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    LGBT+ rights, drawing, reading, writing, video games, The Legend of Zelda, binge-watching TV shows, space, feminism, mental health, dreams
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    Deconverted towards late 2014 and now I'm an atheist who has embraced my bisexuality since leaving religion and I'm pretty happy being that.

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  1. I'm at the point where I'm pretty much desensitised to christian teachings all together, so much that I don't mind daydreaming for an hour straight in a church service. I guess that's a good thing?

    1. Lilith666


      Good for you! Just try not to drool. ;)

  2. When I first left Christianity and started becoming more skeptical, every time someone xian in my life started preaching or doing devotions, it just made no sense to me anymore and I was left wondering how on earth I ever believed in it in the first place. Now I'm pretty much numb to Christian teachings since I'm not out about my atheism to my parents, I still have to deal with going to church and all my parents motivations speeches have God spiked into it. But it really has no effect on me anymore and I'm just glad that I've learned to have a mind of my own.
  3. These christian conspiracy theorist people need to get a hobby LOL
  4. what even is going on in this thread anymore
  5. I don't think troll is an adequate title, maybe KING of the PAEDOPHILES. I don't think that's a title to be proud of, mate.
  6. That's just lifes sense of humour, nothings changed. "Nothings changed" What does that mean? Have we met?
  7. Sometimes I'm so close to blurting about how I don't believe in god to my parents, especially when they try bringing up the "importance" of god in my life. But I feel like that'd only get me in trouble.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RealityCheck


      Blurting that out would be akin to pissing your pants when you really have to go. It might feel good at the moment but you'll have one hell of a mess to clean up.

    3. mymistake


      Admiral Ackbar says: "It's a trap!"


      Seriously you can always tell your folks later when it is on your terms.

    4. FlowerDemon


      i agree with RealityCheck. hang in there

  8. lol my mum today described me as "someone who has a strong faith." Well at least I know I'm safe from being outed.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. BarbarousBill
    3. GoldenWolf


      The force is with me

    4. Thought2Much


      Funny how the Holy Spirit never clues believers in to who doesn't believe or when believers fall away.

  9. You just finished your VCE, right? Or am I making crap up lol. Do anything for schoolies?

    1. GoldenWolf


      Yeah I finished VCE, don't know if I'm doing schoolies, don't know if my parents would let me if I said "schoolies." Cause of all the shit that happens every year. But I do plan on catching up with friends and I'm also doing a gap year before i decide whether to do uni or not.

    2. Portobella


      Great to hear VCE exams are over! Don't worry lol, catching up with friends is where it's at :D

  10. Sometimes I'll come to peace with being an atheist living in a life surrounded by xians. I'll find some sort of respect, but not for their religion, but just for them as a person. But then that can all change when I'm made to go to church and what they preach makes me snap back to how much I hate religion and how much I just want to get the hell out and live without ever being bothered by it ever again, and then I lose all respect, and then the cycle continues.

    1. Lilith666


      That's rough. Have you tried talking to your parents about how going to church makes you feel? You've probably talked about this here before, but I can't recall what you said about that. Anyway, depending on what your parents are like, they might listen to you if you explain to them what's going on.

    2. GoldenWolf


      Well they were saying some pretty homophobic and anti LGBT things, if my mum realised I was upset by that she might get an idea that I might be queer or that I support LGBT and then she might try repeating what the pastor said as truth which would upset me even more.

    3. FreeThinkerNZ
  11. Welcome to ex-c and thanks for sharing your story. All the best
  12. brb dying of embarrassment as my mother hands out bible verse book marks to the trick or treaters. please end me now.

  13. Yes. It is evidence that unicorns are real. I have seen them and I have the truth. Praise be! Over the years I have put together a personal collection of evidence from our Unicorn Overlord, including rainbow poop, glitter, brightly coloured horse shoes and the rare fragment from the Unicorn Underlord's horn which was chipped off during the Great Unicorn War, in which our Unicorn Overlord won and triumphed so that we may be Blessed with Skittles, the strongest evidence today for our Overlord existing. Disclaimer: Not sponsored by Skittles.
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