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  1. http://higherperspectives.com/moses-dmt/ Here is the wiki page describing DMT, a hallucinogen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N,N-Dimethyltryptamine While this short article is merely conjecture, it describes something I've often pondered: could miracles from the bible be cases of mass delusion or hallucinations, drug-induced or otherwise? I know that many religions throughout history have utilized drugs to achieve a spiritual awakening, why not Christianity? Another thing I've considered (as I'm sure many of you have as well), what if the bible is simply a complicated, prolonged
  2. Justus and Ironhorse, add me to your prayer list! I prayed for faith for 28 years and never received it...am I to assume that my faith wasn't strong enough for God to grant me faith? Now I'm confused!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing that! I've been looking for a book about evolution for my little guys, and this is perfect. I love the illustrations and the slightly challenging vocabulary. The narrator sounded like a gravelly-voiced version of David Attenborough.
  4. I love that episode of Bullshit! "Elvis didn't do no drugs!" I've been considering using the last few lines of that episode as my signature.
  5. Don't stop posting, Catt! You and Castiel have been largely responsible for my entertainment while my kids nap. I stumbled upon this site by googling "ridiculous bible verses" which linked me to this thread. So, I owe you and Castiel my gratitude for bringing me here. Thanks, guys!!
  6. Good post! You forgot Christians droning on about predestiny and God's plan, then countering that notion with talk of free will and the power of prayer! #10 was perfect! What annoys me about Christianity? ....Everything!
  7. Oops, tried to give your post four stars because I'm all out of updates, but my fat fingers hit three instead.
  8. Ugh! I must say to the Reverend Dr Brown what I want to say to all of Christianity for the past few weeks, "Fuckin waaaah! Religious freedom does not mean you are free to force your doctrine on the rest of the world!" Christians--"People are committing acts contrary to our faith! Help! Help! We're being repressed! You saw him repressing me, didn't you?!?"
  9. Excellent article, FTNZ! I liked it so much that I bookmarked it for future reference. 2 and 4 were my major stumbling blocks. I've had doubts about religion all my life, but my own self-doubt and low self-esteem prevented me from analyzing Christianity thoroughly. I'm glad I finally began questioning enough to really research conflicting opinions on the matter. I'm just a lowly newbie on this site, but may I suggest that this topic should be pinned?
  10. I despise those posts!! What's really annoying about the "like and share if you love Jeebus, scroll if you like the devil" ones: What does that say about Jews? They don't believe Jesus was the messiah!! So asinine!
  11. Yunea, didn't you realize that atheists and agnostics are all about sin? I should know, all my Christian friends have told me, Lol! My aunt is convinced that my heart is full of anger at God and Jesus. I couldn't possibly lack faith for any other reason. According to another super-fundy friend, evolution + no God = no morality. Damn, that black and white thought pattern pisses me off! I think I'll add that one to this thread to, if only to get some help on the best way to respond to that.
  12. Lmao, Violet! I have wanted to say that to Christians since I came out on Facebook. How'd you like his metaphor for sin as gravity? The part that ticked me off the most was when he said life would be without meaning and purpose without Jeebus!
  13. Yeah, meeting that guy was a lucky accident on my part, he's a long-time family friend of my husband. My husband left his Facebook open a few months ago, and as I was signing out, a post popped up from the gay friend about Dennis Hasterts former indiscretions and the blatant hypocrisy of conservatives claims that "homosexuals harm children". I never send friend requests to strangers, but his post was so dead-on with how I felt about the Duggar scandal that I couldn't resist. If the idiot proselytizer hadn't droned on like he was writing a novel, I would have included more of my gay friends' sm
  14. Ok, so I just edited this because it was insanely long, but it still didn't help much. Sorry about that, I was playing with my boys while doing this, and didn't realize how much I had here.
  15. Hey, Sy. I posted that facebook conversation just now, on Ex-Christian Life under the title "Adventures in Badgering Christians on FB". I can't figure out how to redact names and profile pics on my Kindle, so I copy/pasted most of it. Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see what I posted on the guys wall (I'm not normally a deviant bitch, but this idiot wouldn't take a hint if I'd used a sledgehammer).
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