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  1. Thoughts

    I'm sorry for my unfeeling words the other day. I felt bad about myself and took it out on others. I forgot about your pain and anxiety. Once you're out of the Christian indoctrination sphere things can be seen with much greater clarity. Years after I left Christianity behind me a realized all the more how ridiculous it is. It is a cult. Hell is just a way of scaring the shit out of any who do not want to tango. It is a human method and you see how well it works.
  2. Humanity means being human, it doesn't mean including all humanity. These achievements shows what humans are capable of.
  3. Fear of hell and suicide

    I'm bipolar, it is all in the brain. Ups and downs come and go. There is nothing really wrong with my outlook on life. Ups and downs just come and go whenever they want to. Thank you for your concern.
  4. Fear of hell and suicide

    Thankyou for the message ToHellWithMe.
  5. Fear of hell and suicide

    Hi deathportal 365. My life has meaning. I might have given a slightly wrong impression. I am bipolar. I get depressed because of a chemical imbalance in my brain. I can feel bad when something bad or good happens. Thank you for your good wishes.
  6. Fear of hell and suicide

    Thank you
  7. Fear of hell and suicide

    Nice... and who told you I'm not in pain? I have very few close to me, and the one closest to me understands. Your response is a typical response thrown at the suicide victim. Shame him out of killing himself. Tell him that he is not worthy of death. Only the terminally ill may kill themselves. You don't qualify. You know nothing of my life florduh.
  8. Fear of hell and suicide

    Thank you 1989.
  9. Fear of hell and suicide

    But I have the choice to go. It is my life.
  10. Fear of hell and suicide

    Thank you very much Lost.
  11. I'm sorry. I forget he suffers from anxiety. He has a different way of deconverting. Fine. Sorry. I apologise.
  12. Fear of hell and suicide

    Not everyone is happy to go through the motions of this world. Why do you assume one needs a doctor simply because he doesn't want to go through an eternity of a life that has no meaning. This iw not a suicide post. I ask ex christians if they feel the same way.
  13. What's with you? Hanging out with the devil's crowd while still professing a false love for Jesus? Christianity is crap, you know it, I know it. How can you not leave it behind after having seen how flawed it is. How can you still call yourself a Christian? Are you blind or stupid or something?
  14. Don't believe everything you read or hear only because someone has a phd. Jesus may have existed.
  15. Fear of hell and suicide

    I suffer from depression now and again. When I was a Christian fear of Hell prevented me from commiting suicide. I don't believe in spirits and souls anymore so I am free to go at anytime. I am going to take my life before I get old. At least I am free of hell fire. That is bullshit. The only thing holding me back from drowning myself in the lake next to my home is the horror of the drowning process. A god didn't put us on this earth with a purpose. I'm an accident of evolution. No reason to stay. Am I the only person with these thoughts?