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    Religion And School

    I read somewhere that a Christian parent wanted to have time set aside for bible study for those who wanted it. The PTO replied that they would have to find time for Koran study, Buddhist study, Hindu study, etc. They never heard from that parent again!
  2. "This country better be aware, we've suffered a lot of injustices, but I'm not sure God is going to tolerate this one very long." Nope, he let millions of his chosen people die in the holocaust and millions more either die or be enslaved for the color of their skin and even more die during wars waged in his name, but by golly he's not going to stand for those nasty homosexuals gettin' married, no he isn't!
  3. Daffodil

    What Do You Do About Christmas With Kids?

    I actually used to have the opposite problem as a christian - how to get Jesus back into Christmas! The focus is so much on presents and cookies and stuff that I struggled the other way. We were never really into the whole church pageant thing, so I think it will actually be easier this year. That said, I have always tried to keep the focus as much as possible on giving and helping those less fortunate, so you might try focusing more on that.
  4. I actually think they would be happy with the 1950's. I think they may have seen enough Mad Men episodes to know it was never like they imagined it.
  5. I happen to love the color turquoise and have a lot of turquoise-colored stuff in my house, including some of my walls. Does that make me "relentlessly turquoise"? I can just imagine the conversations these people have with their kids: Child: Mommy look at all the pretty rainbows! Mom: Don't look at that, honey, that's evil. Child: But Mommy, I thought rainbows were in the Bible? Mom: Not those rainbows. Child: Those are different rainbows? Why? Mom: . . .uhh . . .we'll talk about it later.
  6. MOHO - I hear you. I was raised by Democrats but became a Republican when I became an evangelical. I know plenty of good people on both sides of the political divide. I personally have no problem with the general public on either side and I really think that most Americans of both stripes are far more middle-of-the-road than the media would have us all believe. I am now a registered Independent because I agree with aspects of both sides and disagree with aspects of both sides. The problem I have is with the highest levels of leadership. The only way to get to the top is to have enormous amounts of money. The only way to get that amount of money is to get in bed with special interests and major corporations. Both sides are guilty of this and it makes me want to opt out of the system completely. As an American citizen, though, I want to do my part by voting. Not a fun place to be when every major election feels like I am trying to choose between the lesser of two evils. What I decided to do is vote third party. I know they have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but I can only hope that if enough of us jump off this merry-go-round of political insanity, it will get the attention of the people at the top and get them to change how they do business. I don't know what else to do, so if you or anyone else has any ideas, please let me know!
  7. Daffodil

    Charleston Massacre

    Good point, FW.
  8. After reading about the Duggar scandal and then learning more about the Christian Patriarchy movement, I started to wonder how you gentlemen out there felt about being expected to be the "head " of your wife (if you were ever married) and head of the home. I ask this because I know in my home, my husband was never really comfortable with that role. It used to frustrate me no end that he would not take more of a leadership role in our home, and I used to both slyly and overtly try to push him in that direction. I am ashamed at my behavior now, and wish I had never played those stupid manipulative games with him. I am also now deeply thankful that he was never like the domineering, controlling "heads" that we sometimes hear about in Christian circles. He did not become a Christian till college and was not raised in a Christian home. His parents both had master's degrees and careers, so I suppose that is why he balked at the role. Anyway, any thoughts? Were you uncomfortable with it or just accept that that was the way it was supposed to be? Was your transition to a secular home life difficult? Just curious.
  9. Of course if her ecstasy stems from being "filled with the spirit" during praise and worship songs at church (which can look a lot like sexual arousal to me!), then it's ok. Let's break this down: God created woman and all her parts. He made those parts to feel reeeeally good during sex. Wouldn't it be appropriate for her to praise and thank him for such a delightful gift during the experience?
  10. Kansas Governor Brownback is a catholic fundy and is destroying Kansas. Of course he is backed by the Koch brothers and I don't know what their religious backgrounds are. I would guess they are not as fundamental, but it's hard to detect who is more in control - the fundies or the Koch types.
  11. Daffodil

    Charleston Massacre

    You forgot "All things work together for good to them that love God" and "This is all part of God's plan. We may never be able to make sense of it, but He loves us and knows what's best for us." It's amazing what atrocities we can rationalize to avoid accepting reality.
  12. Daffodil

    Rachel Dolezal Raised As A Fundie

    Well, it doesn't excuse the deceptions, but it does make her a little more sympathetic. What a mess of a family life if it's all true.
  13. The catholic situation is apparently misleading. I read somewhere that once you are a catholic (born into it, baptized, converted, whatever), they can count you for the rest of your life, whether you want them to or not! So, if the church is providing the numbers, they're almost certainly skewed.
  14. Daffodil


    Even as a Christian I knew that legalism was ridiculous. Can't turn on a light!?
  15. Daffodil

    Men And Leadership In Christian Homes

    You know, Positivist, you're right, but don't ever suggest that to a Christian!
  16. Yup, I think you answered your own question lol!
  17. Daffodil


    This whole thing confuses me. When are there only 3 stars in the sky? There are tons of stars in the sky, unless it's overcast, which would then make it all dependent on the weather. The whole fasting thing is a joke because they get up really early in the morning and stuff themselves so that they can get through the day till they can then stuff themselves again. I seriously doubt any of them get more than just a little hungry during that period. One of the reasons there are so many levitical laws (did I just repeat myself) is because there are so many contingencies in the real world. You say I can't work on the sabbath. What if my child falls and breaks his leg. Can I carry him? Oh, that's ok, then? What if I blah blah blah? It just goes on and on and on. I'm sure Muslims and Jews have come up with plenty of contingency-covering exceptions.
  18. Wow! Also from Kansas. I so want to know what part of Kansas you're from so I can stay away! I'm in one of the university towns, so that keeps the real wackos from having too much visibility. For instance, though the Phelps crazies are from Kansas, they'd never be tolerated here. Anyway, though you were very brave to respond the way you did, will you ever do that again? That's one reason I haven't made my views public yet. I may not get much of a reaction from people who know me well, but for the rest of them? Yeah, don't know if I want to deal with that.
  19. Daffodil

    Men And Leadership In Christian Homes

    Thanks for your responses everyone. Thurisaz, I agree completely with you on the radical "feminists". They have never spoken for me and never will. I absolutely agree with all efforts at equality, but to vilify one sex to hold up another is just stupid. I've always wondered at the men who are married to some of these women. What is their take on it? I guess part of my reasons for bringing up headship in marriage is because the focus of criticism always seems to be on what it does to women. I think it hurts men, too, when it imposes a role on them that they don't necessarily want or feel is right. They're stuck feeling guilty for not being the leader that's expected of them, for not being "man enough" to lead their families. Am I off base here? I mean, clearly plenty of men probably like having an excuse to treat their wives like one of the children, but not all do?
  20. Gee, I didn't even notice her "aurat" because I was looking at her FACE!
  21. I don't know if this is the right place for this, but another post got me thinking about it. Can someone help me with the logic of liberal Christianity? They purport to believe in a god they only know about from a book of which the contents they largely dismiss. Have I got that right? How does that make any sense? (Ok, my English is usually way better than that. Sorry! I think I may have fallen into Yoda-speak there for a minute!)
  22. This really is kind of laughable. Are they going to stage sit-ins somewhere or something? I suppose they're thinking some gay couple will insist they perform their ceremony (unlikely - who would want to ruin their special day that way!) and after refusing, they will hold their heads high as they are led away in handcuffs, just as Jesus would have done!
  23. Daffodil

    Trouble With Liberal Christians

    I guess that's another thing to give evangelicals credit for: they love new people and are very welcoming from my experience. Liberal mainlines tend to operate more like social clubs, of the country club variety.
  24. Daffodil

    Fat Acceptance Movement

    Here's another thing to think about, RC. You're probably still growing. Your body hasn't finished working out all the details, yet. What you look like now isn't what you will look like at 21. I wish I could just give you a big hug right now, but all I can say is hang in there and be kind to yourself!