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  1. https://bizstandardnews.com/2019/03/22/robertson-god-told-me-therell-be-a-trump-towers-in-heaven/
  2. While reading a testimony thread, I was very interested in some of the responses stating which Bible passage caused their “ah-hah” moment when they finally start to realize that it was all nonsense. One poster said that the Ananias & Sapphira story did it for him… I could definitely identify with that. For me, it was Jesus cursing the fig tree for not bearing fruit out of season. I just couldn’t shake the feeling of injustice when he cursed the unfortunate tree and killed it. Why, I couldn’t stop wondering, if Jesus was God, couldn’t he have just performed one of his many miracles b
  3. I've primarily been a lurker around here, but today, a FB post to our "siblings" group really got to me. My niece is a lovely young woman who has really had it hard since her teenage years when her parents (my brother and his wife) divorced. She got pregnant at 16, forced to give birth, then give up the child for adoption; a few years ago her husband was nearly killed in a freak accident; he has really never fully recovered. Then her house burned down, killing her two beloved dogs (luckily, no human life lost). Now, after having appeared to have gotten back on her feet, and only months after h
  4. I am primarily a lurker around these parts, but occasionally, would love to add a "love", or a "ha ha" emoticon to some posts. (I use "like" a lot on Facebook, but rarely post there, either). I see that some posts do have these notations, and wonder if I need to have some kind of minimum number of my own posts to ""Qualify"?
  5. It takes a minimum number of posts before that ability shows up. I think 10 or 20, not sure. Well, that's kinda silly, especially for a newcomer...
  6. Still getting the hang of this - how do you edit/delete a post? [img14980708_1146648348746592_2824594049858428910_n.jpg[/img]
  7. Perhaps they can start putting their money where their mouth is by not selling their little trinkets made in... China. Hypocrisy - the main reason I've given up on Religion
  8. Wow... I've been primarily a lurker here for quite a while (thanks for everyone's contributions - they all help!), but this is one of the most profound and true to my own feelings post I've seen here, yet. Daffodil, know that you are nowhere near alone in your sentiments. Thank you for a brave (IMHO) post. Keep on keeping on, as tough as it sometimes seems.
  9. I'm basically still a lurker round these parts, but have been voraciously reading these forums... Wanted to share what I heard in the office today (of course, a belief in God/the afterlife helps the humor...) Donald Turmp, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz all die after lightning strikes their building during a debate. All three make it to heaven and find themselves before God sitting on his throne. God grants each one a question... Ben Carson: "Is the Earth really 6,000 years old? God: "No, its more like 4 billion years old" Ted Cruz: "Was Obama really born in Kenya:" God: "No, he was bor
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