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    Real life pretty much...
    Women, food, wine, music, whisky, scotch, conversation, friends, experiences. So many good things that used to involve guilt.
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    I am so happy, in a way that I was never happy in religion.

    I like honest discussion. You're not doing me any favors by not telling me the truth.

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  1. Jeff

    How to have sex in a canoe

    News I can use 👍🏼
  2. @SerenelyBlue I hope you are doing ok. I know things get messy for you from time to time. I dont really mind when things swing religious for you and you start posting like this except that worry a little and hope youre ok. Take care of yourself! good luck.
  3. Jeff


    Youve had a rough go of things recently I recall. I think you are ok and this is possibly a mix if stress, maturing, decinverting, etc., etc. I say this because I struggle with some of these things when life has been tough gor a stretch of time. Youre smart and tough. Just hang in there and dont stress too much? *hugs*
  4. Invite him back 😈
  5. I would LOVE for someone to prove the bible is correct. Lol I went looking for more proof of my faith, but it just isnt and thats why I ended up here
  6. Jeff

    The Importance of Rule #2

    This dickish-american salutes you Canadian citizen 🖕🏻 🔫 pew pew pew! Nah. Actually, well done my friend! Good read. Great Rant!
  7. The athiests I know in SC are too busy drinking beer, arguing, and helping the homeless
  8. Jeff

    Fundy Music Force Fed

    Crank this. Then negotiate a truce. btw... these guys are NOT serious if it bothers you.
  9. Jeff

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Ha ha sucker! Ive got you now
  10. Jeff


    Hi. Welcome!
  11. Jeff

    Hello :)

    Hi RubyTuesday. Welcome. Chat away if youre figuring things out. Im kinda an asshole but Im a nice one occassionally If youre here to preach like many do, you will get strong debate. If you want conversation you will find people with varied backgrounds who really know their stuff and love to talk ideas
  12. Jeff

    Hello :)

    Why didnt someone tell me this earlier? seriously. Wtf?!? It would have spared me years of trouble and I would still probably believe!!! From the depths of my heart, Thank You!!! whew! I feel better.
  13. Jeff

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Lol @TruthSeeker0 is deconverted as fuuuuck! You go TS!!! Whoop!!
  14. Jeff

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Friend me. I only post cool shit