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  1. There are positive aspects of living in Europe that just don't apply here. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it fairly cheap to travel between countries? And it's not terribly far to travel between countries? America is really big in comparison, and to get from one end to another requires flying (expensive) unless you have the time and stamina to drive all day for 3 or 4 days or more to get there. I always thought it was amazing that so many English people go to Spain or France regularly as if it's no big thing, and these were not wealthy people, by any means! Of course the fact that many of these countries have mandatory, so to speak, vacation time helps.
  2. Absolutely! Corporations will always put profit over care for their employees. The more work they can get out of their employees and the less benefits they have to pay, the better. There is no freedom when your boss has you by the balls and you know you will have difficulty finding another job because you are older or not qualified or won't be able to get health insurance because of a preexisting condition. That's not to say that there aren't a few corporations that reportedly care a little. I've heard that Costco is a good place to work.
  3. Interesting. "Guilty because accused" is an excellent way to describe it. That is exactly the way it has been with this flood of accusations, even if a very great many of them actually are guilty. It's also the way it has been for many years prior. Why do accused rapists have to see their names all over the papers before they receive a fair trial? Why do the women who make false accusations, ruining these men's lives, continue to be protected by anonymity even after the false accusation has come to light, while the exonerated men have to live with everyone knowing they were once accused of rape? There is an overriding belief that women are always victims and men are always perpetrators. It happens with domestic abuse as well - but don't dare tell that to domestic abuse advocates! My husband has gotten so frustrated with those groups after repeatedly arriving at domestic calls expecting a cowering, horribly battered woman only to find both the woman and the man (or sometimes just the man!) bruised and battered because she gave as good as she got. They are almost always both drunk or high and the abuse was mutual. Sometimes the man has all the bruises because she lays into him knowing he won't hit her back for fear he'll go straight to jail. Once the police started to require that any accusation of abuse be responded to with an arrest - even if the one being arrested was the woman - the domestic abuse people had an enormous fit! It just does not fit their world view that a woman could be just as abusive as a man. There is always an excuse - she was defending herself, she had reached a point she could not take it anymore, etc. Incredible! I find it so amazing and mind-bending that feminists insist that women can do anything and should be allowed to do anything and should receive the same treatment and benefits as men, then throw fits when they actually ARE treated the same as men. Are women weak and fragile little glass sculptures needing protection, or are they strong and resilient and able to handle whatever comes at them? I've been the recipient of sexual harassment a number of times. It pissed me off royally, but I did not let it ruin my life or use it for attention. Gah!
  4. Upon further reflection, I can see some nuances here. A man (or woman, for that matter), should take no for an answer the FIRST time and not keep asking. A woman should not play coy but should be very clear with her "No!" (Don't know if this woman played coy, but many women do, and it's part of the problem). If a man keeps asking, that is a red flag and should be followed by the woman abruptly leaving, which would help teach him not to do that, hopefully. Perhaps she thought she could pacify him by agreeing to oral sex and he would then stop asking, but again, if you don't want sex, just leave! He's clearly not the one for you!
  5. Saw a story today about Aziz Ansari. A woman is accusing him of pushing a little too hard for sex and making her feel uncomfortable. As you read the story, though, you discover that she allowed him to perform oral sex on her, then returned the favor. However, she did not want sex with him and was uncomfortable with him continuing to ask her (and all this happened on the same date)!!! How's that for mixed messages!? If you don't want sex, then don't agree to ANY kind of sex! And no, there were no threats to her person or to her job or any other coercive actions. She could have left at any time she chose, but did not. This whole thing has gotten completely out of control. Yes, there are definitely sick assholes out there doing sick crap. But the vast majority of cases seem to me to be more about miscommunication, or mixed messages, or men and women just fumbling through awkward social encounters. I barely read any news anymore. The world has gone mad and I avoid the news for my own sanity.
  6. Don't even try to make sense of it. The only people who understand it are the women who did it back then. The rest of us, myself included, just shake our heads in bewilderment.
  7. Turkey to allow child marriages

    Sick, but why the difference between girls and boys? And why marry them off before they can even bear children? Besides the sick factor, it just doesn't make practical sense. But then, why am I trying to make sense of something clearly sick . . .
  8. My mind was changed about high taxes when I realized that the big chunk of money coming out of our paycheck for health insurance is probably only a bit less than what would be taken out to fund national healthcare. Americans need to know that they are already paying ridiculous amounts of money for care that isn't even that great and that higher taxes would just be the same amount of money going out for more extensive care. It's really pretty simple, but the focus is always on "Oh my god! Taxes would be so high!" High taxes or high health insurance rates - what difference does it really make?
  9. China Demolishes Xian Megachurch

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Communism already obliterate Chinese culture? What is left of it to be threatened by religion (not defending religion at all, just confused)?
  10. Walmart is planning a store without cashiers

    You sound like me, except that I am an introvert. We are working hard to pay down the only debt we have left - the house - and then we are free and clear! Barring any catastrophic health issues, we plan to stay that way. No social media (except ex-c), no advertising-heavy tv, only one credit card and used only for travel - then paid in full every month, no gimmicky holiday crap, no new car every three years or the latest iPhone every year. Trying to teach the kids by example how to live this way, but don't know how it will ultimately look for them in the future. I have given up paying much attention to future forecasters, as it just makes me nervous and there's not really anything I can do about it anyway.
  11. Oh, now see what happens when you twist things around like that! 😁
  12. Oops, I forgot to correct you on something. Hubby is not a police chief, lol!
  13. You're so sweet! 😍 Thank you for making me feel better. Do you have a special someone (besides Margee)? Because if not, your ways with the ladies are really being wasted!
  14. 😂 I love you guys! You are so precious! I was really kicking myself and you and Dude made me smile!