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  1. Jesus Christ Almighty! I can't believe you are still debating the same lame man made Christianity. Nice to see this site is still alive and well. May you prosper and grow and find yet better arguments why Christianity is just another man made cult. May more be freed from needless anxiety and shame.
  2. I had God moments that lasted for days. I even saw God in HD clarity. The brain can do amazing things. My bipolar manias were awesome. But that is what they were bipolar manias. If you rely on good feelings to tell you God exists it is sad. Very sad.
  3. I've never properly thanked you guys and this site for helping me to deconvert. Deconversion is best for people who are mentally ill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for having patience with me. I haven't had one manic attack since I spoke to you last. At this stage I am fully deconverted. Christianity seems like a fairytale to me now. I have read many books by sensible non christian writers that gave me a new perspective. I am glad this site still exists. It is indeed valuable to many individuals. Anyway, my best wishes to all of you.
  4. Thank you very much. Same hobbies. Basically just reading about history, art history, photography, fiction and am thinking of buying a newer camera to perhaps take pictures. My two cameras are too old. Thank you very much everyone for your well wishes.
  5. I just wanted to say hi and tell you that since the last time that I was here (not sure how many months) I haven't had a single manic episode and I have been living a normal life. I have the correct medicine and I have a secular psychiatrist. I have very little interest in religion. I just wanted to say hi and let you know all is well.
  6. Hi and welcome. What mental illness do you have? I have bipolar disorder and have been prayed for and have even offered myself for an exorcism which didn't help. The only thing that helped me was correct medication and a secular psychiatrist. Religion just makes me have more manic episodes. It makes things worse, not better. Because of correct medication and a stress free environment I lead a pretty normal life now.
  7. Meditation will probably help. Or just an absolute awareness that karma is bull except for the subconscious.
  8. That makes sense to me thank you. One must just find a way to alter the subconscious mind then.
  9. When I don't give to charity as much as when I was a Christian, or when I commit minor sins, I always (in the back of my mind) have an irrational fear of divine retribution. But this is only an irrational fear. Right or wrong? What is your your take on Karma biting you in the ass? I refer to karma informally. As in bad deeds having bad consequences other than obvious consequences. Spiritual bad karma.
  10. I would like to know if you continued giving a share of your wealth once you knew there was no hell and Christianity is nonsense.
  11. Yes, you've got it right sdelsolray. I no longer believe Christianity makes sense. These digressions are realities bursting through.
  12. As I put my mental rambling together in writing I see they are written ramblings indeed.
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