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  1. A letter to my parents

    TS... Wow the time has come finally! Good luck and I hope that you get some real peace in this area of your life. I truly wish you happy relations with your family once they get over the initial impact of it all. Youre awesome! 👍🏼
  2. Newbie to the exChristian world

    end3. You are a christian on this sight! How are you possibly “teasing” about Shelleymak6376 being completely wrong? Hi Shelley. Welcome. Christians arent allowed to witness here outside of the Lions Den. Thats why Im surprised at end3’s comment.
  3. Seriously... am I gonna have to google this shit? *sigh*
  4. If this is accurate, I think its easily explained by a couple of things inherent to religious upbringing.
  5. Lol. This guy and his circular logic. ‘Its true cause it says its true cause it says its true cause...’ smh
  6. Wow. Someone should tell those churches they got it wrong.
  7. Cheerwine = Fake spirit that makes some people feel temporarily better, although it is not a healthy thing to partake of overall, and it may cause bad outcomes if relied upon too often. Hmmm. Im seeing a pattern here with IH’s choices
  8. I miss BAA just disecting this silliness and IH refusing to answer the tough questions and explain the biblical contradictions brought up by BAA and others. Good times those.
  9. BAA

    May you visit a multitude of Stars during your long journey. Goodbye BAA/Mark, you are missed already. Jeff
  10. The Last Jedi Review[NO SPOILERS]

    I cant bring myself to go see it. I really liked Rogue One, but Im so sick of seeing Star Wars plastered on every roll of toilet paper, box of cereal, and Snickers bar everywhere Ive been for the last month or two. There were cardboard cutout stormtroopers in the produce isle at the grocerystore recently, and yes, even at the stupid car dealership where I did a test drive last week. Im just bored from being oversaturated with it, and I dont really want to see it now.
  11. So the people with statisically the most wealth, assets, education, family connections, business ownership, ability historically to borrow money, home ownership, and positions of power all leave an area or a city entirely as a group... Yeah its a mystery.
  12. I prefer self checkout. The cashiers are often obnoxious and/or rude and they treat my purchases roughly. Also I am faster than they are. Checkout is the worst part of the Walmart experience for me.