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    I have recently left the church for the millionth time...I've been unsure about Christianity for years and kept giving it more chances because I wanted it to be true. Finally I realized, if I can't make up my mind after 7 years of going back and forth from the church, then this path is obviously not for me. I came here for some support and to share my story with some folks in the same boat as me.

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    I am spiritual
  1. Ugh...trying a new medication to help with anxiety and depression..i hate it. Ive only taken it a few days and its made the anxiety worse and i feel like a zombie. Like i havent slept in days even tho its been causing me to oversleep. I normally do not lean towards medication but i thought i would give it another chance to see if it would ease my anxiety at least a little. Guess not

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    2. FlowerDemon


      i could barely make it thru work today.

    3. nivek


      FD, My Doc scripted a pill that normally is a 'crazy fixer'. Do not need it for its normal use. Off label, it helps treat severe diabetic neuropathy of which hurts my hands terribly.

      Took two weeks before that chemistry did its promised effects.


      Point is, please take meds if you can stand these shitty side effects until it kicks in.


      Hang on and know many of we are fellow travelers in chemistry with you.

    4. RealityCheck


      Valium is the only thing that worked for me. Customer could be causing me out to my face and I wouldn't care.

  2. love it when i make plans with someone and then last minute they cancel, after i already have a ride arranged and everything. ugh i guess a glass of wine is my company for tonight. oh well.

  3. the amount of real friends i have i can count on one hand. the amount of ppl who claim to be my friends but aren't genuine...i can count on more than my own 2 hands. oh well. less drama i guess

    1. FlowerDemon


      ps im not trying to gain anyone's pity...just wanna know if anyone is on the same boat..

    2. Fuego


      Yep. Lots of people I know, but most are still peripheral even after years. Even a couple of them that had come into the inner circle showed they had ulterior motives (money) and are gone now.

    3. curious1


      Remember that quality is better than quantity.

  4. Dickeronomy chapter 69 verse 666 "thou shalt put thY face in thy woman's taco"

  5. Congrats on the part time job! You sound very thankful and happy to at least be doing something where you can be yourself and not be in a position where you have to lead people religiously. I wish you the best on finding a full time job. Pastors, ministers, and church goers all seem to think that getting a job in the real world isn't that hard, and when you finally get one, it's a "blessing from the Lord." I have been fortunate enough to have found 5 jobs on my own since I started working when I was 19...all of them part-time except for the one I have now, that is full-time. Regardless, it was not easy. As a church going believer, when I had got the full time job, I thought to myself "This is a blessing from God. I prayed and believed he was gonna open a door for me and this is it! Hallelujah!" Shortly after my new employment was when I went through my deconversion, and I realized that it wasn't God who opened the door for me. It was my positive attitude and thoughts I held while going out for interviews. I'd tell myself "I know God will open a door for me soon, and if it's not this job then that means God isn't going to use me here." Even though my positive thoughts involved God, it was simply the IDEA of God that gave me a boost of positive energy that employers like to see in applicants. No matter what you believe in or don't believe in, it's not healthy to not give yourself credit for work well done. The bible teaches to give all credit to god. I am Pagan now and I do worship a Goddess, but I do not approach my spirituality by giving her all of the credit and neglecting giving it to myself. No matter what you believe in you are the King or Queen of your life. You make the decisions. The belief in a deity(s) might positively influence one's decisions (it definitely has for me), but you must give yourself credit because you made the choices.
  6. god i hate cranberry juice. but i gotta drink it...bladder infection be gone! ):

    1. Travi


      Feel better soon!

    2. yunea


      Eep! Go to a doctor if it doesn't start to get better very soon, it'll spread fast! Trust me I know... :(

  7. i just want to say thank you to everyone on this site for helping with advice and sharing with me knowledge, and supporting me as I left Christianity. this is the only online community i'm actively involved in. i've met so many chill people here and i'm thankful to be a part of this community

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    2. Travi


      Glad to have met you FD, and thank you for the help you've given me as well :)

    3. FlowerDemon


      yvw. im glad i can be of help too


    4. Lilith666


      :) Glad you're here.
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