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  1. SerenelyBlue

    Bible selling...

    Thank you all for your excellent insights! ☺
  2. SerenelyBlue

    I'm not crazy

    Thanks MM
  3. SerenelyBlue

    Bible selling...

    Thank you Bhim! That makes me feel much better.
  4. SerenelyBlue

    I'm not crazy

    I am not crazy. I am more level headed than most. It is just now and then that I get highs and lows. Don't label me crazy in your mind...
  5. SerenelyBlue

    Bible selling...

    I was in this theism forum and I happen to mention that the Bible is such an ordinary document, nothing special about it. A Christian told me it is the best seller in the world on a yearly basis. I replied that the quran is also a best seller, that must prove that the god of the quran must be real too. But then I read on the web that the quran is spread by coersion and Christianity not. Does the Bible simply have a catchy story, or is it spread by subtle coersion. Or does it spread because there is a holy spirit?
  6. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    I don't think I am the best there is at debating over theology.
  7. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    Mymistake, that wasn't me stating all those things. It was the Christian. He claims to be a teacher. I have stopped debating with him. I don't like arguing over Christianity.
  8. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    All these superstitions about the temple and he can't know that the writers knew the apostels
  9. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    You are wrong about Josephus' writings. He wrote "The Jewish War" in 75 A.D. As a historian, he was familiar with events just before his lifetime. He mentions both Jesus and John the Baptist. We also know that Pontius Pilate was a real person--a tablet bearing his name, and dated to the time period of Jesus, was found in Israel. Josephus also mentions Pilate, who is also mentioned by Tacitus and Philo of Alexandria. After the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, strange things happened in the temple. When the lots for the goats were chosen by the high priest on the Day of Atonement, the priest always picked the black lot first--considered a bad omen. Black lots were picked from the Crucifixion until the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. The odds of that happening year after year from 33 A.D. to 70 A.D. are about one in 5 billion. Also, when the red sash was cut in two and one part retained by the high priest, and the other part placed on the scapegoat, the red cloth NEVER turned white as it did in years past. The heavy bronze doors to the temple would also open by themselves every night--it took 20 men to move them, but they opened by themselves. The light on the menorah closest to the Holiest of Holies would always go out--it would not stay lit. Finally, just before the temple's destruction, Josephus records that a strange white light permeated the entire temple at night for a few hours, and then went out. This was perceived as the spirit of God leaving the temple. Now--these facts are recorded in the Jerusalem Talmud, which, Serenity, is a JEWISH source. The Sanhedrin blamed all of these happenings on Jesus. What is NOT in dispute is that they HAPPENED. Some of Paul's letters are dated from around 55 - 60 A.D. The Gospels themselves were written from around 60 - 70 A.D. The synoptic Gospels were written by people who KNEW the original Apostles; the Gospel of John was supposedly written by the Apostle John himself--John the son of Zebedee. Islam, if you recall, was spread by the armies of Islam after the death of Muhammad. Christians and Jews living in conquered lands were required to pay a heavy tax, the jizyah, to their new overlords or face execution. The Muslim Crusades predate the Christian Crusades by centuries. Both were bloody affairs. Right after the death of Muhammad, his son-in-law and cousin, Ali, was killed in internecine warfare. Finally, the Apostles were NOT fanatics. They were scared s***ss after the Crucifixion. There is quite a difference between people like that and fanatics. Fanatics have limited capacity for reason. The Apostles preached with both reason and the words of Jesus on their side. Christianity is not a myth. It is real. And the truth is there for those who will but seek it.
  10. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    Thank you for that. Hello Mymistake. Nice to see you. I just wqnted to give an informed answer.
  11. SerenelyBlue

    How can I answer this Christian?

    Thank you
  12. Josephus, the Jewish historian, records that Christ was crucified. We have the attestations of the Apostles that he was resurrected from the dead. If it was all a made-up story, you wouldn't have had a woman being the first one to report seeing the risen Lord. Nor would you have had the Apostles going to their tortuous deaths to spread a lie, or the chief persecutor of the Christians being converted on the road to Damascus. Immediately following the Crucifixion, the Apostles were in total disarray, demoralized and scared. Something would have had to happen to give them the faith and fortitude to carry on. The world was changed by the Resurrection of Christ. The world would be changed further if more people believed and took to heart the teachings of Christ. The above is a post on a help website. How would you suggest I counter this?
  13. SerenelyBlue

    The danger of Christianity

    Welcome, I hope you find peace here. What do you mean by witchcraft? Can you explain?
  14. SerenelyBlue

    Old topic, new casualty

    I am sorry to hear about your pain...
  15. SerenelyBlue

    My apologies

    I've made a couple of weird posts. I was on a bipolar high. I've been hospitalized and my antipsychotic medication has been increased. My apologies.