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    Nature and animals, art and culture, good FOOD and beer. Here to share support with post-traumatic-god-disorder issues.
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    My name is Christiana. I grew up evangelical, went to bible college, then left religion in January 2013, 3 years after graduating.

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  1. I realized earlier this evening that tonight is the eve of my 5-year deconversionversary! I just pulled out my old journal and read through pages and pages of the stream of consciousness, questioning and mental gymnastics leading up to it, when everything finally came together and the ecstatic joy, and the aftermath of figuring out how to "come out." The last four years or so have been lived in pleasant complacency and normalcy after all the dust settled and don't really think of things much anymore. I haven't posted here in a while! As much of a wild ride my deconversion was, I can't deny that it was a time when I felt truly alive and life burst with meaning. In a way I kind of miss that. Just wanted to share it somewhere because it's something worth celebrating!
  2. This changes everything!!! I may have to crack open my dusty old bible to read through with this new twist.
  3. This is a goodie.. apologies if it's been shared before! http://thegoodlordabove.com/twitter-bot-replaces-god-joel-osteens-tweets-dick-god-responds/
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