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  1. rjn

    How Islam Infects

    What has this got to do with Islam? Sub-saharan Africans are just as likely to be Christian.
  2. It's all just a big show. North Korea isn't posing a threat towards anyone. Even IF they acquire nukes, what of it? The US has the technology to protect itself and its allies from them. North Korea is dirt poor and the Kim dynasty is moribund. Leave them to their fate.
  3. rjn

    What is the most dangerous irrational belief?

    Religion in and of itself is not any more dangerous than anything else the human mind can come up with. Secular ideologies can (and do) serve the same sociological and psychological needs as religion for some individuals. The same mechanisms that underlie religious fanaticism exists elsewhere.
  4. rjn

    Attention whores

    You're right to an extent, but I can't help but get the impression that you think that doing ANYTHING that will garner attention, amounts to "attention whoring". Also, like BO said, it's part of human nature. A lot of the crap we're up to these days is just the same old evolutionary game in a different package.
  5. Which is the effect corrosive post-modernism has on just about everything. All it leads to is an incoherent, confusing and nihilistic society where nothing is ever true.
  6. rjn


    Saw it a few weeks ago. In my opinion, it's got two things going for it, and that's suspense and aesthetics. It's VERY intense, but not in the action movie kind of way, like Saving Private Ryan, but rather, it creates an atmosphere of unease that prevails throughout most of the movie. On the downside, however, I had this feeling that this movie really never got anywhere. It's like you're watching an intense build-up for a climax that never comes.
  7. I have no problems with differing views, but I see a tendency to downplay every attempt to expose these problems as nothing but make-believe created by "the evul rightards". Our countries are close in many ways, not just geographically, and what happens in Denmark is usually mirrored in one way or another in my own country. No one except Swedes who are still stupid enough to buy the established narrative think Denmark is extreme in how it deals with immigration.
  8. An interesting remark. The Catholic Church, as an institution that has spent much of its history focusing on a worldly, mundane struggle for power and dominance, can be seen as demiurgical, i.e: The very embodiment of what the gnostics opposed.
  9. I just want to say one thing: Isn't it interesting that a member that's been registered for 5-6 years, and who's only written 9(!) posts, feels the urge to come here and post a sort of disclaimer, and then dash out again, just like that? His remark about being "ashamed of being danish" echoes the attitude of many people on the left. My point being: Sören is biased, and his views shouldn't be accepted as some sort of gospel truth. There are indeed problems in Europe related to immigration, and pretending it isn't so, or that it's just a lie sported by the evil "rightards" won't change that.
  10. Stop conflating religion with American Evangelicalism. I know this is ex-CHRISTIAN but still...
  11. rjn

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Interesting that Jesus looks just like Hollywood tends to depict him. Isn't that salt-Messiah a screenshot from the Passion of the Christ?
  12. rjn

    A challenge for Christians

    The eating of the forbidden is an ancient meme that occurs in many different cultures. I believe the part in Genesis is a somewhat adapted version of this. It may have started out as something along the lines of this: 1. Ancient man ponders his destiny 2. Wonders why the Gods do not share immortality with him 3. Comes up with the idea of man transgressing against the gods 4. Man is punished for his transgression. Drink and food considered to bestow the one who consumes it with immortality, strength or wisdom is a common theme in many myths, across many cultures. The Genesis account might be a reflection of this, adapted to the culture of the Ancient Israelites. Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever, Genesis 3:22
  13. rjn

    Realtime ex-Christian chat room?

    Great initiative @LogicalFallacy!
  14. rjn

    Accommodation with Islam???

    The fact that you're not aware of the irony of this statement is staggering. I apologized for my initial post, but you haven't even bothered with an honest reply. And what's up with the first paragraph? Going back to the place of deconversion is like an ex-addict going back to the drug dealer? Sorry, but that analogy doesn't make sense. People disagreed with you or questioned your assessment and that made you pissed, boo-fucking-hoo.
  15. rjn

    Accommodation with Islam???

    ^ +1. The US won't retreat from the Mid East however. There's a reason they're there: geopolitics. That's all there is to it.