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    Pathology, entomology, violin, hiking, growing chillis
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    I love insects, birds, plants, good cider, my xbox, fruit, playing violin, and science. I'm currently a biomedical research student. Very much an ex-Christian, and thankfully so. Life and personal relationships mean so much more to me now than ever.

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  1. My parents say this word for word all the time. Now I know where they got it from...
  2. That was bizarre. Pretty sure I heard kazoos in there at one point. I liked it! Creative.
  3. I know what you mean! A lot of people say musical prowess doesn't equal good music, and while that's true, DT albums have a lot of variety and meaning to me. Couple that with insane talent, and I was a fan for life I tried to get into Porcupine Tree a few years back, but found their style of composition repetitive. I'll have to give them another listening to because I probably passed judgment too soon! Today feels like an APC day.
  4. That must have been amazing! I would love to have heard Octavarium live. DT tends to visit Australia every five years, and their 2014 tour was the first time I've been old enough to buy my own concert tickets I've read the rolling stones article - I am intrigued they have decided to make another concept album. Luckily we won't have to wait too long to hear it!
  5. I'm an avid DT fan, but only just heard about this. The solo was definitely on par. Can't wait for the rest of the album. Oh how I love their jerk-off instrumentals
  6. I must say, Tough Mudder looks like one epic challenge. Wishing you all the best for your goals, and all the best for 2016
  7. You just finished your VCE, right? Or am I making crap up lol. Do anything for schoolies?

    1. GoldenWolf


      Yeah I finished VCE, don't know if I'm doing schoolies, don't know if my parents would let me if I said "schoolies." Cause of all the shit that happens every year. But I do plan on catching up with friends and I'm also doing a gap year before i decide whether to do uni or not.

    2. Portobella


      Great to hear VCE exams are over! Don't worry lol, catching up with friends is where it's at :D

  8. Awh Travi. I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. I cannot offer much advice, except to say that you are not a fool. Only you truly understand your position, and only you can decide how and when it is the right time to move forward. I don't mean to sound generic, but I wish you all the best in working through your situation. You come across as a genuine and compassionate individual even though you have been dealt an unfair hand, and for that, I admire you. All the best ♥
  9. It's really wonderful to have found somewhere where others are going through or have had similar experiences. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Margee
  10. After 18 years of having a heaven-shaped safety net, reality has taken me some time to accept. Heaven may be a fantasy, but it is an effective one that lures and keeps many people in belief. I might have a difficult time learning to accept death what what it truly is, but that's OK, and I'll work through it eventually. Hehe yes, fundies ranting about gender roles gets me laughing too
  11. Thank you everyone for your replies. It has indeed been difficult severing ties. I knew that cohabiting would get me in hot water, but never thought I would be isolated from family. Unfortunately, my parents insist they are "loving the sinner, hating the sin". Whatever they're calling it, it's extreme
  12. I haven't introduced myself since joining the forum a week or two ago, so I thought I'd stop by the extimony section and describe how I ended up here. I would have liked to write more, but it's already getting long! Born to Pentecostal pastors, my earliest memories are of church. I had lots of fun there as a kid. I wasn't the on fire for Christ type, and luckily, the other pastor's kids were as bad as me. We didn't mean to be nasty, but we did take a great deal of joy in stealing alcohol from our parents or other adults we knew. Our greatest haul was a case of 6 large bottles of Moet & Chandon Imperial. That was a good weekend. Shit started to hit the fan at 16 when my parents moved to Asia to pastor a church of their own. The limelight of being the pastor's child was too much. My parents spent all their time at church, and I was upset about being dumped in a foreign country to fend for myself, so I halfassed my church duties. I would receive weekly mega-lectures about my spiritual failure, as though my only purpose in life was to be a beacon for Christianity. As was tradition with my older siblings, I moved out of home when I went to uni. One holiday I was travelling, and I met a guy from the opposite side of the globe. He was pretty cool, and two years later he moved and we now live together. All hell broke loose when I told my parents. They threatened to quit their job, and almost flew over to "remove me from under his roof", but I made sure to remind them they no longer knew where I lived I eventually saw them months later. My mother completely lost it, and my father decreed that I am an unmarried female and therefore under his control, before proceeding to question whether we have sex. I've always been close to my dad, but I won't stand for that Christian patriarchy rubbish, so I gave him an earful about double standards and sexism before denouncing the religion. This was a year ago. My parents have not recovered. They rarely talk to me, and have made it clear they consider their time wasted on me. It hurts. Having trained as a scientist I was always aware the Bible is nonfactual, but now, I truly understand the division Christianity encourages and want nothing more to do with it. It has been difficult acknowledging that everything I was taught is a lie, and I am sometimes afraid of death because it is final. I know I'll work through these eventually. In the meantime, I have begun appreciating life for everything it is, and have found incredible peace in doing so. It's wonderful to be part of such an open and honest community - I am very happy to be here. Thanks for reading
  13. First time the sun's been out in days. I believe i will take a walk.
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