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  1. this essay is pretty great:



    As I’m writing this, Wyoming’s state legislature just voted to preserve capital punishment in the state. Some legislators made the usual tough-on-crime excuses for their votes, but one state senator, incredibly, offered that the death penalty was good enough for Jesus, so we should keep it because if you think about it, we really owe our salvation to capital punishment. This conceivably could just be an episode of the show, but if you extend the logic far enough, you get to “we need to have the death penalty ready to go if any messiahs show up"...


  2. Complex Societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history -- Pretty interesting little research snippet on the development of complex societies and religion

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      Yes, a well written research paper.

  3. Dropping by to say I love Gödel's incompleteness theorum in your sig.

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