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    Handicrafts, nature, coffee, sleep, maths.
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    After many adventures in different kinds of Christianity and also very intense New Age with Jesus mixed in, and a dramatic deconversion that nearly had me take my own life, I'm finding myself content with atheism. However, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate connection with nature and people. Quite the opposite! It only means I don't need anyone to dictate me on how to live and love, and as a result, life is more fulfilling.

    I have DDNOS due to having had so many difficulties growing up. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk about dissociation in a peer to peer manner.

    I'm a regular in the Discord Ex-C Chat room, but due to my time zone (+2 GMT) I may be a little hard to catch there.

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    Don't need one.

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  1. LOL, looks like I'm going to buy a car with the lisence plate "EXC-(number)". hahahaa!

    1. Travi


      Mr. Burns: Exxxxxxxccccceeeellent. 

    2. RealityCheck


      Doesn't quite mean the same in Finnish though.

    3. yunea


      True, though we don't get funny Finnish words in our lisence plates anyway due to laws, so funny English will have to do. 

      My other option was a car with the plate "ZIT-(number)". I laughed at that too, though it seemed like a bad omen. Now I'm glad I'm getting the EXC one lol.

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