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  1. Had to suffer through Xian Music, southern style for 2 hours yesterday. Jamming an ice pick into my ear drums wasn't out of the question....

    1. offtheromanroad


      I am with you. Did you put on some real music today?

  2. It sometimes sucks being atheist and pro-2A. Makes it way worst when the site owner is a fundy and he allows muslims and atheist bashing, but the moment you say one thing bad bout Xians. You are gone. Even though his own rules say there is no favorism. Fuck You Paul!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AManWithOutAGod


      in the last week, one atheist was perma ban, I took a bs ban, and another atheist was off topic banned. all cause we said something to a Xian or about Xianity.

      I got accused of trolling and baiting, cause i was quoting the bible at Xians

    3. AManWithOutAGod


      The perma ban atheist and I have done so much work for the website, volunteering our time and money to help promote the 2A. A lot of the Xians who troll or bait. I know for a fact never volunteer.

    4. TrueFreedom


      Those poor, persecuted Christians...

  3. Ugh, the internet is horrible today, all over facebook and forums its Easter bullshit. And Xian acting like tools on the forums. And friends texting me Happy Easter knowing full well I am Atheist.

    1. NoOne


      Say something about theEaster bunny. Christians really hate it when you talk about Santa and the Easter bunny...ironically.

    2. offtheromanroad


      Happy ordinary sunday to you, AManWithOutAGod. Don't listen to those Easter Freaks. Have a nice day.


    3. FreeThinkerNZ
  4. maybe its because i only slept 5 hours and i am still waking up.... but this one annoyed me this morning.... She may be a Packer fan........ but that will only take you so far with me.......
  5. Even as a Xian I thought it was all BS and fake. I didn't go to a church that did it, but when I did see it (on like tv or the internet). I just shook my head and said they are faking it.
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