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  1. You're feeling very conflicted which is understandable. What many have found is that 'out of sight=out of mind' to a lot of church people. There is no need to make an announcement or write a letter or whatever. Your faith is your business and at the end of the day, most don't care unless you are directly challenging them. Let's say you used to go once a week. Cut down to once a fortnight for a couple of weeks. Then once a month for a few weeks after that, then one or two times after that. If anyone asks just say you've been busy with work, away, whatever. For your frien
  2. It was just a 'jumping through hoops' thing, and in the end someone else did it. The effort required on his (former pastor's) part was copy+paste and he couldn't be arsed to do that.
  3. I know I need to get over it but bitterness is eating me up inside. There are two things I keep chewing over. 1. When I was at uni I was in a flat share with four middle class Christian girls. They had student allowances etc. but for various reasons I needed to work in order to buy food to eat and buy books. I did a night shift in a factory a few days a week and with that money I would buy food & essentials. My shifts were 7pm-7am in a factory. I would sometimes have class the same day so would try and get a few hours sleep when I got home...However these Christians would be in
  4. Sorry you are in such a dark place. I am truly vile and toxic and need to be contained in my own solitude. This does not need to be a permanent state of being. Therapy is a good start.
  5. I thought I had got over the hurt of being dropped by former church people but I am still taken by surprise. It has been more than a year since I last attended, I think. Three times a week, ran Sunday school and all that jazz. I wont go into detail but I needed a two references simply to confirm I had lived at a previous address. It needed to be from someone official in the community like a doctor or employer etc. My husband predicted he would not help but I was like it's not a character reference, just a confirmation of facts requiring no effort,' why wouldn't he?
  6. Hi there. Sorry for calling you the wrong name ?. It is as simple as clicking the circle/star instead of clicking the thread title. thanks !
  7. I'm on mobile and can't see anywhere that says 'Activity' or 'unread content'. @Chitsonga a few weeks (months?) ago the whole site changed its whole look one day. I didn't change anything.
  8. Not sure where to put this. I emailed a few weeks ago I think, but had no answer. the layout of the forum has changed and before, if you clicked in a thread then left, the next time you clicked it would take you to the last place you read, I.e. New posts. Now we have to scroll down from the beginning. Is there any way to get this feature back?
  9. The Amazing Randi did an expose on faith healers, showing how they use the same techniques as magicians and stage entertainers. He even showed Peter Poppof using microphones in his ear to be told things (like addresses) about audience members, claiming it was the Holy Ghost. Peter Popoff cried a bit, repented and now he still has a mega church. People believe what they want to believe and don't let facts get in the way.
  10. The invention of lying. this is a comedy movie and I think I was already deconverted. I remember thinking 'holy shit' as the protagonist made up a religion, how people absolutely could have done this. Then it talks about how people waste their lives believing this bs the guy made up. It had been so taboo to even have a hint of doubt I had never really though of it like that.
  11. @Fuego is there any 'code' I can use to try and switch the rational mind back on?
  12. It's not even a mainstream thing. I went once, just a guy (without much charisma which makes it all the more surprising). It's probably less than 20 people. I don't want to be more specific as I may out myself which I am not ready to do.
  13. My cousin started going to this church a few years ago. They meet in a school gym. She is now at the stage of - covering her head - long clothes - no music except church CDs - no pork - no dancing - all day church on Sunday plus mid week service plus small groups plus church outings. My cousin is not married but sill in a relationship with the father of her children, who was also baptised a few months ago. I'm not sure how that adds up but cognitive dissonance is one hell of a thing. I am not that close to my cousin but care about her and
  14. I am using cognitive behavioural therapy to help with depression. Thanks for all your help. So far, I have reframed the statements as follows; People don't get what they deserve, they get what they get. I am one of the lucky ones not to be in immediate material want. I am alive. I will work daily to improve my life. I will work towards having the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change what I can and the noodle to know the difference.
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