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    After 26 years of processing and reinventing history to fit the old book and being treated as a total doormat for living the life of a Matthew Chapter 5 "Christian"... and not understanding why I was treated with such disrespect... especially by the church folks.. and still "staying" with the church for many years...I was able to rewrite my whole mental operating system after forming these three words in my mind "god is imaginary".... and.... all of a sudden.. the way folks behave made total sense to me for the first time in my life. Just like the earth travels around the sun.. and not the otherway around. An adult life of anxiety just simply disappeared... I still have my last bottle of prescription medication from three years ago. Zero anxiety... and so much happiness. I now have 35 or so years left to REALLY LIVE!!!

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  1. My spouse > any belief set They are telling your wife that she has to view her husband as "less than". Sick bastards.
  2. ConsiderTheSource

    De-converting was crazy

    I was pushed to the wall by our closest legacy church friends. The only way to drive the point home was to say "Fuck the Holy Spirit". It worked. Have not troubled me since.
  3. ConsiderTheSource

    Things Atheists Post On Facebook

  4. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    My fucking daughter? Christian creep you are.
  5. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    Neither You are a bastard. My daughter and her wife will raise fine children. Judgemental prick you are.
  6. ConsiderTheSource

    Saying good bye to christain freinds.

    "Praying for my child". Now, this would get me angry very fast. I would confront them as to their "concerns" and then tell them clearly that I am doing/did a fine job raising my child, that my child is thriving, and that should take their false compassion elsewhere. Such creeps!
  7. ConsiderTheSource


    Ag_NO_stic, I think this is pretty simple. This person is simply trying to convert her old weak relationship with you into cash. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  8. ConsiderTheSource

    Canceled Dinner Engagement

    I am glad things may be working out. If you are referring to the winery near the Wild Animal Park, well, that is our favorite winery. Been wine club members their for nearly 15 years. It would be hard to drop them.
  9. ConsiderTheSource

    Are Christians more materialistic than atheists?

    Lol. The scientific method is not about justifying anything. In fact, it is the total opposite. A scientfic premise is always assumed to be false. It only become some degree of being likely after testing and examination. The is no room for justification of belief or behavior under the scientific method. It is all observe, test, quantify, and draw conclusions based only on what was noted and discovered.
  10. ConsiderTheSource

    Are Christians more materialistic than atheists?

    And, of course, scientists use science and the scientific method. How dare they justify their science this way!
  11. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    I have had many conversations with "the other side". I used to be "the other side" for 20 plus years. It has been my experience that "the other side" are the ones making next to no effort to communicate with out LGBT citizens, instead just accepting what the men in the pulpit, tv, radio, and their fellow travelers tell them. My conversations with "the other side" always include the encouragement to "get to know our LGBT citizens on a personal basis. Gain empathy". So far, I have had little success in actually getting them to make this effort. They already "know the truth".
  12. ConsiderTheSource

    Freedom in Jesus

    Me too. 8 years in. Anxiety gone. Banished. Living each day to the fullest. It is like getting chocolate ice cream every day without a tummy ache or weight gain. Not even one day in the last 8 years experiencing anything remotely like regret/fear.
  13. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    Educate?!?! I have literally read every major peer review research report on this topic. I sought out and spoke with 24 members of the LGBT community. I spoke in depth with 12 parents of gay children. I raised my own daughter and have an open and communicative relationship with her. I have a very deep understanding of the reality of all of this. You, well, you pretty much have "your beliefs". And YOU have the gall to tell me to "educate" myself?? Yes, you are referring to educating others. But, it does not work if they do not value facts. IF she causes harm, point me to the evidence and research. Point me to those harmed, so I can talk with them. But, you really can not do any of these. Bottom line, you see YOUR beliefs as greater then my daughter's reality. What do you think I am doing here? I am trying to "educate". Conversation over.
  14. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    Bull. The vote does nothing to protect her from the religious groups demanding her "less than" status when she creates no harm.
  15. ConsiderTheSource

    Christians blaming gays

    Duh. And, not a issue as long as they are not imposed on my daughter via slander, denial of employment, or the law. But, you know damn well the religious groups, and followers, are invading the harmless life of my daughter in all of these areas.