on their luck to stay with them a couple days or weeks, to help them get back on their feet?
  12. I would have guessed the major cause of Antarctic ice melting was due to the increase in the Penguin population. [you know, the more there be, the more that pee.] Didn't they discover the thermometer back in the ancient days? I heard it is a scientific fact that thermometers aren't natural.
  13. Not to be flippant but I think that is a statement rather than a question. But I digress, so by 'Jesus spirit' do you mean the Spirit of truth? Take Luke 6:47 for example wherein it is written, ' Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like:' Seems like if someone came to Jesus and heard his sayings then they would know that no man can hear his sayings unless they are taught how to read the written spoken word. But as far as those who build their house, see psalms 127. But then again, even with a book a person can't learn how to read the written spoken word without a teacher which is the reason children go to school to learn how to read and write. If they could teach themselves then we are wasting a hell of a lot of money for schools. We need teachers to learn the first precept required for the acquisition of knowledge. Of course I take it that you know what that precept is?
  14. It is a reference to the period of 'critical development' which linguists hypothesize is the time where language acquisition occurs in young kids. While faith might come from hearing, the ability to speak doesn't according to the hypothesis of critical development. Thus, the 'forbidden experiment' is any experiment which would propose withholding children during this period of 'critical development' the interaction necessary to acquire language skills (speak).
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