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    After 26 years of processing and reinventing history to fit the old book and being treated as a total doormat for living the life of a Matthew Chapter 5 "Christian"... and not understanding why I was treated with such disrespect... especially by the church folks.. and still "staying" with the church for many years...I was able to rewrite my whole mental operating system after forming these three words in my mind "god is imaginary".... and.... all of a sudden.. the way folks behave made total sense to me for the first time in my life. Just like the earth travels around the sun.. and not the otherway around. An adult life of anxiety just simply disappeared... I still have my last bottle of prescription medication from three years ago. Zero anxiety... and so much happiness. I now have 35 or so years left to REALLY LIVE!!!

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    Nope, there are no gods

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  1. I know what town MOHO lives in/near, and a bit of his background. Won't share on this public forum; but, I can confirm information via PM if it would help confirm their wellbeing.
  2. Yep. It is now mostly, if now nearly completely, defend what I believe, and not seek out what is true. No real point to engage, unless they are hurting those I care about with promoted ugly social norms, or laws that make those I care about "less than".
  3. I total share Fuego's experience. Zero fear of "hell", or any synonyms thereof. And, it is totally awesome!
  4. This. Christian faith that ignores these clear dictates, can it really be honest faith? Of course it can not be faith. It is everything else you mentioned instead. Our observations at the Food Bank Warehouse and at the community distribution locations clearly show that the volunteer folk working to feed the hungry and food challenged are, in order of contribution: 1. Empathetic and compassionate individuals. Overwhelmingly either secular in thought and/or behavior. 2. Corporations and non profit groups. Very impressed by the efforts made by corporations. 3. The Catholic Church and their private schools. 4. "Liberal" churches, Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, Mennonites, etc.... The Evangelical/Baptist/Conservative churches are nearly non existent.
  5. Yes, this works....but at the cost of listening to reams and reams of fallacious logic, threats, and fake sympathy. I have deliberately burnt a lot of bridges lately with this method. I use it for my own benefit, as I find passive aggressive "ghosting" of others to be personal distasteful.
  6. Pure wisdom. ^^^^ Been working on fully executing this over the last several months. I've got a few bridges that need to be burned.
  7. Folks have been redirected to Reddit, Agnostic.com, and ton of varying private and open Facebook groups. So many options for folks these days. Tons of folks at these sites. https://www.reddit.com/r/exchristian/
  8. Yep. "Because god said so" Is the base definition of religious bigotry
  9. It is all forms of emotional blackmail. You are under no obligation to give in to controlling emotional blackmail. It would not be in your own mental best interest.
  10. I would of been more direct and stern in my communication if anyone made my harmless daughter, or her wife out to be "bad" / "less than". We need to stop extending religious privilege to these folks. It makes it clear in their mind that harmful ideas, like laws against our harmless LGBT citizens, or beliefs that say it moral to put harmless kind folks into some fantasy external torment world are "acceptable", when they are not. The time has come to more clearly communicated to the indoctrinated that their sick belief are no longer acceptable.
  11. Absolutely nothing. He was an agnostic. But, he put me into Sunday School as he considered it "free babysitting". He allowed the indoctrinators/programmers code my brain at an early age. I now consider all of this crap child abuse.
  12. Imposed belief sets are so overrated. I have had near zero cognitive dissonance, and even less anxiety since trashing the belief set indoctrinated into me in favor of a simple self determined mental bios based on kindness, empathy, facts, and rationality. The only dissonance I deal with is from the vast majority around me pushing their programmed belief on to me, or passively/actively against me. This does suck.
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