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  1. It is all forms of emotional blackmail. You are under no obligation to give in to controlling emotional blackmail. It would not be in your own mental best interest.
  2. I would of been more direct and stern in my communication if anyone made my harmless daughter, or her wife out to be "bad" / "less than". We need to stop extending religious privilege to these folks. It makes it clear in their mind that harmful ideas, like laws against our harmless LGBT citizens, or beliefs that say it moral to put harmless kind folks into some fantasy external torment world are "acceptable", when they are not. The time has come to more clearly communicated to the indoctrinated that their sick belief are no longer acceptable.
  3. Absolutely nothing. He was an agnostic. But, he put me into Sunday School as he considered it "free babysitting". He allowed the indoctrinators/programmers code my brain at an early age. I now consider all of this crap child abuse.
  4. Imposed belief sets are so overrated. I have had near zero cognitive dissonance, and even less anxiety since trashing the belief set indoctrinated into me in favor of a simple self determined mental bios based on kindness, empathy, facts, and rationality. The only dissonance I deal with is from the vast majority around me pushing their programmed belief on to me, or passively/actively against me. This does suck.
  5. Definitely! My adult anxiety disappeared. I became much more confident in my speech and social settings. And, amazingly, even my legacy church friends noticed a "positive" difference. Had more than one tell me they liked mr better "this way" (as opposed to Christ commanded meek, I guess).
  6. Not sure I understand this response. I am just talking about the math. .30 * .30 * .30 * .30 yields an error rate < .01. Of course this assumes the 30% error rate is random in nature, and not dependent on an outside factor. If we don't have a more accurate alternative, and if there is demand for a higher level of accuracy, this is one way to get there.
  7. Yes. This. If they make a claim, and if there is true freedom of speech, we should have every right to demand evidence and/or refute....without being subject to "you must respect my religious beliefs", else social/property punishment. This is a big reason why I chosen not to use my real name Facebook account for thought discussion purposes. No matter how I would phrase my thoughts, someone would put me in the asshole category. But, as time goes on, I get more and more tempted to do so.
  8. The solution for the 30% false tests is simply. Take the test four times. If you have the same result each time there is less than a 1% chance of it not being accurate.
  9. This needs to be "Leave THEIR religion".
  10. Mona, I soooo wish I could get to where you are at. Instead, every time a religious/bible category comes up on the show Jeopardy! I inevitably run the category....and get immediately upset that this crap is stuck in my head! I so wish I could delete it all.
  11. Any belief system that encourages or demands that one submit to/be less than solely based on their sex/gender is infinitely immoral. Hell no I would not tolerate this. I would beat it down. If I could not beat it down, I would run far far away. It takes indoctrination/programming/brainwashing.. the expertise of religion, to get one to the point of accepting this....or even considering it might be "ok" in a particular circumstance. Soooo glad to be far far away from the religious mindfucks.
  12. The big issue with these how to respond list is that they think we must always "assume god" in all of our conversations with believers. By "assuming god" we automatically lose. They automatically get to control the arguement. They will always be able to come up with some sort of apologetics, or spin to support their beilef set against whatever we choose to present. It is just not productive, nor worrh the effort. Instead, make them justify their god concept to you....and shoot down the logical fallacies like ducks at an arcade when they send them your way.
  13. No magic book got me to the point of understanding the process. It was my cognitive processes, examining my life experiences, those of others, and the response patterns of these folks; bouncing the responses off of fact and reality, and reprocessing it all over again. It was exhausting. But, I got "there" after a few years. Now, my mind is very much at peace with it all.
  14. I tire of the "something from nothing" argument. How does anyone know that a state of "nothing" has occurred? The evidence before us strongly suggests there always has be "something". So the state of "nothing" is not provable. It has to been assumed. We should not allow it to be thrown out on the table as an obvious fact.
  15. In the week after I processed the self posed questions of "What if God is imaginary? What would this imply for the people around me and the how/why they interact the way they do" I feverishly researched online to see if others had a similar revelation. During this feverish search I ran across the "Why does god not heal amputees" website". I completed the deconstruction process five days previously, now fully understanding that god did not exist (I had dismissed bible god four years prior). But, this site was the first to hit my brain with the thought "Oh my! It is so clear and obvious.
  16. Thanks again for your almost always well thought out and spot on thoughts. I am quite thrilled that maybe I have this observed quasi contradiction figured out. I have been bothered for some time why my response to deconstruction was so immediate, and different, than so many others. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. It is the trauma, real and remembered, that generates the anxiety. For me, removing my religious programming was an action that firewalled off most all of the trama. There is nothing else in my life, sans religious advertising/social media, in
  17. For a long time, close to 8 years now, I have been trying to reconcile my personal experience of a complete, and immediately, elimination of an adult life of medically controlled anxiety at deconversion versus the continued anxiety I read from soooo many who have rejected faith. I think, maybe, I have found a possible explanation. My dad was an agnostic. He used to tell me he prayed to god everynight "just in case he was there", yet he also railed against the church hypocrites. Unfortunately, for me, i ended up in Sunday school...."free babysitting", followed by indoctrination b
  18. Agree. Tells us little about them. Except, that they are dislussional. Very very dislussional.
  19. We don't exist. Then we do exist. Then we don't exist. Given we are all held to facts above, expressing and executing empathy for our fellow travelers stuck with the same finite reality would seem to be a very high, and worthy, purpose.
  20. Amway ambushes! Man, I forgot about the four times I was lied to in my Fundy 20's and ended up at one of these.
  21. Maybe it is the competition, such as r/exchristian
  22. Your entire list is sooo relatable to me. But, this one was the hook that kept me around for soooo long. Twice I got on my knees, in tears, "knowing" only sincere specific prayer was answered. Both times these prayers were "answered" in very direct, and prompt ways, via sources and people far removed from the church. The unlikelihood of it all dominated my mental operating system for almost 20 years. It was my personal "proof" of god. It kept me tethered to the cult in the face of soooo much conflucting data/evidence. Such a strong hook too. Damn hard to move on w
  23. After reading, I am not seeing how the responses you have received are flawed.
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