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    After 26 years of processing and reinventing history to fit the old book and being treated as a total doormat for living the life of a Matthew Chapter 5 "Christian"... and not understanding why I was treated with such disrespect... especially by the church folks.. and still "staying" with the church for many years...I was able to rewrite my whole mental operating system after forming these three words in my mind "god is imaginary".... and.... all of a sudden.. the way folks behave made total sense to me for the first time in my life. Just like the earth travels around the sun.. and not the otherway around. An adult life of anxiety just simply disappeared... I still have my last bottle of prescription medication from three years ago. Zero anxiety... and so much happiness. I now have 35 or so years left to REALLY LIVE!!!

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  1. Religious abuse

    Valerie and her work is awesome. Need to clone her 10,000 times over.
  2. She does understand that when she says "Lord" That you are actually hearing "Cottontailed pink and purple unicorn", right?
  3. Anuska, if you sad or angry, and if these people are main reasons for wasting a chunk of your precisious life, your feelings are normal are quite justified. Otherwise, if they are more like memory "triggers", than one needs to work on changing one's own mental processing. It took me a full five years of work on myself to stop the triggers from triggering. Memory triggers are life wasters.
  4. Sh** christians have said to you

    Another episode of emotional blackmail. I am so sorry Jessica. You did not deserve this.
  5. Sh** christians have said to you

    I saw this jewel yesterday on the sign of a small town church in Harrisburg Oregon: "The opposite of Truth is not error. It is sin."
  6. Self Hatred and Guilt

    "You are more interesting and beautiful than any of the religions ever imagined, all doctrines of original sin are bullshit." Yes we are!! The moral code we can create for ourselves far exceeds the ones made by the indoctrinaters/programmers. Here is mine: I care about facts, empathy, and treating all people fairly. These ten words are far more potent for me than any ten commandments.
  7. The first two years. Anger. At them and their lies. At myself for taking so long to totally figure it out. So many years lost. The next three years. Mental annoyance. Every day, exposed to 100s of religious buildings, signs, speech in the media, friends, social media. They were all memory trigger, being back bad memories, diverting me from truly enjoying the rest of my life. The last two years. Mostly at full recovery. The anger has mostly past, the triggers are not triggering. I go out and live and enjoy every day. I live in full confidence, and not "meekness" I speak with clarity. I deal, with ease, with those who I used to be. Happy. At ease. Zero anxiety. I have so much gratitude for my life now. It is a blast.
  8. Sh** christians have said to you

    Little hope for that one.
  9. "Sin" is separation from ___________ (fill in your god/gods/great spaghetti monster here) _______________ does not exist (well. Maybe GSM does). And neither does any out of the world "hell" place. So, "Sin" is meaningless. Yet, you are still a living caring person. You get to decide what rules substitutes for "sin". Some possibilities to consider: Do no harm. Give back. Facts > ANY belief set. It is good to express empathy. Do anything and everything you want that does not DIRECTLY take away from or harm another. Live. Really live. Everyday. You only have a limited number of days to do so. Make the most of them.
  10. Who Goes to Hell?

    Waaaaaaay to much hand wringing and "knashing of teeth" for an imaginary place. Instead, everyone, please "go forth", enjoy this world, and relish whatever brings you joy.
  11. Can a Married Bachelor Exist? (to the newly deconverting)

    "You're like "I KNOW YOUR ARGUMENT, I PROMISE! Let me show you why you're wrong" and they think we still need basic evangelism." This is soooo upsetting. They expect full respect....but will not return the favor. Yes, I used to be "them, but, now 7 years removed, my empathy is wearing a bit thin.
  12. Others disappointment over Your de-conversion

    Timely topic, as I was "forced" to come out to one of our bestest, but total fundy, friends/couple last Sunday, telling them I have been a full non believer (atheist) for the last seven years. It did not go well at all. I ended up with sleep disturbance for the next four nights. I did not want to hurt them, but, I got put in a position where I would of needed to lie to them to avoid it all. It has now been nearly a week and it is a lot better. I sought out the ear of a few trusted fellow travelers to "talk me down". It is working. Plus, lot if other helpful sourcea online. It is now clear that what happen will be a long term benefit for me. So, how does one deal with it? Well, one just does. Life is often messy. Deal with it, then do whatever you need to repair and "feed" yourself.
  13. Woke up with Keith Green in my head

    .....and "god" crashed Keith's plane for some "higher purpose", right?
  14. What's the deprogramming process like for you?

    My experience is not typical. Most folks go through more of a process until they concede their is no god/hell/heaven/spaghetti monster. Mine was a bit more immediate. After a couple decades under church programming, and processing reality "on a separate channel" in my mind I found myself looking over beautiful scenery surrounding Mt. Hood. At that moment I thought "What if god is imaginary? What would that mean? Does it explain why people behave and act they way they do"? Almost immediately it became soooo clear: This explains everything!!! Over the next 20 to 30 minutes I sware I could physical feel my mind's operating system reprogramming itself. I no longer believed any of it. No fear of hell. Just a mind now living in reality. For a few years bad memory of church abuse were easily triggered by church speech/buildings/symbols/bumper stickers/billboards/social media etc.... but it does fade away. But, for me, in reality, life, and peace of mind, has never been this good.
  15. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    So... If a religious person thinks that there exist not one case where the ownership of one human by another human is allowable/moral, they are wrong. Reference Exodus Chapter 21.