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  1. Didn't really know where to put this, but it seems that not just Christians, but apparently majority of today's philosophers, also seem to stand by Objective morality? Why is that? From my perspective, the very moral principles that they all claim to be "objective"; typically coincides with what they "subjectively" feel to be true. It's like one by paradox. Anybody else have thoughts on this?
  2. Ironic how an atheist or two invades a church every week off family pressure, forcefully, or just for entertainment purposes; and the Christians have no clue how close they are. Just shows how they aren't guided by a being, especially the one in the bible, if an atheist can come in and act just like them. They are easily fooled.
  3. Hit and run post. We won't hear from him, again, any time soon -- if ever. I like how he threatened us too. As if that was going to convince us to come back into the fold lol I can't help but laugh inside.
  4. Probably liberal christian or none. Don't want to date a fundy. A fundy wouldn't want to date me either, so I have no worries about that lol It never really crossed my mind, but I think I'm going to start bringing up religion on first or second dates. Got to nip that shit in the bud before anything develops.
  5. 1. This guy claims to be a christian? Why does he have a naked woman on his twitter photo link? Hypocritical if you ask me. 2. You answered your own inquiry. They believe the fiction of the bible is 100% fact. They are fearful of checking the facts for themselves for fear that jesus will send them to hell for doing so. The motto of all cults is, don't ask questions. It all depends on who you ask, but for me, so far, all debates with christians has produced no results at all. It is as your quote above, as long as they believe the claims of christianity as fact without checking it for themselv
  6. Lmfao Assassin's Creed?! I'm literally in tears from laughing so hard.
  7. I feel you. It wasn't like I was trying to change his mind. It was more so ofh e fact that he was spamming down my timeline and putting questions to be answered. I answered them and he started acting like he knew me, acted like he was being persecuted, oh I'm just arguing about something I don't believe in because I need reassurance, etc. Once he did that, that's when the gloves came off. But it was going nowhere. All he did was repeat and when he was already given answers, some by others, he would either respond with another bigoted question or ignore and continue on like he just didn't get h
  8. Yup and I kept asking that guy for proof and he kept trying to shut out the convo then because he "knew me" lmao like you don't know a thing about me. He even tried to dispute me by going to yahoo answers and screen shot some random account who claims that he's a "scientist" talking about evolution theory isn't a fact lmfao YAHOO ANSWERS.
  9. i have been debating with this guy on Twitter for 2 hours now and all he does is repeat or shoot off at the moment about things he doesn't know about. https://twitter.com/mrpoonsoaker/status/577745611455213569 What's funny is what started it all off was him posting shit all down my timeline speaking claims as fact. Then he asked questions, but when I respond with them he either dodges with another question, twists up my words, or not respond and continue to spew bs. If you want to have a go ahead at him, that's all up to you but this all just reassured me that I finally give up try
  10. There's a video on YouTube that uses an analogy of the rat maze and free will.
  11. If you still have a Bible, open it to Mark 16:8 which says, "trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid." If you have a good Bible, it will have a note after Mark 16:8 to the following effect: "The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have verses 9 - 20." In other words, the earliest versions of Mark have no account of Jesus' resurrection. All they have are the women seeing that Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb and being told by the unexpected visitor that he had arisen; howe
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