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    After 26 years of processing and reinventing history to fit the old book and being treated as a total doormat for living the life of a Matthew Chapter 5 "Christian"... and not understanding why I was treated with such disrespect... especially by the church folks.. and still "staying" with the church for many years...I was able to rewrite my whole mental operating system after forming these three words in my mind "god is imaginary".... and.... all of a sudden.. the way folks behave made total sense to me for the first time in my life. Just like the earth travels around the sun.. and not the otherway around. An adult life of anxiety just simply disappeared... I still have my last bottle of prescription medication from three years ago. Zero anxiety... and so much happiness. I now have 35 or so years left to REALLY LIVE!!!

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  1. ConsiderTheSource

    Been Lurkin'

    Welcome to Ex-C Dice. I/we "get" you. Based on what you have said. I sincerely doubt you are ashamed of your non belief. Afterall, you have been free from it all for over ten years. I am just completing my ninth year. More likely, you are just simply concerned with the consequences, social, family, or otherwise. For as long as you value these realtionships more than unfiltered discourse limiting your responses seems like simply an intelligent thing to do. Yet, your feelings are still very real, and valid in these situations. Religion, especially the Abrahamic religions, are the grestest mindfuck ever invented by man. What your church family and friends are unable to grasp is empathy. Instead of gaining empathy they consider others "less than" simply because their life experience does not match their own. Everyone deserves the unfettered space and respect to express their life. You understand this. They likely never will.
  2. ConsiderTheSource

    Maybe this will actually work

    Awhile back i putvoutva thread asking "Who deconverted you". The overwhalming response, as expected, was "myself". Most of us here have pondered if there is any effective way to reach on and, if not outright deconvert, gain a foothold with those we care about who are mired in the greatest mindfuck ever created by man. The overwhelming consensus is, no, there is not recipe. No definitive effective path to do this. All at our disposal is to drop a few mind seeds and see what, if anything, happens. Well, I ran across a modern seed planting mechanism today; one that appears to be very effective. It is directed toward Mormons; but should be easily adaptable to other indoctrination schemes. So, what is everyone thoughts on this? Link below.
  3. ConsiderTheSource

    My Last Beating

    Full confidence in yourself. Empathy for others. And Intelligence. You have all you need to fully live the rest of your singular life to its best. It is going to be awesome.
  4. ConsiderTheSource

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

    Nope it don't. Reality matter. Facts matter. Theology is the greatest mindfuck ever invented by man.
  5. ConsiderTheSource


    @Christforums Do you considered your experience here at to be "persecution"? Based on content of your statement I am led to believe the answer is "yes". As I explained in a different post, you have not experienced anything close to real presecution. Maybe you came here in order to gain in group points by being "persecuted". But, sorry, you were not. Not real presecution. But, of course, you are free to believe whatever you want. For me, I will stick with facts and reality. They have "treated" me so much more fairly over the last nine years then the belief set indoctrinated/programmed into me over the previous 30 or so years.
  6. ConsiderTheSource

    On the subject of Hell and Salvation.

    There is no god.
  7. ConsiderTheSource

    Arguments against Christians

    I think I will steal and adapt this. Going forward, when faced with unsolicited religious propositions, I think I will reply: "Well, that's nice, but I refuse to live by anything not backed by facts and reality". If they want to progress from here it will have to be from a basis of facts and unwinnable augument for them.
  8. ConsiderTheSource


    Been on both sides of this fence. Um, no. No way. There is sooooo little real actual Christian persecution. Get back to me when your child gets fired for being gay, when you are immediately disqualified from being elected to major office when being open about one's non faith, your child is not respected for marrying the one they love simply because they are the same sex, and when you experience most all of one's lifetime social relationships shun you and your kids for your lack of belief.
  9. ConsiderTheSource

    Whoever came up with this shit, thanks a lot

    Fuego, you always seem to hit the center of the dartboard. Almost every single time. I am both impressed, and grateful you are here on this board. Folks, your choices can be powerful. And they are all your's. They need no review or preview from any outside party. But, these choices will never become powerful until you exercise the choices you are craving to make. Do it.
  10. ConsiderTheSource

    An Athiest Too Late.

    I did. Almost nine years ago. And, have continually stayed in that place since. It may be difficult to do, but it can be done.
  11. ConsiderTheSource


    I hope I am wrong. But, I do not see the value in engaging in apologetics on their site. The apologetic always wins the battle as they "win" simply by coming up with any "what if" that answers the question put to them. I still remember being told, and convinced, that "God" "pre aged the earth", which explains the fossil record showing millions/billions of age even though "the Earth is really 6,000 years old". Yes, they end up with a spaghetti of twisted reality and a very improbable scenario. But. as long as it "fits", they "win".
  12. ConsiderTheSource

    Dear God,

    I do not agree. The brainwashing/indoctrination and lies; lie after lie after lie. This is what changed my actions and behaviors for the worse. I would be much more open to taking more of the "responsibility" IF I had the right to file, at the very least, civil tort charges against the leaders of the organizations who engaged in deliberate fraudulent behavior in order to benefit and gain for themselves. Until then, I call "BULL" on putting the entire blame on me, or anyone else put under thought control and repression.
  13. ConsiderTheSource


    Just eliminate period at the end of his link and it will work.
  14. ConsiderTheSource

    Given your options

    1.Why is your only option to reject God? Insert "All powerful Yellow belly unicorns" or "All powerful stripped tribbles" for "God". Pretty damn impossible to reject something not ever evidenced as being real. Present evidence for "God". 2. Why has the option been the basis or foundation of your position against God? Again, pretty damn impossible to reject something that has not been demonstrated to exist. Oh, and, if your follow up is "What evidence would you accept to demonstrate a possible exist of "God"; I can actually answer this. I would be very interested in a legitimate properly executed scientific statistical triple blind study that demonstrates at the 99% significance level that prayer to "God" changes outcomes not explainable by any other environmental/mental factor, e.g. the "placebo effect". I would think the churches would be very interested in these results too. But, of course, it is not about getting to truth and reality, is it? Nope, it is about programming, indoctrination, and control.
  15. ConsiderTheSource

    A Christian wrote in his blog about us

    My morality > "biblical morality"