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    A lot of you are no better than fundamentalist Christians who bully gay kids and nonbelievers. You push people into corners, just like Christians. Just know that, it might help not to be so close-minded and full of yourselves. Both sides of the spectrum really...
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  1. You reminded me of this meme, I don't know why.
  2. I put my sassy boots on just for this -Christianity? No thanks, I actually respect women and the LGBTQ+ community and want them to have rights. -As a black person, I don't think I want to be part of the religion that justified the slavery of my people. -Wasn't Hitler a Christian? -Wasn't the KKK a Christian organization? -Take earth science. It's a course for 9th graders, but it shows all the flaws/contradictions in your religion so beautifully! -Don't you guys like smashing babies' heads on rocks or something? Yeah, I'm not into that. -I actually enjoy having basic science and reason on my side, thanks. -You'll pray for me? I'll think for you* *not original, I stole this from a meme.
  3. So you think that I should keep my schedule the way it is?
  4. Hi everyone I hope you're all doing okay. I need some help making a decision. I have my schedule set for next year, two of the big things in there are advanced art and health. Health is a madantory course, I have to take it at some point and it's highly recommended that I take it in 10th grade. I had chorus this past year and I wasn't planning on doing it next year for 2 main reasons. The first one was that I'm not really confident in music as a career anymore. I feel like it would be a nice hobby or pastime, but not a stable job. The second is because a lot of teachers and students who are involved in the music programs tend to be really snooty and pretentious, and I would rather not deal with that again for another 180 days. I rarely get noticed or recognized around them. I made all my teachers cards and in my chorus teacher's card, one of the things I told her that I'm not going to be in chorus next year but I'll try to come back in 11th grade. I had my chorus final on Tuesday, and before the test she said that she wasn't happy and she would talk to me when I was done. So I when I was done she gave me a piece of paper asking who my guidance counselor was and if I had any conflicts. It was awkward, we had to write back and forth to each other because we couldn't talk. I told her that I wanted to take chorus and art, but because of health, I had to choose one or the other and I chose art because I knew less about it. She said that I could do health later, and basically long story short, she said she was going to talk to my counselor to see if health could be pushed back another year. I knew health could be pushed back because my guidance counselor told me but she also had told me that it would most likely cause conflicts for the future. So today, after I took my science Regents, my chorus teacher finds me and enthusiastically tells me that I can take health later and I just had to see my counselor if I "really felt that way". I'm a bit conflicted because I actually didn't want to take chorus and I didn't say that I wanted to. I just said that I wasn't able to do it next year and I would try to come back in 11th grade. And I don't want to take health later if it's going to be more inconvenient. But at the same time, I really appreciate my chorus teacher wanting me in chorus (though I do question her motives) and going through all that trouble. I don't want to hurt her feelings. My family thinks I should keep my schedule the way it is. I was thinking that I could take art, music, and health, and just get rid of my lunch or study hall for more space. But in all honesty, I don't really want to do that. If I do see my guidance counselor for a schedule change, it would most likely be on Monday because I have my last two finals then. So that's about it. I'm not really sure what to do, I would really appreciate some input. Thanks do much, and have a good night
  5. Actually, the idea that their god decided to let them die in his own house wasn't the first thing that really bothered me. It's the impending conversations about race that are going to come out all over the place. It's like Ferguson, Baltimore, and that liar Rachel weren't enough. I really get tired to hearing about it all the time if we're not going to try and fix anything. And of course, the usual gun control and gun right debates will pop up everywhere too.
  6. How is everyone doing?

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    2. yunea


      I'm okay. How are you?

    3. moanareina


      Ehm, right now I am in survival mode kinda but knowing I might be on the road by tomorrow (vacation-road-trip-yey) and also to know I got a place in a skills-group when I get back makes me feel ok.

      How about you, how are you? How have your last days been?

    4. TrueFreedom
  7. I tried to cut last night. I couldn't bring myself to cut the actual vein so I was trying to cut the skin on my arm. All I managed to do was lightly scratch my arm, there was no blood or anything. I think I'm going to call the suicide hotline or something.

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    2. PuffOfLogic


      please call one of those hotlines, they really know how to help. and they can suggest more people to talk to as well. better to do that now than wait until you think of someone else to talk to.

    3. mymistake


      I hope the fact that you haven't been online in the last few hours means you are talking to somebody.

    4. FreeThinkerNZ


      Or sleeping? Hugs RC

  8. I'm such a disappointment to my mother.

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    2. Orbit


      all the best people are.

    3. moanareina


      If that's what she said it's her view that is flawed. She has no clue...

    4. wyson


      My mother kept saying that about me. Then I realised it was the otherway round. That SHE was the disappointment and I did well to survive her indoctrination and crappy parenting. If a general gives crap orders and his soldiers don't deliver who's fault is it? If a teacher can't teach and his students fail then whose fault is it? Try and realise the truth that this is just becoming a 2 way street at your age. Any failure before hand when you were a kid is all on her.

  9. Sylensikeelyoo, I'm sorry that I made you cry I really don't want anyone here to get worried about me. I just really don't like the way I look. I think I do have an obsession, it's the only thing that I've been thinking about all day. I have a therapist, I think I'll ask her next time I see her. I always get worried about the health risks that come with being overweight because there are overweight people in my family and diabetes and heart problems run in my family. I also hate thinking that I'm fine, then I go to the doctor and even if I'm not overweight my BMI is or is close to overweight and then I'm told that I need to make better choices. Or my parents would say something, or I think about the girls in my grade are so thin. It's just easier to worry about it yourself than to have other people say something or notice. I'm not really happy today, I ran a mile on the elliptical. It took me a little under 20 minutes and I ran the whole time, and I didn't lose anything. I thought I would at least lose 2 pounds and I didn't lose a single thing. There has been a woman who I have been following named Maria Kang. She's a mother with 3 children and she posted something on Facebook that showed a picture with her children and her. Holy cow, she's stunning. She has a 6-pack and she's very fit. The picture said something like "What's your excuse?" It's gotten a negative reaction because a lot of women, especially mothers, found it to be condescending and fat-shaming. I've been looking her up and I've noticed that Maria is very confident, it can come off as arrogance. But she does have a lot of good tips. She's a bit of a health freak. She's very serious about it, I look at people like her and feel very shitty because they're just so good at it and I'm not.
  10. I guess this is a bit of an update from recent thread I wrote called "I'm so fat..." So I haven't been eating that much and I've actually lost more weight. Not a lot, now I'm around 135, and it's because I'm sick and I've been sleeping instead of doing other things. I'm not even going to lie though, I've been working out more and eating healthier but it's literally doing nothing. I stay at the same weight all the time. I want to only eat the 3 main meals of the day and then just drink water for the other times I'm hungry because I really want to lose weight. I asked about this in another forum I'm on, and everyone is telling me not to do that because it's not healthy and it won't work. I keep getting mixed results on my BMI calculations. If I use ones for adults, I have a healthy one. If I use ones for children and teenagers, it becomes overweight or marginally overweight. If I use one that asks for my parents' heights, it becomes healthy again but really close to overweight. I'm really confused and I'm not going to worry about that anymore. It's disappointing though, I want a clear answer. I took a ton of body image tests today. All the ones I took said I had a bad body image, an unhealthy obsession with my physical appearance, or "BDD". I'm not surprised. I don't like the way I look, in all honesty. I researched body positive stuff after that because most of the tests suggested that I do that. I found a lot of stuff on the fat acceptance movement, which I didn't know about. I thought I should share some of the videos I found because I honestly thought you guys might like them lol. I don't really know what to make of it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QQCkoBAd__g https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j3f1zii5skA https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fX-p9WOZbu4
  11. Oh this idiot...yeah, just ignore him. He doesn't know what he's talking about at all.
  12. That awkward moment when basic 9th grade science keeps showing the flaws of religion...of course, if you're awake and logical enough to see them.

    1. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Yes, indeed. Glory!

  13. Thanks so much Storm and GG!!! FTNZ, I hope I didn't offend you From my personal observations, a lot of anti-theists want religion and theism to be eradicated and they do treat a lot of religious people like they're incompetent. They're the kind of atheists who are in your face and the ones who are like fundies to me. I probably shouldn't said that there are anti-theists who aren't like that, but I have come across a handful who are blatant assholes. I'll make sure that I watch your video. EyesOpened, well thanks for the advice, it means a lot. I'm glad to be your acquaintance as well To respond to some of your points and questions...I'm not really happy being black because, honestly, it's not my definition of beauty. I think I have a lot of internalized racism (someone call SJW tumblr!!!) because I see white women as the most beautiful. I love golden blonde hair that goes down your shoulders, I wish I had it. And I think blue eyes are the best thing ever, I want my future kids to have blue eyes though I know that it's not going to happen even if I do marry someone with blue eyes. I mean, there are a lot of black women who are stunning, my mother, my sister, my aunts, family friends, a lot of African women, Beyonce, the list is endless. But it's just when I think of beautiful, a blonde bombshell always comes to mind. That's why I don't like being black, I guess. My favorite bands would definitely have to be Radiohead, Panic! At The Disco, Nirvana, and Metallica. Metallica just made the list as I found their music by pure accident sometime last week. I also like R&B and soul, with the occasional pop hit there lol. The fear of guns is irrational. I know that, and I do realize that a lot of Americans need or want guns, and well, that's their right. I think the reason I'm really scared is because I decided to be an idiot and look up Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, crap like that. I also found this project called "Shot" by a photographer named Kathy Shorr that is about 100 people who survived gun violence or being shot. A lot of them are domestic violence victims, some are now in wheelchairs, some were blinded, others disfigured, it's kind of intense. I'm a really sensitive and weak person, I shouldn't look that stuff up but I do :/ I didn't understand what you meant by the politicians thing and it being another topic?
  14. Okay, so this is second time trying this. I was so close to being done the other day and my computer took me back to the last page, deleting all my work. I was pretty pissed, I'm not going to lie. So, this time, I'm writing it on my iPad, which is always dying these days but it's okay. I have been trying really hard to find out who I am, what I want to be, and what I believe it. I've realized that what I'm aiming for, no one really supports it or thinks it's right for whatever reason. I'm a very soft person, and people can see that. They try to take advantage of that, but these days it's not working anymore. I feel like I'm finding who I am, very slowly but surely. I realized so many of my beliefs and what I stand for aren't actually mine, but other people's. The ones they forced onto me or the ones I have taken on in an attempt to please others. For example, my older brother isn't a Christian, but he really believes in a higher power out there. He thinks that atheists act just like religious because they act like they know everything and like everyone is definitely wrong and stupid. I can't blame him, I've met numerous anti-theists who are the equivalent of religious fundamentalists in my mind. But I know a ton of atheists who also aren't like that, I'm definitely not like that. I hope I'm not at least...anyway, a lot of his views became my views because he would always talk so confidently and definitely, like he was speaking the truth. I hate confrontation, so of course I'm not going to argue back. Then there's my mother, who has very conservative and Christian views, I really can't go to her for a lot of stuff. I feel like our beliefs, and our personalities, make us crash heads (is that the expression? I don't even know...) a lot. I feel like a lot of people at school want me to be this fake, artificial person who I just won't ever be. I've lost a lot of friends because I've decided to be myself and do what correlates with the person I am. I'm always worrying about hurting others' feelings but I realize that no one ever takes mine into mind. Everyone is always trying to dictate the job I'll have in the future, like I have no say whatsoever I could really go on here, but I'll make it brief. I feel like everyone is trying to pull me in every direction instead of letting me figure out who I am, and to be honest, I'm tired of it. I'm finding myself and already know a lot about myself and what I want for the future..... I'm an atheist who really doesn't think that there's anything out there but I'm not an anti-theist because I think if someone wants to believe in a god, it's their right. I'm independent, because I think that both of the political parties here in America suck. I'm introverted and shy, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm good at math but that doesn't mean I want to be a fucking engineer. I think rock music is the best music, and no it's not from the devil. I'm black, admittedly I'm not happy about it, and I think I've adjusted to the fact that other black people won't like me and that some white people will still think that they're better than me. I think I'm ugly and fat but I'll look really pretty by the time I'm an adult. I like boys but I like girls a lot more. I think feminism is great and it's needed, but I'll never fully consider myself a feminist due the actions and attitudes of self-proclaimed feminists. I think guns are scary and I always worry about getting shot, especially in school, and I do think it's a stupid fear but it's also justified. I notice a lot more than most people think, I consider that to be my hidden power. I want to be assertive, but I'm scared of people not liking me and that's what stopping me. I have crazy ideas on how to fix the world's issues but I know they all won't work. I want to do something to leave my impression on Earth but I feel too anxious. I feel like I'm an old soul in a young body and I hate being 15. I'm counting down the days until I'm 18 and can be taken seriously... That's who I am. Sorry if you're offended but it's my truth. It's finally time everyone stopped worrying about what others thought, and just did what they felt what right. Now I'm tired...blahhh...
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