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    South Carolina currently... smack in the middle of it
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    Real life pretty much...
    Women, food, wine, music, whisky, scotch, conversation, friends, experiences. So many good things that used to involve guilt.
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    I am so happy, in a way that I was never happy in religion.

    I like honest discussion. You're not doing me any favors by not telling me the truth.

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  1. Jeff

    Long overdue hello to all!

    Hi Riven. Im a hit and run poster lately so ill just say welcome for now. Youve been around for a bit it sounds like, so maybe you know us all already lol. Hell I only joined in 2014 I think... welcome
  2. Jeff

    I'm Still Alive....and a STILL Deconvert

    I bet he stops the car next time... so you win that argument. Totally 👍🏼 🤦‍♂️
  3. Jeff

    I'm Still Alive....and a STILL Deconvert

    Glad you are still around you sassy heathen
  4. jesus christ. Its like fucking middle school here
  5. Having done some code in school with very basic machine learning and data analysis, I would love for my doctor to have some software that notices paterns and sees data groupings that the naked eye and first impressions dont notice. Bring this to me now!
  6. “Oh hi guys. Just doing a Satanic ritual in your kitchen while you were gone... wanna join in?... Are you upset about something?”
  7. Sex is an easy target and makes it easy to control with guilt.
  8. Jeff

    LDS Church

    When I die Ill go to the North Pole to live with Santa. You wont cause youre an unbeleiver. You will suffer, but who cares, I will have candy canes and you probably deserve what you get anyway. Santa likes me right? Yeah. Im sure he does.
  9. Jeff

    LDS Church

    What... the... fuck?! You have absolutely no idea what you are babbling about.
  10. Jeff

    LDS Church

    I agree. I truly love Odin now, and Thor his only son. Thanks Jimmy
  11. Jeff

    LDS Church

    Up your game Jimmy and get back on here chatting
  12. Jeff

    LDS Church

    Sorry Jimmy. Im actually angry at Santa Clause. Im angry so I quit believing in him. Thats about my only reason for not believing though.
  13. Jeff

    Christianity and Recovery

    Im exausted
  14. Jeff

    Is Satan to blame for porn?

    Pretty sure that cameras are the key element here. Im guessing the second or third picture ever taken started it all.
  15. Jeff

    World to End on April 23rd

    Oh it happened. Christians just arent good enough to qualify. Boy are they surprised. 5 people worldwide are missing.