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  1. The danger of Christianity

    Welcome, I hope you find peace here. What do you mean by witchcraft? Can you explain?
  2. Old topic, new casualty

    I am sorry to hear about your pain...
  3. My apologies

    I've made a couple of weird posts. I was on a bipolar high. I've been hospitalized and my antipsychotic medication has been increased. My apologies.
  4. Where do I get the power?

    This voice told me I will be able to read whether someone is a Christian or not, by looking in their eyes. I tried it and lo and behold it works. I detect a bluish aura when they are Christian and a reddish aura when they are not. I can also hear what people are thinking. Where do I get this power? I don't believe in god, so who's voice is talking to me. Have anyone on here had the same experience? Christians are afraid of me. I read their thoughts and can uncover their hypocrisy. It can't be the devil, I don't believe in him. Please help me.
  5. Hatred of particular Christians

    They like the attention they get here. They are parasites.
  6. Hatred of particular Christians

    They deliberately choose to say they believe even when shown that they are foolish. They are frauds.
  7. Hatred of particular Christians

    I hate Christianity. I hate iron horse and end. They spend so much time here and they do not learn. They persist in being stupid.
  8. In your honest opinion

    After having been on this website for years and you still give such stupid answers. You must be very stupid. Directed at ih and e.
  9. I now know how it works

    Doesn't anyone have anything to say about this great truth?
  10. I now know how it works

    Thank you
  11. I now know how it works

    I've begun to meditate. What the religious experience as divine presence is simply trance. Anyone can experience trance. Religious people focus on and repeat religious mantras and in the proses brainwash themselves. The fact that you can achieve trance even when you are secular shows that religion is simply man made. It is so simple.
  12. In your honest opinion

    Why would you care what a group of people who believe in sky fairies think?
  13. 4.5 years and counting

    O welcome to ex-c
  14. 4.5 years and counting

    All that stuff about the virgins is crap you know. That youtube video is total nonsense. You must not believe everything you hear on youtube.