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    I lost my mum when I was about 9 years old. That personal tragedy pushed me close to God in Catholic Church. In 2011 I was baptised in Evangelical Church on my own will, but with a little bit shadow of doubt. Because I have been creating story for film for 5 years in my head (not on a paper, because of lack of motivation) I was looking for information on different subjects connected with religion and belief or non-belief. That's how I came to salvation in CHrist and that's how my doubts started to grow. Now I don't know what to expect.

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  1. Hi!


    If anyone remembers me, I just want to let You know that I am alive and still thinking about Ex-Christian forum and about people that I  met here :) I just had a break mostly, because of problems with Internet connection at my home. Soon it will be fixed and I will come back here for longer time :) Greetings :)

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Hey Lost


      I certainly remember you! Miss you on Discord chat. If you make it back on we'll have to try a group voice chat again - provided we can get your sound working this time :) 

    2. Lost


      Thank You Logical Fallacy for good words :)

  2. Hey RealityCheck! I want to send You words of compassion from me to You in those hard moments of your life! I don't know how it is to witness death of the father (rather I know how it is to witness dad's struggle with alcoholism), but I know what it's like to lose a mother. Stick to Your wisdom that comes from Your personal experience and be healthy and strong in Your ways of life, whether they are happy or tragic. Lots of peace Lost
  3. I'm sort of depressed guys. Recently I got to conclusion that it will be really difficult for me to move to England in the future, because of some consequences related to my debts. I have them 90 % in 'non-bank' companies (loans that You can take through the Internet, getting money directly on Your bank account with out need of a traditional bank). For now, I got calls from debt collectors, because I don't pay to these companies any money from February 2019. I'm afraid that one day a bailiff will knock my home's doors. Luckily, as I found out, debts are the part of a civil law, but unfortunately if a particular loan will accuse me of extortion of a loan or money, that is a part of criminal law. In medical fields, like in my case Nursing, when someone goes abroad employers want a potential candidate for a worker to show certificate of no criminal record. I guess my shopaholism addiction (that caused my debts) fucked up my future forever. Maybe there will be no accusations related to extortion of a loan, but just a bailiff. But a man or a woman who is the one takes 50% of an income from a bank account and it makes anything harder to save the money for personal goals, but to just live on a minimum scale So that's how Brexit ruined my dreams to move to England and most of ALL- me, myself, because of my stupid addiction. Do You have some friends from abroad that came to work to Your country despite problems with debts and bailiff? And if You have, how it all ended up for them?
  4. I guess, I would pray to a God that I have always known- Jesus. And if I was in a lot of pain and lonely, before death probably I would imagine the figure with open hands (ready to hug me) in light and try to imagine warmth and love that people who experience near death experience see and feel. And I would think in my mind or said "You know my whole life and deepest thoughts, emotions and doubts and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to live a life in Your godly ways, but if this is Your will, please accept me into Your kingdom, although I am very messed up and confused person". I am a person with personality disorder and anxiety-type person, full of emotions that are out of control, so it's hard for me to decide, whether it's better to live in a conservative world or in liberal world...so I just live in a kind of mixed my own world with elements of liberal and conservative world. Unfortunately I can't make myself a good, full of faith, a 100% convinced Christian or an Atheist Activist that is 100% convinced that there is no God. I am a number 5 on Richard Dawkins' Spectrum of theistic probability: 5. "Leaning towards atheism. Lower than 50% but not very low. "I do not know whether God exists but I'm inclined to be skeptical." That makes things really difficult, cause Christians and Atheists are much more into 100% sure people, than doubters and skeptics. I hope that somwhere in the world there are support groups for people who are not 100%.
  5. Personally, I would be afraid to ask God for a sign again, cause I'm dread that I could actually receive a sign and then I would have to come back again to this whole Christian lifestyle and make sense of it all again. Honestly, I like the secular world too much to come back again to conservative ways of life. Well, I see lots of disadvantages in both worlds, whether it's liberal or conservative world. I just stick to rationality, love, kindness, hope and as much as I can the understanding and help for others. Although I have also lots of anger, dark emotions and pessimism inside of me I try to make my daily life to work somehow without God and church friendships. Unfortunatelly, in my personal reflection I think that if I would have a terminal disease, terrifying accident in a car or on a plane or if someone would kidnap me, probably I would say my personal prayer to God, although I have a chaos in my mind related to faith in general. I don't know, if I could die as a strong, unshakable Atheist, especially if I was conscious before death.
  6. Thank You All for Your advices and Your perspective on this subject And thank You for Your time to reply to my thread Future will show if I will ever go abroad. But yeah, I am jealous that for other people moving abroad or traveling abroad is so easy. In many cases they have someone to support them and help in that process. I had only an opportunity to travel once to my cousin and her family to Northallerton (North Yorkshire in the UK) for 2 weeks during summer in 2017. To be honest, If my dad wouldn't ask my aunt ( my cousin's mother) to take me there, I don't know if they would ever welcome me in their house on their own. They took me to Whitby (I saw a Dracula's castle, which in reality was a monk's church or something like that...but those graves and the whole atmosphere there gave me special emotions). I had to take some photos, although there was a suggestion to respect people who rest there in graves and their family. And I saw a North Sea and big white birds. My aunt and my cousin were complaning about me being sad and serious on the face and that I don't have a boyfriend although I am in my 20's, but yeah my whole identity is broken and my spiritual values are gone, so for now I don't really give much of a though to relationships. I don't know if I could live with a person all the time forever and ever. I said to them that I'm going to be in a relationship and having babies in my 40's and that really pissed them off. So I would say that my first journey abroad wasn't with right people, but I am glad that I had a opportunity to travel to England before Brexit and I tried to talk to people using an English accent during my walks alone on the streets of a small Northallerton, but people seemed to be bored or were saying "Sorry" if accidently they touched my shoulder and I kind of smiled laudly when one guy in the shop said to me "Madam", cause I am not used to to this special treatment. Ladies in bank, post or travel agency were nice though. But when someone goes to England it's not surprising to not to think about great London. I'm thinking about one day trip to London before Brexit, but I don't know how to plan it and come back home safe without problems. Me and my dad, since my mum's death in 2002 tend to separate and isolate from the rest of the family. That's why we didn't have an opportunity to build a strong bond with most of the family. Sometimes we are just like: 'Fuck You all, you haven't been there when we were in a grief and in a need, so fuck You'. My mum was the one that had a gift to unite the family and had a spirit that spread a warmth to everyone's soul. Me and my dad we like to work on our own, we like to be independent and we like to loners. But it doesn't mean that we don't yearn for love that we once felt more in life. Cities in my country like Cracow or Warsaw (or even more that I haven't seen before) are also great and have lots of tourists and English-speaking people there, so maybe it will be an alternative option to move there if my dream about US or UK won't come true. Thank You for Your suggestions about Ireland and Canada, I will think about that But, yeah...I forgot. It's difficult for me to move out anywhere, even to bigger city in my country, because of my huge debts, caused by shopping addiction (as a coping mechanism during the process of deconversion or rather as a bad side of my personality and spoilt attitude towards life). No excuses. I need to pay for my addiction and fix it. No one will do this instead of me.
  7. Hi !!! I don't know how many of You have ever experienced in life an overpowering desire to live in another country than the one that You were born in. I have. All of us was born somewhere in the world and with time we grow up and decide where we wanna live. When I was younger and I was watching TV for me an American World seemed to be the one that I want to live in, when I will be an adult. Mostly because of language, culture diversity, feeling of being cool and many more. After some years I thought to myself that USA is too far from Poland and it really hard to go there, because of many boundries and a visa thing. During school years I realized in my mind that well...actually...England and the whole United Kingdom is in Europe and it's in European Union. So when I started my Nursing studies in 2013 I thought that it's a great opportunity to go there after finishing studies and work and talk in English all the time. And maybe finally write a screenplay for a movie (which is my main dream). And to meet great people insupport groups who experienced lots of weird psychologically damaging things in life like losing mum in childhood, losing Faith in God and losing the whole identity. And all of the sudden this whole BREXIT thing ruined everthing. Not only for people outside the UK, but also for people from the UK, who had a dream to live in a romantic Paris, a hot and energetic Spain and Italy or in another country. But sometimes a dream can turn to something that later might be the greatest regreatof life, so maybe I went too far with my imagination when it comes to living in the USA and the UK? Well, in my country there is more and more visitors from other countries, especially in bigger cities. Sometimes, even at my work at McDonald's I have a opportunity to talk in English when tourists come. But I live in much more less attractive town than Warsaw or Cracow. Please, England! Let me to come to You and work as a nurse. I promise I won't make any problems and I will be nice and I will be speaking with British accent! I will even learn a sign language. But please...let me experience living in your country. Anyway...have You ever wanted to live in another country so badly that You sacrificed a lot or after some time You gave up? And how to get to the USA or UK step by step as a person from another country? What can You advice me from Your observation of this whole issue as someone who lives in the USA or in the UK? Maybe You have some friends or co-workers who went through this process of moving in to another country?
  8. My nickname "Lost" means that I'm kind of a person, that is completely lost in this world. People seem to live quite easy lives and do casual stuff. They find someone to be in a relationship, have kids, parents, grandparents and work. Yes, they have problems, but not that complicated and complex as someone who lost their own identity after losing faith in God and who lost mother in childhood...and more different problems as well. People around me and from my family are surprised that I am not like others and don't do things like others, but...ugh (they will never understand what I have in my head). I guess, I will start to tell them that I have problems that are not that famous in society and I was diagnosed with personality disorder, so sorry I can't grow that quickly to the standards of a normal world.
  9. I think that this line of Yours might show that Your whole thread is a joke, but I don't know for sure. He will forgive me but burn some of you motherfuckers for doing the same shit I did because you aren't believers. True!
  10. Hey duderonomy Can I ask if this is true that You believe agan in Jesus or Your whole post is a joke? Cause I'm kind of confused while reading Your replies to others. If You believe again, what happened that You changed Your mind? Greetings
  11. I know that here on forum, like on any other forums moderators want to keep everything in order, but I don't know if it's right to put rude photo under someone's name to punish someone. Maybe writing private messages to solve the problem would be much more appropriate. It's like You don't have that much respect for that person. Your reputation as bosses of this forum can be shaken and you may be stereotyped by people who come here (and have belief in something different) as typical atheists that they know from stories of their preachers...not atheists with respect for every person's opinion. Dealing with mental illness is something beyond healthy person's imagination. And if someone with mental illness had once faith that God exists and can take away this illness and loses faith, deconvert...imagine deconversion is extremely hard for mentally healthy person, let alone for someone with mental illness. I know that 100% Atheists want to surround themselves with mostly rational people, but don't be like preachers in churches who condemn doubters, backsliders and people who change their world view very often. And SerenelyBlue try to understand moderators and maybe change the way You express Your doubts, feelings, etc. and minimalize amount of posts that You write. Maybe change few posts into one where You want to express whatever You feel and believe in in particular time. Wish You lots of stability in life general and with Your beliefs
  12. Chat room on Discord is closed?

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Hey Lost. Long time! No Discord is still open and running. Can you not access? Are you getting any error messages? Click on the discord link in this thread - you should see an invite from me.


    2. Lost


      Ok, thanks for the information :)

  13. Hey! I have just discovered a youtuber, who tells stories about paranormal experiences that she, her friends or other people that she knows experienced. She told a story about what happened to her friend after playing the game called Ouija board . It's really scary and hard to imagine, even from sceptic's point of view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44VnKV4kyjA I would say that I am 5 on Dawkins's scale ( The spectrum of Theistic Probability). I am a weak atheist, who don't know for sure if God exists, but I am inclined to be skeptical. And I can't live as a Christian without true faith and for now it's scary for me to even think about being involved in any kind of church life again, but if I would find out that I have a terminal illness and I will die soon- I can't say that I would be able to die as a 100% atheist- rather not. I tried to find some topics here about Your experiences or opinions about this "game", but couldn't find. You mentioned a lot about Tarot reading, but never really about Ouija board invented by Elijah Bond. What do You think about this stuff?
  14. I'm also kinda person, who is uncertain of many things. Uncertanity is really annoying. Hope that You ag_NO_stic will find a way out of this and Your struggle will go away!
  15. I don't know why this is happening, but some people from church try to reach out to me (especially those who didn't have closer interraction with me). I DECIDED to be in touch with one friend (she is quite tolerrant) and she mentioned to me that one married couple from church would like to meet with me and their home's doors are always open for me. They are convinced that I quit going to church, because elders are not really interested in anyone and there is no real family atmosphere in church. I messaged to my friend and asked her to tell them that this is a mattter of my views, not my feelings towards people in church...to be honest it's a matter of different things. They send me greetings through my friend. They seem like they want to be my friends at all cost...sigh. In my church some people created an alternative home group, where there is a nice, family atmosphere and all of that. Of course pastor and one of the elders were pissed off that something like that was created. So creator of the group spoke about this group on the forum of the church. So, members of the church can go freely to his home group during Wednesdays and to church to Bible study on Tuesdays and Prayer meetings on Thursdays. Yesterday I got call, actually I called back to unknown number (I didn't have it on my phone contacts list) and as it turned out- it was one guy from church (kind of rebellious man, who don't like that much elders). He started to invite me to this alternative home group. He asked me some questions without being rude and he said about his perspective on God . I am not really an assertive person and I told him where I started my job (he even mentioned that he will come to buy ice creams in McDonalds, where I work). Shit! I blocked his number on my phone like some others' numbers. I told myself that I need to be tough and consistent about my decision and not to make a mistake of interracting again with these people. Some of them are nicer than others, but Lost, please shut up and follow your purposes, don't come back to previous life. But when I will ever meet them on the street or on the bus- I don't know what will I do. I think for some people from my church it's hard to believe that this shy, quiet and nice girl (I'm talking about myself) just lost her faith and don't believe anymore. To be honest I feel strong heat of anxiety and go again through some kind of stage of trauma, when I think about Christianity or Christians. I'm allergic to their whole environment. For sure, if I will ever find out that I'm dying, because of some deadly disease or I will be on death bed, I will be thinking about God, Jesus and hell, maybe I will be praying in case of not being condemed, but I don't know if that will make me feel really certain and convinced about truth of Christianity :/
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