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    I'm a qualified teacher in photography, though I thrive in visual communication and theory, so I don't care to dabble much in applied photography. A photographer who doesn't care to take pictures.

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  1. I am sorry. Reading my own comments makes me realize I seem very bad mannered. I just get very angry when people call me a troll.
  2. Ill informed moronic troll hunters vilify people who genuinely need support.
  3. You are labeling a genuinely bipolar individual a troll. My posts are earnest and there is positive change. I deconverted as a result of this website.
  4. I am not a troll. My posts are genuine. I do not need professional help when I share how my music taste brings out indoctrination of old.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I'll listen to some heavier stuff and give residual indoctrination the middle finger.
  6. I have recently discovered Nirvana on spotify. I am listening to them on and off, but I can't shake the feeling that I am listening to devil's music. I know the devil is a myth. But can't help feeling guilty.
  7. I deleted the address. I suggested a vpn because I was afraid people may go there unprotected.
  8. But surely we as responsible ex Christians should have respect for the law and writer (copyrigt and lost income). But I do prefer getting stuff for free.
  9. Well I sometimes feel guilty and wonder if I am a deviant person. So you think I shouldn't care?
  10. I used to pay for my novels, now I get them for free on a website. Am I a criminal?