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    My experience has tought me that there is no god. Christianity has worsened my depression to a point where I don't think I can go on.

    The basics of what I believeD:

    - There is only one God
    - Jesus Christ is the Son of God
    - Jesus Christ is God, as are God the Father and the Holy Spirit (Trinity)
    - God is the creator of the universe. Genesis 1-2 are to be taken literally; God created the earth less than ten millennia ago
    - Humanity has fallen into sin
    - Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone; good works are a result of salvation, not a means to it
    - Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of all who trust in him on the cross, becoming their substitutionary sacrifice
    - Jesus Christ is coming again soon to judge the living and the dead
    - Among the things that orthodox Christians believe that I held (and still hold) to be unbiblical are: "hell" (the Bible teaches that unbelievers are destroyed after the second coming), the "immortal soul" (only God is immortal, therefore no one simply lives on after death; people are only resurrected with new bodies after the second coming, as the dead are not alive or conscious until then)

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