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    I like honest discussion. You're not doing me any favors by not telling me the truth.

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  1. My kid was in it. The kids were mostly doing it for the positive attention, and the film makers encouraged them to really ramp it up and make it good. Yeah this shit happened but we were deceived about the filmmakers actual goals in filming. I wish people could just stop watching this particular movie. It prob doesn't hurt my daughter any more as she is a completely non-religious woman in her 20s now with a great life and career. But for a while, she felt victimized every time someone posted her pic from the movie and spent some amount of time requesting that sites please remove her image. Even in college people recognized her when they watched it and would ask about it. Im not trying to be a dick, but consider the victims/kids who were in it. If possible let this piece of shit film just die already. Its not real. The kids were just faking it for the adults in charge. That is the whole point I know, but the real damage to the kids was the movie itself, not the silly camp. Just keep that in mind as you view and comment on your podcast - which I have listened to btw
  2. Glad to see you spell it properly too
  3. Twisted Sister was a surprise. Total respect for them after watching. I used to make fun of them but those guys worked their asses off.
  4. Edited: sorry thought this was a serious reply by a believer
  5. Jeff


    That money situation! Oh hell no! Do not let him have that money.
  6. Most christians I run into nowdays just seem to make shit up wildly as they go. You cant fight it with Bible-knowledge cause they dont care. Me: “Bible says... “ Them: “Oh thats ok, I just do...” As fundamentals fall, there is an increasingly huge puddle of people doing/saying/believing whatever they feel like. They will have their own personal little denomination based on nothing and yet still count themselves in the Christian camp. Weird. Prob always been that way but I see it more now personally
  7. Yeah. I got married so I could have sex @ 19 years old.
  8. Apparently I have no creative ideas
  9. Me: “Have a nice day” Them: “I prefer have a BLESSED day” Me: “I hope you get a paper-cut”
  10. Says no scientist ever. *god I miss BAA around here*
  11. first things first. Id get some random volunteers to write down my desires. Id need to create an eternal fiery hell for anyone who didnt do exactly what my various followers infer that I want from everyone.
  12. End. Ive said this before, but really you should just de-convert and own it. You dont seem to take your own religion seriously. Maybe you already did and I missed it. If so my appologies.
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