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    I'm 31 but feel like I'm 18. I am in love with the west coast and hope to live in Oregon someday. I go to school for horticulture.

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  1. Exactly! Haha. I'm sure a fundie in my position would toss an atheist book. Which is a shame, really, because atheist literature is so hard to find in thrift stores, and it's usually more expensive when I do find it. I guess that's my beef with the whole situation.
  2. Meh. To be fair, I did price some very nice big family bibles. I don't believe in it anymore, but I don't believe in tossing "quality" books (even if I find the content low-quality or even harmful). If you've been to a thrift store book section lately you'll know that there's no shortage of Christian books anywhere. I tossed Sarah Palin's book because it felt great seeing her face sail into the trash bin. ????
  3. I started my new job at a thrift store yesterday, pricing the donations. We received tons of books and I was instructed to only keep the best books as we receive far more than we have space for and everything else goes into "salvage". While it was heartbreaking to throw out books I myself would have loved to buy, it was exhilarating to toss all of the Christian books. To play a small part in stopping the spread of that garbage warmed my heart. Just thought I'd share. ????
  4. Maybe if I ever have this discussion with a Christian I can ask them... "Why is it that I prayed for years for God to make me a believer, and he couldn't or wouldn't, yet Satan could so easily make me an unbeliever?" Aaaand this is why, if God exists, he's a dick.
  5. It baffles me how these people piously humble-brag about refusing to be "politically correct" when all "politically correct" means is "recognizing that we live in a free country where everyone isn't the same as me and not being a dick about it".
  6. Ugh. Having to walk through a gauntlet of protesters to get access to basic health care is just another flavor of terrorism. If he really cared about the victims, he'd just go away.
  7. Paul, I'm curious. Where in the Bible are Christians commanded to celebrate Christmas? Can you tell me the verse where Jesus said to celebrate his birthday with gifts and a decorated tree? I realize I'm probably wrong for engaging with you here, but I'm genuinely curious. Please help.
  8. Actually just picked up a book, The Good Atheist, which has a forward by Julia Sweeney. My first atheist book! Bought it while visiting my sister in the Bible belt, had to wait till she'd checked out and hide it from her. Scandalous!
  9. I've never celebrated Christmas as a religious holiday, even as a Christian. Church of Christ just didn't make it a religious thing. However, I work in a seasonal store that sells a crap ton of Christmas decorations, including artificial trees and nativity scenes. I'm finding myself DISGUSTED at the amount of money people spend on nativity related items. Hundreds of dollars on religious figurines. Hundreds of dollars on artificial trees to put up in the churches. I can't help but think that Jesus, if he existed, would put those hundreds of dollars to better use. If I were going to these churches, giving my 10%, and they were blowing my money on Christmas decorations, money that could be going to feed/house the poor, I would be rightly pissed off.
  10. I remember hearing this (must've been on the radio? I guess?) a long time ago, before I ever entertained thoughts of atheism. Was definitely not ready to accept the possibility of no God at that time but definitely need to revisit it now. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Getting mad at atheists is what led me to become one. Once I started exploring WHY atheist rhetoric got under my skin so much, I was finally able to be honest with myself about my disbelief. Good on them. Wish we had one in my town, but I live in a pretty liberal place as it is.
  12. I'm being facetious. Obviously God works in mysterious ways.
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