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  1. "Speaking of surrender, while you're down there..."
  2. http://www.faithit.com/3-common-traits-of-youth-who-dont-leave-the-church/ 1. They rely on emotional fervor to fuel their desire for devotion to their religion. 2. They have been heavily indoctrinated. 3. Their parents shoved it down their throats in addition to the clergy at church.
  3. God over porn? Ha, shit, that war was lost before it was ever conceived. Also "real men" don't need to psychologically enslave another human for "love". Now that I'm thinking about it, everything about that image pisses me off... Except @godoverporn, that's just silly. It kind of looks like he's trying to snap her neck.
  4. What the cat is really saying in that picture: BITCH, DROP THE TUNA ALREADY, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!
  5. Sorry I haven't been around. I've been kicking my book's ass.

    1. Ellinas


      I have no idea what that means but no need to apologize.

  6. http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/practical-faith/stop-performing-god Really? The entirety of the Bible is cause and effect. Follow God without deviation, and you will be blessed. Fail to follow Him, and you will be cursed. You don't get to cherry pick the verses about Christ that give you the warm fuzzies. Christians present following God as a choice, but Jesus stands on the outside of the door. *Knock knock* "Who is it?" "It's Jesus. Open the door." "Why?" "I need to save you." "From what?" "From what I'll do to you if you don't open the door." What kind of loving creator would create a creature who's default is Hell, who is given free will, and yet must submit to the creator to avoid eternal punishment? "This isn't love. This is sport fucking."
  7. So, they're telling me what to become by telling me not to become what others want me to become?
  8. My experience with the mental healthcare system has been better than most, but I realize my experience is the exception, rather than the rule. We are in need of a major overhaul, though getting people to sit at the table and discuss such things is likely to end in a murder. One of my life goals is to acquire great wealth. Another goal is to use that wealth to make lives better. I have ideas I'd like to implement, but--like so many things (including mental healthcare)--it comes down to the money.
  9. I'm not going to post the actual statements given the names and dates are pretty specific, but there's a current exchange going on between several of my friends on Facebook, all surrounding the death of someone (a Christian). She wasn't even 40, and battled cancer for several years before her death. "Heaven is rejoicing at the arrival of their daughter" "God be praised" "She went home to her savior" "She is finally alive" There's also the obligatory verses about how she's only sleeping, how God will come again, how he is to be praised for all his works are wonderful. Oh, and of course, pray comfort for the family. My mother died from cancer. We didn't want prayers. We didn't want people around. We didn't care about the platitudes. We didn't need meals, or call after call asking if folks could come by to talk to us. There was one person who we hadn't talked to in ten years. She asked if she could come by. We asked for privacy. She asked again. We declined. She asked again, and we told her we'd really rather not. She showed up anyway. My Dad was nice to her. I refused to talk to her. I despise the Christian response to death. They mourn their lives, and celebrate the end. Fundamentalist Christianity is a hair's width from the Kool-Aid cults. Drink up and get it over with, already.
  10. I LOATHE this "share if..." and "like if..." crap.
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