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    Deconverted after 30 years as a Christian. It was sudden and wholly unexpected.

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  1. Had some bad advice typed out, but I deleted it. Your kids will be fine either way, but you won't. You know you only have this one life. Once this one is gone, it's over. I would tell you to do what is going to make you happy. No one is forcing you to stay in a bad marriage. You won't win any prizes for being a martyr to a wedding vow and neither will she. You both will just be miserable. But if you want to try a little longer then do that too. I think you should put a time limit on it though. These are just my opinions, it's your life and your decisions.
  2. They're afraid. If they admit that you were a true Christian and now you are not, then they (who they know is a true Christian) may someday also be agnostic or atheist. It could happen to them.
  3. I didn't turn my back on god. The concept of god just vanished before my eyes.
  4. This person really is clueless. The timing will bring up so many sad memories. Longing for what isn't there. The weather, the time of year, the same gender baby, but it won't be her. It will be a new lovely girl, but not her. If this other person thinks a god orchestrated that kind of timing, to make it so similar and yet not, then their god is certainly sadistic. My heart breaks at knowing when they cuddle their sweet new baby girl, and smell her, that all those sad memories will come flooding back.
  5. I'm happy for you. Especially that you two were able to have such an open discussion.
  6. Thank you everyone. Comments like theirs make me very glad I've escaped and broke free from the brainwashing. I'm so glad I can think before spouting off such things anymore. Most of the time, at least.
  7. Religion controlling our government. Because if we go against Israel then God will get mad at us and bring down judgement upon us. Ugh.
  8. I mentioned before that my granddaughter died. She was 4 months old and spent 3 of those months in the hospital, enduring 2 open heart surgeries. It led my son to the realization that there really wasn't a god. Which opened the door for me. (That's a long story short) Anyway, they've been trying to have another baby and will have a girl, due on their other daughter's birthday. A painful coincidence for them. Well they saw a family member when they were out the other day. This person used to be very close to us, but now is very distant because of our loss of faith. They asked about the baby, how far along she was, due date. When they found out they were due on the same day they told them it was a "God thing." Really? If THIS is a god thing, then wouldn't the other have been a god thing too? Do they even realize how awful that sounds? "I killed your other baby, torturing her for 3 months, but here's another one for her birthday." My son just bit his tongue and didn't say anything. I'm excited about the baby, but also very aware that this will probably be painful at the same time. And no, it's not a god thing; things happen by chance. And if people want to give a god credit, then they should give it the blame too.
  9. When you're in it, you don't see it. You really don't. You are unaware of what your statement really means. Because if you do become aware of the implications you are out, or at least on your way out.
  10. I like Roll to Disbelieve too. Very insightful and well thought out. If you only have time for one, read this one. I read Godless in Dixie occasionally too, but not if it's just current events. I'm trying to read news and come to my own conclusions instead of letting bloggers give me conclusions. I also read The Disillusionist. His are short. He's a recently deconverted Baptist evangelist that is still in the closet. I'm waiting to find out who he is, to see if I've heard of him, and find out what the fallout is in the Christian community when he finally comes out. There's a lot of new ones on Patheos, but I don't have time to check them all out.
  11. I'm sorry you're going through this. I have an adult daughter and she has adopted what I consider radical, non-religious views. All ideologies can overstate their view, and some people are prone to believe everything they hear; me, for instance. So I am trying really hard to evaluate ideas before excepting them. Encourage your daughter to evaluate what she seems to be excepting as fact. To read other view points.
  12. 3s and 4s. Tried out a 2 for a while, but we didn't like it.
  13. Only a little over a year for me, but I'm enjoying life without Christianity so much more. No constant guilt and more freedom. But quite honestly, those were instant benefits. It's like religion itself was the wound, and leaving was the balm and bandage.
  14. "It didn't help, try it again. Still nothing, try again. Nope still in pain. Why isn't this working guys? Think I'll go get my scientific help. It seems more reliable than god." You're a good sport, but no way I could ever do that again. Especially in Walmart.
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