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  1. Taking a break for awhile. Will check back in sometime later. Have a great summer everyone!

  2. I'm going to regret this. I agree that teaching men that rape is wrong is stupid. Only a very small sick percentage of men actually want to actually rape a woman. The problem is the whole area of consent. What should be taught is something like this: 1. Don't have sex with a woman who is so drunk she can barely stand up. She may be easy to get in bed, but it will not go well for you when she sobers up later. 2. If a woman says no, WALK AWAY! If she is playing mind games with you or is being coy, she will learn very quickly that it's not working. If she meant no, then you have avoided a future lawsuit. 3. Don't tell a woman you are not in a relationship with that she looks nice or you like that dress or anything else about her appearance. Same goes for women making comments about a man's appearance. It WILL be taken as flirting whether you mean it that way or not. If you want to complement someone, complement something they did or accomplished. Their outward appearance is not who they are. And it does not matter if a woman is dressed in a provocative manner. Whatever her reasons for doing so, it is not your business and does not give you the right to make comments or "moves" on her.
  3. Daffodil

    Women's Power, the Analytical Approach

    “Shut up already”!? Yeah, I don’t think gray hair is all that’s keeping you from finding the love you want. ETA: Don’t bother responding to me. You’ve made it clear the only opinion you’re interested in is your own. I won’t engage again.
  4. Daffodil

    Women's Power, the Analytical Approach

    You've got to stop taking your limited (and yes I do mean limited - come on, if there are 7 billion people in the world today, then about 3.5 billion are female, and you know how many?) experience of the opposite sex and extrapolating that to half the world's population. You ask why women think "I need a man". Well, why do YOU need a woman? You say you like #2 and #3, so apparently you want a woman who cooks and cleans and takes care of you and her community in addition to having a career and money of her own. First, what planet are you living on, because if she did all of that, she would crash into bed every night with no energy at all for you. And secondly, what, exactly, are you bringing to the table?
  5. The response given was good advice, but they did not go far enough. If these grandparents (both sets!) are willing to have a whole ceremony done without the knowledge or consent of the parents when the child is a baby, what else are they willing to do!? They need to find new babysitters, even if they have to sacrifice to pay for it, and inform the grandparents that they have lost their childrens' trust and will no longer be allowed unsupervised access to the grandchild.
  6. Daffodil

    Being challenged by Catholic family members

    I would also add that if there is a strong chance of them ambushing you with an intervention, I would start coming up with excuses not to meet them in anyone's home. Offer to meet them for coffee in a restaurant or something, but try to avoid homes. They will have a harder time harassing you in public.
  7. Daffodil

    Being challenged by Catholic family members

    e me back to attending Mass every week. Never been catholic, but did study it with the intent of possibly becoming one as I was deconverting from evangelicalism years ago. I think the current pope is possibly your best defense against this kind of thing. After all, he is supposed to be god's representative on earth for catholics, right? So no matter how much they throw hell at you, keep coming back to "The pope says everyone is going to heaven, so I have no reason to fear." If they challenge that, then challenge them for being catholics that do not hold to the pope's teachings!
  8. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    I notice you said “find” women you want, not “get” women you want. Nice touch, lol!
  9. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    Well it’s been fun watching you guys compare your twigs and berries, but here are some thoughts. I’ve heard many men say they find confident, self-assured, strong women attractive. Could it be that we all, men and women, are attracted to that self-assured, relaxed, I-know-what-I-am-and-what-I-am-not-and-am-at-ease-with-myself confidence? That what is called “alpha male” is really just easy self confidence, but the term has been co-opted to be representative of the aggressive, in-your-face masculinity that has been described here? Maybe it should really be called “alpha human” as that easy confidence can be present in both sexes. Another thought: most women I know find a man who can dance or play a music instrument (well, certain musical instruments) to be more attractive. Could simple physical prowess, apart from the “attitude” have something to do with it?
  10. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

  11. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    That really sucks. TOT is the last one I’m still interested in. If I leave TOT, I leave Ex-C altogether. 😔
  12. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    It’s the common issue of definition vs usage. As with feminist, how the term is defined is not how it is commonly used.
  13. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    With all due respect, I don’t think anyone here feeds the troll as much as you do. Please put him on ignore yourself, for all our sakes.
  14. Daffodil

    The Myth of the Alpha Male

    Not taking happy pills doesn’t make me whine. It makes me want to hurt myself. Lay off BO, and show some sensitivity for once in your life. And while i’m on the topic, how about acting like a grown up and use logic and evidence to support your position!
  15. Wow, that . . . Wow. I seriously thought that was a basically secular organization. How did I not know that? So, why are we discussing this again?