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  1. Religion is clearly a flawed institution. I never claimed otherwise. Yes, there are definitely decent people that stay here. However it might be critical sometimes staying is not the best move. And of course I know there are non atheists. I was mostly talking to people who are still extremely angry at absolutely everything. And man I've met great people such as yourself, I've also met some real pieces of work. Here and other places. The good may out weigh the bad. I just find I should and cannot trust every ex-Christian/atheist. More often than not they aren't actually my people. It's just life.
  2. And just to add, the biggest bit of irony of all of this is that a catholic woman I started dating last year helped me stop being angry at everything. A tell it like it is sort of woman. A good woman. We broke up but we're still friends and we talk still. Don't really meet many people like that. I'm glad I didn't walk out on her because she said she was Catholic.
  3. I've been an atheist since I was about 17 or so. It was a really huge change in my life that almost drove me completely bonkers. It didn't. Now, I'm moving on with my life and it's going to be a vast improvement. Christianity has been a maddeningly powerful in my family. Both of my families. My biological mom's parents are very religious and I can't say that the fact I was born wasn't influenced by that. And my adoptive family has this weird little narrative that I'm a miracle and god placed me and blah blah blah. When in fact, the reason I ended up where I ended up was just because they had enough money for adoption and I happened to be a healthy white baby and there happened to be an infertile white couple with the funds to adopt. Not to mention the host of other factors at play. It wasn't wholly about faith or being directed by god. It was just because that's how things happened. You don't truly end up somewhere due to date or divine intervention. You just exist. But, growing up this wasn't obvious to me. I was definitely not a good Christian. And the whole being the family's little actual miracle was a lot of pressure. After a lot of drama between my mom and I left. There was a lot going on. A lot of it to do with the "not being straight thing" and also her inability to let me go. On some level, religion wasn't the main issue of the dysfunction. Even if I thought it was. It wasn't. I dwelled on it for way too long. Atheism isn't a really good identity. I spent way too much time in the old ex-c chat room a long time ago. I met some okay people and honestly some people that were pretty awful for me. There's a reason they separate certain patients in the looney bin. Sometimes people who are way too ingrained in their hate and anger will drag you down. Even if they don't mean to. And sometimes they'll make you think that they're the only one that'll understand you. Add into the equation that if you're same-sex attracted most here don't actually get that. You're more of a pawn in an argument or a toy. Nothing more nothing less. On some level I'm grateful now I literally don't care about shit. I just want straight people, in general, to leave me alone. As long as no one messes with my shit or the people I love. I'm good. Even if it seems like this is the only place it's not true, there are people, even some quasi-religious people, that will get you. Dwelling in the past isn't actually that helpful. Yes, take time to mourn but not forever, you'll find you won't actually get any satisfying resolution. Trust me I tried. But I get a new lease on life. I'm entering an awesome new phase in my life. And honestly, I'm glad to leave places like this behind. Yeah sure, my mom's religious fervor annoys me. But I get to walk away from all of that. But maybe I'm just lucky. Whatever. I still win in the end.
  4. I saw a trailer for it. It seems pretty positive.
  5. Ya'll don't change, I swear. 

  6. It's occasionally interesting to visit this site and see what people are up to. I hope everyone is okay. It's bittersweet but I'm glad I've outgrown this place.

  7. http://www.buzzfeed.com/kevinmcshane/when-you-cant-tell-shes-flirting#.htnlKBe0n Are you sure this never happens to you?
  8. Did anyone ever watch the Pokemon show or movie? Those were so bad in retrospect. Disney Renaissance they were not.

  9. Oh they have a right to do it, it's just fucking stupid. And completely hilarious. Besides the majority of Christians don't care. Besides Starbucks isn't that great. We did boycott chick-fil-a. I'm pretty sure homophobia is a more pressing matter than a non-existant slight towards Christianity. Besides, now homophobia doesn't work in the free market as well. We made our point. I'm not against boycotts. If you don't want to go to Starbucks, that's fine. Edit: I admit Starbucks has good tasting lattes. I just don't think their coffee is that great.
  10. I must say, you all talk about politics a lot. Not that I mind. I'll just enjoy the show.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TheOutsider


      I already got my apartment picked out.


      Having Jesus nailed to the wall was just too good to pass up.


      Well, I say nailed, I actually mean he's the wallpaper. It screams in agony every time you touch it with anything. And he doubles as the doorbell.

    3. SilentLoner


      Yeah, it is amusing. Pretty much the only reason to go in there is poke the hornets nest and watch them spazz out.


    4. FreeThinkerNZ
  11. So today I once again attempted to find where my mom hid my birth certificate and SSN card. She had mentioned that she had it all together for when we would go to get my passport. I know it has to be somewhere. So, I often go hunting for it when my mom is off somewhere. I often find stuff like drawings, crafts, school assignment, papers, and progress reports from preschool. This stuff eats me up. I feel really guilty for want to leave and rebelling against my family's wishes. I know I need to press forward but, it just eats me up. I'd like to think my mother has two sides to her. One side, is a scary wave of anger that breaks me down to nothing. The second is a mother bear who ferociously protects her young. I do know she loves me to death and when I leave it will break her heart. I know she loves me because I am a stranger's child and she chose to adopt me. Her insistence of me having a conservative faith is evidence she loves me. Even if it's hell for me. Being an atheist makes me realize that life is a precious commodity. I still need to get out of here before it's too late. I can't spend another minute trapped in a place that renders me mute and frightened. She would be likely enraged if she found out I was on a site like this. She will be likely enraged when I ask her for my papers. I'll ask anyway. If she doesn't give them to me I will get certified copies. This will enrage her. I'll do it anyway.
  12. @church Pastor is talking about Hebrews 6. That whole apostate bit. How awkward. :-/

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    2. FlowerDemon


      also in verses 9-10, it says 9 Even though we speak like this, dear friends, we are convinced of better things in your case—the things that have to do with salvation. 10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. ...so which is true? these verses contradict terribly

    3. LadyNightingale


      The bible likes to do that. A lot.

    4. Lilith666


      Thought2Much LOL

  13. Ugh. Church. I don't want to go. /whines

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