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  1. There's always New Age Spiritualism. I think Oprah is a fan.
  2. Maybe, but change really is in the air. These investigations are spreading across the globe, children are a much more sympathy-inducing population than adult women harmed by the church, and the internet has succeeded in teaching the newest generations not to trust everything their elders tell them. Though I know religion will likely never completely die because of what you mentioned, I do believe it is becoming more and more marginalized every day. But then I am an eternal optimist with pragmatic tendencies and a realist bent 😉.
  3. You would think the Vatican would have done something about this a long time ago considering how much time and effort it took to keep hiding it for so long . . . http://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2018/09/13/church-commissioned-report-german-catholic-priests-abused-more-than-3600-kids/
  4. Daffodil

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    Have you thought about doing the DNA testing? I am really curious about that, but haven't done it because it makes me a little nervous about a corporation having that data on me. Maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but I really would be curious to know. We have traced one side of the family back to the 1700s and they are French and English. The other side is at least partly English, but my maternal great-grandfather was adopted, so we don't even have a surname we can trace for him.
  5. Daffodil

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    Missions minded groups have switched from forced conversions to "carrot" conversions. Oh, you don't have any clean water to drink? You don't have a home anymore? Your children are starving? Well, come let us teach you about our god and jesus and sin and such and we will give you those things. And while we are at it, we'll take your precious children who you struggle to provide for, put school uniforms on them, and indoctrinate them so they become good little adult Christians (I'm talking to you, Compassion Int.!).
  6. Daffodil

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    Gawd I hope not! Just think for a moment what kinds of things could be classified as “indoctrination”. Who gets to decide what is “indoctrination”? Despite the damage this stuff causes, beware the unintended consequences of laws.
  7. Daffodil

    300 "Predator Priests" / Grand Jury Report

    Let it become a steamroller across the states! After awhile, any state that does not initiate an investigation is going to become suspect for collusion.
  8. Daffodil

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    No offense, but are you saying anything to counteract this indoctrination? As their father, if you are actually living with them (I don't know your domestic situation), I would be taking every possible opportunity to throw a few logic wrenches into their crazy ideas. It doesn't even have to be very obvious. Just ask thoughtful questions such as, "So what makes for a 'real' Christian?" "If you can't see inside her mind, how do you know what your friend really believes? After all, Christianity is about faith, not works, so how can you know?" Just get them to think a little bit in a way they're not currently doing. Again, I don't know your domestic situation or whether you are "out" to your family, but it seems to me that rather than insulting your young impressionable children, you should be actively trying to minimize the damage their mother is doing to them and giving them at least a chance at a life outside of the insanity. And even if they are teenagers, they are still impressionable. So do some impressing!
  9. Daffodil

    Didn't see that one coming...

    Fuego, that's a beautiful way to put it!
  10. Daffodil

    300 "Predator Priests" / Grand Jury Report

    I didn't mean to imply anything abnormal about homosexuality, was just trying to make the syntax a bit simpler. You may be right, though. The catholic church has always found homosexuality to be abnormal/sinful and anyone steeped in that religion would likely have some serious psychological issues with sexuality. Heck, people with hetero inclinations would have psychological issues with all the "sex is dirty and to be done ONLY for procreation" crap they teach.
  11. Daffodil

    300 "Predator Priests" / Grand Jury Report

    I disagree but have no research to back it up. I just can't see how a young man of 16 who would have completely normal interests in the opposite sex would grow into an older man who has completely abnormal interests in 8-year-old boys. Perhaps it's more of a situation where the teenager has abnormal interests already, is very religious and thinks becoming a priest will help him control those urges, only to find that they were not controlled so much as suppressed and things suppressed always find a way to resurface. I don't know, of course, but would also be really interested in the psychology of these predator priests.
  12. Daffodil


    I had a similar thing happen to me a few months ago. Old college friend who we used to support as a missionary took a break from missions work and is now apparently starting up again. Hadn't heard from him in years. Then suddenly he sends an email asking how things are going and have I heard from this or that person (people we went to college with), and we should get together and reminisce. I responded in a friendly manner, telling him about our lives the last few years. Next email from him was the pitch. "Hey, I'm starting a new missions position and wondered if you all might be interested in joining our support team?" After a fairly long response in my first email to him, my second response was just two lines. "I'm sorry, but we are not interested in supporting anyone. Thanks for thinking of us." He quickly bounced back apologizing and hoping this would not damage our friendship. I rolled my eyes because not having heard from them in years, how is it that we still have a friendship? I chose not to respond again and have not heard from him since. It really does get easier as you get older and more at ease with yourself. At my age, I just don't give a f*** anymore, though I will always be cordial and respectful.
  13. Daffodil

    300 "Predator Priests" / Grand Jury Report

    This is what makes no sense to me - the idea that allowing priests to marry would fix this problem. Riiiiiight. All those sick men who prey on kids would suddenly stop with relief and say, "Whew! Now I can have sex with my wife and never feel the need to molest a child again!" Complete BS! This religion attracts pedophiles because they can hide who they are. Out in the real world, people look askance at 45 year old men who have never married or had girlfriends or boyfriends, and everyone assumes (whether fair or not) that there is something "questionable" about that. If they are priests, no one bats an eye. They get paid to be the center of attention, practically worshiped, and have parents happily offering their children to them believing they are a good influence! It's the perfect occupation for a pedophile!
  14. Confidentiality is definitely part of the problem, but there is actually a whole web of issues making this a perfect storm for abuse. First, the belief that no sin is any worse than any other. So lying, gluttony, rape, coveting, using the Lord's name in vain, murder, stealing, etc. are all equal in their eyes, so equally forgivable. Second, the belief that God will forgive any sin and "erase" it from existence. Third, that repentance can "cure" any sin. Fourth, that prayer actually works and changes both people and God's mind. Fifth, that God can "change hearts" and make people "good", preventing them from ever committing the sin again. It's just a perfectly formed system for propagating evil, ironically! I can do almost anything the world would look down on, confess and ask forgiveness, do a little penance, everyone will think I am "all better", then go do the bad thing again and start the vicious cycle over again. What could be better for someone who is naturally inclined to doing evil, illegal things?
  15. Daffodil

    Are Christians more materialistic than atheists?

    Whether Christian or not, I think it depends on what you expose yourself to, and what you value in life. Once we gave up commercial TV and stopped buying magazines, we stopped wanting everything we saw. The kids even had difficulty thinking of things they wanted for Christmas and birthdays! And I think some people do find their self-worth in the things they surround themselves with and the people they associate with. If they work/party with people that drive brand new cars and live in big houses and take expensive vacations, they will likely want or think they need those things to be fulfilled. My husband is blue-collar (police) and we have never been car people, so we always get 2-year-old cars and then drive them for 10 years or until they cost too much to maintain. We also never felt the need or desire to impress other people. I don't know. Maybe it's a personality thing to some extent.